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Fixd has a 2-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 149 customers. In the Software category, it secures the 43th position out of 1129 companies.


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Signing me up for things I declined...more than once

What customer service? Their software automatically signs me up for things that I declined. I have been unable to get to the instructions for my device. Routed me to a site that required a credit card to continue(why?). Then it signed me up to more digital sites(games) which I had declined. When I finally got through to a human he couldn't tell me if I was indeed signed up to these other sites, so he sent an email to someone who could could help me. I'm still waiting to hear from that person. I would never have purchased FIXD had I known it would be this much of a hassle. I would return it except I don't want to deal with this company any more.


Unknown charges to my account

Fixd charged me $99 claiming that it says in the fine print such charges would be made without warning after two years. I was not informed that they would keep my card info after the intial purchase of the Fixd car device and continue to charge it. Hiding something in the fine print is such a cheap and shady trick to play on consumers and creates a poor relationship with customers. I have to call them back and I'll keep calling them until I get my money back.


Unauthorized transaction

I typed all my information of address together with card number but never clicked to buy the offer or any trials. I saw I was charged so I called the agency for a refund. The up order is 2890D24E68 for the amount of 21.39.Read all first and once your sure you want product, then place your order


Refund of 74.19

Didnt sign up for recurring charges !!!.,, xxx zzzzzzzzzztttttpppppkkawertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvqweryuiopasdfghjklXcvbnmqwertyuasdzxcasdfghuiopdetyuiop


I was charged twice, the second one being outrageous and unauthorized

Certainly! Here's a more detailed version: My encounter with Fixed Automotive has been quite disappointing and frustrating. Recently, I noticed that they charged me twice for their services, and to make matters worse, the second charge was completely unauthorized and in an outrageous amount. Upon realizing the mistake, I immediately contacted their customer support to seek a resolution and request a refund. However, I have yet to receive a satisfactory response or any indication that my refund is being processed. This situation has caused me a great deal of inconvenience and financial strain, and I am eager to get this matter resolved as soon as possible. I expect Fixed Automotive to rectify this issue promptly and refund the unauthorized charge back to my account without any further delay. It is disheartening to be treated in such a manner, especially when I have been a loyal customer of theirs for quite some time. I hope that by bringing this matter to their attention, they will take the necessary steps to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future and improve their customer service standards. My faith in their reliability has been shaken, and I trust they will do their best to regain my confidence in their business. In conclusion, I am urgently seeking a refund for the unauthorized charge and an explanation for this unfortunate error. I hope that Fixed Automotive will take swift action to resolve this matter and restore my trust in their services.


Charged 99.99 for nothing

i got the app i only wanted what was offered for free and they charged me 99.99 for nothing i had nothing in the card so it didnt go through but i do now and i dont wanna be charged


I had my sensor stolen how could I get a replacement

Someone broke into my car and that was one of the items that was stolen.I also made and filed a Police report on the incident



I have an attempted charge on my credit card for 99.99$. Why is that? I didnt authorize or click any buttons when i ordered. I only bough the device.. please contact me at your earliest convenience. Thank you


I am getting $99.99 charged for nothing

I did not sign up for $99 service! I did not even install the app! And I saw in my credit card statement, $99 charge by fixd!!! This is fraud!! I want a refund! And I want my money back!!


No product. $136.92 withdrawal.

On June 29 I ordered your product. It Hasn't arrived yet. Today FIXD took $136.92 out of my account. WHY!



I was charged $99.99 for a subscription I did not sign up for and want this amount credited back to my account immediately. The credit card was given to purchase the unit and NOT to use for any subscription. Please advise Leo Gatewood


I didn’t order and was charged

This company is crooked and are thieves , tried to send and they require 100 symbols??? Jhgghhbgffhjjjggghjjjhgggghhhgghhhhgftgjjgfguuijhgguijgtyujjhgyyujjhgghuhgggjhgghhgfhjkbgfhkkhgfgjjhgfghhjjvgggjjbcfhjjhgfhjjj


Can't read sensor code

Hi I was wondering how can I get my fixd access code because my code it kind of faded out and I cant get it to work please help


Being charged 99.99 after I cancel my membership

Ive charged 99.99 after I switched to the monthly for a 1 week free trial and still being charged the 99.99 can i please my money back


Mess up on my subscription charged yearly renewal then canceled that day instead of the following year!!!!

was displeased worst ever!! how do you take someones money the cancel the subscription even after i gave instructions if moneys not returned to aleast cancell the following year so i am not charged again

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