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Friedrich Air Conditioning has a 1.7-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 30 customers. In the Heating, Cooling and Air Conditioning category, it secures the 16th position out of 200 companies.


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Friedrich Air Conditioning Reviews


Ac leaking water

Original review Jan 30, 2023
The water full light never came on it's the second time ... Now there's water leaking out , I need it cause I can't breath I have bad allergies. N asthma...please help me as soon as possible. I do recommend it ..the light just never worked so I would know the water is full and a draw in that back would be better to dump water .now I have water all over my rug ...


Bought three six year ago and two stop working

Six years ago, I purchased three Kukl. SQ08N10C, at $700+ each. After two years one stop working and replaced under warranty. A second one stopped working after 6 years. Now the same units cost $1000+. I originally bought them because of good reviews. I am very disappointed and don't recommend buying the high end Fridricch units.


Unethical Business Practices - Beyond Comprehension

I purchased a Friedrich air conditioner end of summer 2020 from the retailer P.C. Richards. In June 2022 it stopped working and I called Friedrich for help. I was provided with the name and number of a verified contractor named DSJ Air to come to my apartment to diagnosis the equipment. While the 1 year warranty had passed I was still under an extended 5 year warranty. When the contractor arrived on June 30th they screamed and threatened me at my door and then later over the phone when I couldnt find them as they disappeared somewhere into my apartment building. It was a scary situation in which I nearly called the police. Instead I called Friedrich for help, at which point they offered to resolve the problem by sending me a new unit. After 3.5 weeks, I have exchanged 25+ emails with the company. They repeatedly confirmed shipment, but no replacement ever arrived. I have made 10+ calls in which they frequently hang up on me when I provide my name, or they take my name and promise a call back but never do. They have refused to provide me with a case number, a tracking number for the unit, and have claimed the employee from Friedrich that has been emailing me doesnt work there. They also accused me of never calling customer service (I have the phone records to prove it), of not having a case, of making up the threatening incident with the contractor (I have a witness to prove it, which is documented in my emails), and of making up the shipment (it is clearly documented by Friedrich in the emails). During the 3.5 weeks this has been going on my city (NYC) has been under an extreme heat advisory with successive days of triple digit heat, and the whole time I was waiting for a shipment that was never on its way. This company is evil on a level I did not know possible. They should be held accountable and their business practices investigated. Lying in writing, hostile verified contractors, threats, fake customer service - hard to believe but it is true!


Ch 05 code ductless mini split

Installed model #MR24Y3J SER#609KAXV00010 I get a CH05 fault code I double checked all connections and no luck


Primblems with new ac

It has ice forming around the frame of the unit and I am talking about the frame inside the condo. I am beyond pissed off. The guy who I bought it from and installed it is avoiding me for some reason. The company is FIX IT THERMODYNAMICS. It is a Wallmaster Series Model #WE15D33A. I paid him $2131.53 and he said he would send someone to finish the job as he butchered the wood around the outside of the building and strata is coming down on me. Not to mention weather is probably sneaking in and causing the condensation which has now turned to ice. When it melts, it could drip down inside the drywall and cause huge problems. What should I do?


10a/10a model air conditioner very noisy, cover rattles.

I purchased this very expensive air conditioner on the recommendation of the sales person as to the quietness of the product. It was noisy and constantly rattled. I had two technicians that both said the problem rests with the cover. I had three new covers delivered because each time the noise continued. It continued to rattle. They would not take it back


Need remote control replacement

still have not found a replacement remote control and thus cannot use my Friedrich split in exercise room.


Unable to get response re problems

Window model CP06. Unable to turn off Filter LED lights after filter after numerous attemptshas been cleaned. Remote included does not have a button for that.


Disappointed need refund or replacement

I never leave feedback but in this case it's a must, with all the aggravation I have been going through since I purchased a Friedrich thru the wall air conditioner (model UCT12a10a) in April 22, 2019 install it in June covered it up in September for the winter. This season uncovered the AC only to have warm air coming from the unit . Because the year was up I had to go through Friedrich limited warranty. Started the process in April but because of covid 19 every Friedrich repair shop in my area was closed, the process with Friedrich went back and forth until June when I had to go to another state to drop off the AC , three weeks later I received a call to pick up the AC. Well here I am again with the same AC with the same hot air. Again no one in my area is opened and again I have been told to go out of state to the same repair shop to get it fixed. Spoke to Friedrich hoping perhaps I could get some kind of replacement or refund and I was told my only option was to go thru their repair shop to get it fixed again. When taking the AC out of the wall all rust poured out of the AC onto my floors making a huge mess. Right now the AC is on my hall floor with a tarp wrapped around it waiting until next week to drop it off again because the shop is so busy they don't know when they will get a chance to look at it. At this point even if it is fixed I would never trust it again..I am so through with Friedrich warranty and service. Never again .


Freidrich Portable air conditioner – Model PH14B

Hi, Mr. Devid, or Davis Further to our phone conversion today from store P.C. Richard & Son at West New York NJ 7093, I couldn't collect you copies of my documents by given email address davis@***.com from the P.C. Richard & Son at West New York NJ 7093 front desk. I tried hard but unable. I guess this have been given your email is not correct.Please send me to feridun.turmen@***l to solve my problem. I'm trying to send you below docs by attachment to email. 1. Freidrich Portable air conditioner – Model PH14B\ Serial Number AEAA00397 LEBEL P.C. Richard & son’s Bill 2. PETE’s MAJOR APPLIANCE COMPANY – FREIDRICH Contractor service receipt and report Look forward to hearing from you asap, Stay safe & well Thanks in advance Feridun Turkmen 732 520****


Resolved: Contact

Updated by user Jul 22, 2020

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with product replacement. They apologized for problems and replaced the unit in 2 days delivery.

Original review Jun 22, 2020
Got through a week of holding on line for hours finally talked to agent and advised him their only authorized service firm in state would not go out of their own town. He had me email proof of purchase and receipt of payment to a local technician verified ac not cooling. That done 2 weeks and agent does not respond. I'm hot and want a cool answer.


Extremely poor customer service/fraudulent rebates

I've been a Friedrich consumer since the 1970s. Products have continually become worse. I tried, once again, and bought another Friedrich window AC unit. When attempting to apply for the $30 rebate online (only way to get it now), their site returned a false error message saying that the serial # did not match the model #. (The numbers matched when I registered the product online.) My invoice, the box, and the sticker on the side of the AC unit all confirm the numbers I input. No way to move forward except to call the 800 #. I waited more than 58 minutes on hold and was promptly disconnected a few seconds after someone picked up and laughed. Is this Friedrich's idea of customer service??? Time to find another brand.


Customer no service

Updated by user Jul 05, 2020
Friedrich honored the manufacturer's warranty and replaced the defective AC at no charge to me.

Updated by user Jun 05, 2020
After sending an e-mail to the manufacturer at the address you suggested, I received an e-mail from the retailer from whom I purchased this air conditioner stating that if I provided the serial number of the defective air conditioner, they would replace it with a new unit.Thank you for your excellent advise and this favorable outcome.

Original review Jun 04, 2020
My AC died in less than 1 year. I contacted the retailer who directed me to the manufacturer, Friedrich. I have spent an inordinate amount of time on the phone with no success in talking to a real person. I ultimately opted for a call me back option. Guess what? Nobody from Friedrich call back. So I am stuck with a non-functional AC that the retailer denies responsibility to fix or replace despite it clearly stating on the receipt "one year parts and labor guaranty" and a manufacturer who apparently is incapable of picking up the phone. Not a happy camper.


Product info

The phone is out of order , so says operator !!!! I need 3 sc and i need to speak to someone asap please


Friedrich 0% support if they hear the word "mold"

Updated by user Oct 11, 2019
Friedrich did not contact me at all. All they are interested in is having you pay $275-$375 to get your unit serviced or sell you a new unit.

All of their units have the same flaws.

A week or so ago when it was 90 degrees outside my girlfriend turned on the AC. She...

Updated by user Sep 11, 2019
I walked into Home Depot in Manhattan and spoke to an employee who told me he used to work repairing AC's and Refrigerators. I told him about my mold/fly issue and he laughed and said he used to have customers with those exact issues all the time. The job would take...

Updated by user Sep 11, 2019
Once you say the word "Mold" they don't want to help. Their own product allows bugs to get inside and their bodies create mold so it's a catch-22.

Original review Sep 11, 2019
Purchased a brand new Friedrich chill 10,000 btu air conditioner model CP08G10B. It's only 1.5 years old and works great however whenever you turn on the AC it smells. We looked into the vents on the right and can see black spotty mold growing inside and dead flies can be seen from the outside looking into the unit 2 feet outside. We don't want to get sick nor have our child get sick who sleeps in this room so we haven't been using the AC. I called Friedrich and everyone you speak to tell you a different story from clean it yourself, to blaming us for dust/debris/cat hair to misuse. One manager told us if we live in NY or FL you are more likely to get mold while another customer service rep said mold can not grow on the interior plastic or styrofoam, well it's all over the styrofoam and inner walls. I was told we have to have it professionally cleaned/steam cleaned and flies cause mold. Called around to 7 places and the majority quote us $375 to clean a $420 product, so it's not worth cleaning. Mold removal should be covered in the warranty! It will now end up as landfill and poison the grounds. Way to go Friedrich!! Friedrich needs to make their products EASILY cleanable by their owners so this does not happen! Also the large vents on either side are large enough for large horse flies to fly into so we've gotten flies in the apartment and lightning bugs too. I suggested they make small circular air vents like those found in NYC trash cans and laundromat dryers. Our cat was chasing a lightning bug and those are poisonous to cats.

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