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2.6/5 - based on 19 reviews

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FrontRunner Casting has a 2.6-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 19 customers. In the Talent and Modeling Agencies category, it secures the 18th position out of 72 companies.


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5036 Dr Phillips Blvd., Ste 326, Orlando, Florida, 32819, United States

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Great Company, Great Experiences.

Our family of 9 has been working with Frontrunner since 2009 on all kinds of jobs throughout Central Florida. It has been an AMAZING experience for our family! Not only have we learned so much about the industry, but we have gotten experiences we never would have otherwise. We have never worked a job we didn't enjoy and they have always taken excellent care of us throughout the booking process & on set.The downside is the payment process, which is often misunderstood. Frontrunner is a local company. They are hired by a company (sometimes with extras in the hundreds of people) and they can't front that money to the background actors. They have to bill the client, and then wait for the client to pay, and then they pay the background actors. Sometimes this process takes as long as 4-6 months. Things get tied up and delayed in production, but since WorkMarket was implemented, they've been able to work through the system faster and we have been paid much more timely.


Not received compensation since last year 2021.

My entire family and I had NOT received compensation since last year 2021. I have asked for help since last year and still.



When we put in the email address tmakousky@***.com and the password Justice2929 it says it is the wrong password. Can you please let us know what the password is, if this is incorrect?



On September 1st my son and a friend did a 4 day job for this company and then again September 31st and still no paycheck. They tell you 60 to 90 days to get paid. We have sent several emails and voice messages to Chris Moreno and spoke to Noelle saying I will take care of it today. NOTHING!! It looks like this is a pattern this company follows. HELP!


Be Weary

I did a two-day shoot with this company for Disney. In the booking confirmation email it clearly states that you can choose what they call Wrap Pay to receive your payment the next day via PayPal. I chose this option. It has been a week and I have yet to get paid. I have sent two emails, to the payment team and the submissions team, with no response from either. Upon doing some research it seems this is their usual course of business with regard to payments. Their initial email does state 60-90 days is standard for check payments, but the Wrap Pay option clearly states the next business day. My issue is, don't advertise that if it isn't the case. I will return to update this posting once I am paid. Until then, I'd remain weary of using this company.


Don't sign up

My son did a Disney job September 6th 2019. And it is now 4 months later and we did not get paid. I am very very upset. They are so quick to have you sacrifice your time for a shoot and then ignore you when you question where is the payment. Really??? Well I pray that God has mercy over this company. They will not have business anymore. There will be justice.


Horrible in paying out

Updated by user Oct 04, 2019
CHeck received

Original review Oct 01, 2019
My son did a job on June 4th. And its been almost 4 months later and he has not received his payment. I do not understand why this is happening. I thought this was an honest company. We want our payment. We sacrificed our time to now be ignored.


Never got payed

This is a horrible company that needs to be shut down now !!! . I’ve done a shoot back in April it’s September now still haven’t gotten payed . They never answer their phone . This company no one should ever work with they don’t even care if you get payed or not . I will start calling everyday until I get my check for now on . I am very pissed


Late late late payment and horrible communication

They are quick to send you emails for work but late with replying to emails and payments. I did a job in January at 5am for Disney and I still haven’t been paid. I emailed them about a month ago got one reply about payment being on it’s way and still nothing. Emailed again and no reply whatsoever! Ridiculous!! I could’ve spent the day with my family if I knew I wasn’t going to get paid for being there



I heard about them from a friend and thought it would be fun so I signed up. Got called to a shoot and had a good time. It took about 60 days to get paid and when I did finally get paid, the check bounced. Called and emailed repeatedly and couldn't get anyone to answer. I wasn't sure this was a real company. Finally spoke to someone who told me the payroll company messed up the checks and that's why they were stopped. They supposedly sent out emails not to cash the checks. I never got such an email from them even though I got various emails about casting calls. Finally got a replacement check with no reimbursement for the bounced check fee. I hounded them non stop until they finally reimbursed me for the bounced check fee. I have never gotten another casting call. I guess they don't like people who stand up for themselves. They are so disreputable that it makes me VERY nervous that they have my name and social security number. I have been checking my credit report monthly ever since.



I worked as an extra on December 21st 2018 for the laundromat...It is February 19th 2019 and yet no payment....i have sent emails left voicemails no reply


Amazing Experience!

Have been having such an amazing time working with FrontRunner Casting. The staff is very very nice and always making sure you are comfortable and don't need anything. I highly recommend this awesome company to anyone in the industry.


NONPAYMENT from Frontrunner casting!

On June 15, I did a Shop Disney Shoot at Animal Kingdom. That was OVER 3 MONTHS AGO!!! I have still not been paid by Frontrunner Casting! I Have: 1. Contacted the other people involved in the shoot. They have not been paid, either 2. Called Frontrunner - 15 times! I have left messages, talked to people who have apologized, talked to the alleged "Owner, " etc., etc., 3. Emailed the payment department many, many times. Now, after 3 months of hassle and lies, I have no choice but to contact the Better Business Bureau AND an attorney. FRONTRUNNER! You owe me and the others $500!!! How difficult is this? PAY US!!!


Disney Institute Job on 6/19/2017

I was hired to do a Disney Institute shoot for Frontrunner Casting. I took a day off from my regular day job and went from Fort Lauderdale to Orlando FL. I arrived on time and did the job. I had previously done work for Frontrunner, so when I hadn't received a check after two weeks, I wrote them. I was told it may be 6 to 8 weeks before I get paid. Highly unusual, highly inconvenient considering that sometimes your employee base is the average starving actor. I wrote again on 7/31 no response. Now 55 days after the assignment no pay, no communication. I don't receive a check by 8/18 and then agencies and Disney Institute will start being contacted. As an actor in the South Florida area, I am going to drag this agencies name through the mud whatever chance I get at networking events.One local news station has a Help me segment. I may call them. Easy way for them to avoid this is to pay me.


Short Review on September 27, 2016

Frontrunner casting , Did not pay! 1 work several times with them for a month and have it receive anything. .a friend of my still waiting for the first check for more than 5 months.


No payment for extra work after 180 days or reply!

Frontrunner has horrible practices when it comes to getting back to people. I have contacted them numerous times only to get the run around maybe once out of five contact attempts. They have their main number running to a cell phone that gets passed around so they can avoid calls and text. Ive emailed payments@***.com and get no reply just like calling the phone. Very dodgy you have been warned I have a friend who has been waiting over 300 days for 4 days of extra work.

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