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FulcrumGallery has a 2.2-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 5 customers. In the Arts and Fine Arts category, it secures the 14th position out of 55 companies.


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Horrible Quality

I ordered Christmas print on canvas and the quality was horrible. It was blurry, just a picture of a print transferred to canvas. When I contacted them about returning it, they advised they would retain $40 for shipping it to me and I had to pay shipping cost to return it to them which cost me $69. I returned it mainly to prove to them that I am not keeping something of less than Dollar store quality due to shipping cost. Do not order from them. Hobby Lobby and Kirklands have much better quality than Fulcrum Gallery.


Shoddy Products

Advertise as glass and metal frames. You get a cheap plastic frame with an acrylic cover. Customer service hangs up on you if you dare point out the flaws in their product. Buyer beware.


Review in Auctions and Internet Stores category from Spring Valley, New York

Buyer beware!!! This company conducted illegal business twice with me!! First time I thought was an oversight but second time??? It's their practice to take an order, charge the customer's credit card, do nothing with the order until the customer contacts them. Then they say the item is discontinued and they'll issue a refund. It is illegal to charge a customer until an item is shipped. This company is floating other people's money. When you ask customer service for info, you get very scripted responses. Buyer beware!!!


Every shipment had a broken frame

this place is the worst. the first shipment they sent had a broken frame. they were nice enough to replace it free of charge, though the customer service reps definitely were not cordial or accommodating, they just offered this since it just seemed to be the 'rule' for broken frames. the second time i received another broken frame they essentially blamed me for ordering the cheapest frame, implying it was somehow my fault it was cracked. they offered to again send a new one with a 'better' frame free of charge (saving me a whopping $7). however the 'better' frame was just thicker, and when i asked if it was a better material (as opposed to just being thicker), such that it wouldn't break in shipping, they danced around my question. again, the customer service really had barely any interest in helping and sounded like they couldn't care less. when i decided to cancel my whole order they did nothing to try to further fix the problem or keep me as a customer. what i don't get is how they stay in business - that this place does one thing, sell posters & frames; inherent in this is shipping said poster & frame, which is something they seemingly haven't learned how to do.


Never Received Items

I made a purchase of two prints from fulcrumgallery.com on December 7, 2013, but I never received any shipping or order information nor was I ever contacted again by the company until December 15, 2013 when I received a survey asking how I would rate their service. I sent an email to the company asking about my purchase information and I also filed a complaint with PayPal and the FTC. This is apparently just another scam online company that takes your money and hopes that they never hear from you again. I hope the FTC shuts them down quickly and for good.

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