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Flipkart has a 1.9-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 26500 customers. In the Auctions and Marketplaces category, it secures the 2th position out of 351 companies.


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I can't abel to pay my pay letter balance

I can't abel to pay my pay letter due balance... If it's not solve how i will pay.please do it clear.


Resolved: Product missing complaint

Please solve this issue my product is missing in the box please solve the problem immediately my order received 19 July but missing product in the box Flipkart package is but brand box inter is missing product please solve the problem 10 din Hogan sir meri problem solve nah hai jaldi se meri problem solve kare sir


Refund cancelled

Recieved defective laptop on 14th july raised return request on the same day and technician visited and provided DOA certification . It was approved by flipkart as well and supposed to be pick up the order by 31st july but on the day of pickup they have cancelled without picking up the product and raise separate request for replacement and not return which i am not interested now as i already bought the laptop due to delay from their side. Now they are saying wait for 11th aug and they are not going to return and refund .They will only do replacment. Being a such big company never expected this *** from them


My exchange got cancelled without any notice or refund

I got a very defective product(it wasn't sealed the serum inside was replaced with water), they said couldn't exchange/ return. After numerous calls and emails, they said they'll exchange. The exchange was supposed to happen in 2 days. But it changed to almost 10 days. I called the customer care, they didn't pick up multiple times. Finally, they did and didn't give me a solution, just told me to wait. Now when tracked the order. It's showing that it's cancelled. I didn't get any notice or refund for this. I just want my money back. Now I'm unable to reach their customer care also


Not responding for damage and used product to replacement, return and refund

Hello my Flipkart order I'd is OD328361****5353****. I bought safari gama suitcase from Flipkart app. I received this product already used. I received the product and when I opened it, there was no polythene bag on top of the bag and no price tag. There was a brand tag but instead of being on the handle of the suitcase, the tag was opened and placed inside the suitcase. And the quality of the product is opposite to what it was supposed to be. Looking at the suitcase, it seems like someone's used suitcase has been sent to me. Despite many complaints to Flipkart, no solution has been found and I have not received my money back yet. So please resolve my complaint as soon as possible so that the customer's trust is maintained on Flipkart, otherwise if it continues like this, I will have to stop buying things from Flipkart because despite complaining to you repeatedly, you are not able to resolve it, so the customer's trust is lost on you.


Product Not pickup by seller

10 liter old and used product received on 5 july 2023.return request forward but Product not pickup by seller.


Damage meterial

I am book order selling fan.but selling fan heavy damage issue.with fan function not working.so pls change order & Return money


Resolved: Very poor service

I am purchasing a refrigerator (Samsung) damege product.I am complaining Flipcart continues but no response to solution this matter.please help me to replace refrigerator . Please solve my problem.next step I am going to consume court for help.


Resolved: Broken earphones

The left side is sometimes working, sometimes not working and sometimes licking when put on the charging case. Never taking charge and used product, damaged.The side one is sometimes working, sometimes not working. Sometimes he is taking charge, sometimes he is not taking charge and what do you say, sometimes he is doing it in support phone, sometimes he is not doing it. That's the whole problem. You my problem believe me return it please any way.


Resolved: Damage product

I order a Realme 11pro+ temper glass in flipkart, so the temper glass was damage and so please return or replacement service pls


I have to received too old godrej AC while I ordered New Blue star split AC

Flipkart delivered too old AC instead of New Bluestar AC. Also they are taking 10-13 days time to return the product which is too much.


Refund issue

আম flip cart একট পরডকট অরডর করছলম ২৮ এপরল আমক ডলভরট কর হয 3 ম মস ডলভর কর হয পরডকটট আমর ডযমজ পরডকট এসছল তর জনয সঙগ সঙগ আম তন তরখই কমপলন কর পরডকটট রটরন করর জনয। পরসল রটরন নয যযন রফনড দযন আজক নয অলরড 2 month কমপলট হয যচছ এখন পরযনত আমক রফনড কর হযন। অনকবর এখন কসটমর কযর এখন কমপলন কর হযছ ফলপকরট কমপনত ওর কনভব আমক সহযয করছ ন পলজ আপনর এই অনষঠন ট দখ আমক যথরত পলজ রফনড করর বযবসথ কর দন আর আমক বরবর বল হচছ য আমক রফন কর দব বল এখন আমক রফনড কর হচছ ন


I am victim of cyber crime when i have called flipkart/sopsy coustomer caresy

I purchased a dress from the online platfirm Shopsy. The product wasn't to my liking and I tried to return it. I contacted the customer care number to resolve my queries. But the telecommunicator handed the call to some senior of his as he was having problem resolving my issue. After a long call with the person he asked me tp scan my ATM card in Gpay while a screen sharing session was taking place through ISL light. He also asjed me for my aadhar card and PAN card details. He asked me to enter some details in my Gpay which would allow the refund for the dress I wanted to return according to him. But after I did so a sum of Rs. 49,999 was reduced from my account. When I enquired about it he cut the call. I tried reaching out to the number but showed it was busy. Then I was notified via message by my bank that a sum of Rs. 5000 and another of Rs.2000 has been transacted from my bank account. I proceeded to block my card as well as aadhar. I tried contacting the customer care but the response wasn't satisfactory. I request flipkart to launch an investigation regarding the case and do me justice by refurbishing the said amount to me at the earliest.


Resolved: Delivery

One item missing green belt missing i have 3 item i want refund its verry bad experience for me i am regular coustmer


Lenovo ideapack laptop

Given 16th april laptop are manufacturing defect.but at a time not solution.jab dilivery mili tab kahi se broken nahi tha screen par problem hai jo manufacturing hai refund ki complen diya par kharij hua 5 baar.6 tha bar 29 april ko exept hua date mila 13 may.but 13 may ggujar gaya.my problem not solve


I have been defrauded by flipkart and support team of flipkart is not helping me, I am facing both mental and financial problems.

Pli ordered a camera on 2nd january, and i received a different model of same brand. Till now my return request has been canceled 10 times and call back has been requested 45 times but flipkart support team is not helping. I have not received a call back from the support team of Flipkart even once, no response is received every time I have tried to contact them.It's been 45 days ,Flipkart support team is not taking any action on this issue, this is my order id OD326953****7936****

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