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First American Home Warranty has a 1.3-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 846 customers. In the Household Services category, it secures the 3th position out of 499 companies.


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First American Home Warranty Reviews


Assigns worst possible contractor

Assigns worst possible contractor and won't rectify. San Jose street plumbing never fixed my plumbing issue but closed the claim stating it's fixed. Fraud alert.



I needed two commodes fixed due to them running, two bathroom sinks fixed due to leaking under the sinks, a bathtub leak fixed which caused water stains on the opposite side of the hallway's carpet and 1 of the faucets in the kitchen sink needed to be tightened which caused leaking under that sink. I called June 2, 2022, due to one of the sinks leaking and called 1 week later. The plumber showed up, and after he left the kitchen sink was still leaking, one of the commodes was still leaking, and one of the commodes were running without it being used. The work was done, but the same problems continued after the work being done and because I did not call within 30 days, I had to pay another $85 for service. After I called, I had to wait another 2 weeks before the plumber came back. I cannot use the kitchen sink and my carpet in my hallway has water stains. They came back out on July 6th, another $85 paid. Only one bathroom and sink were completed of the 5 things needing to be fixed. I was told that before they fix the front bathroom, I had to pay another $85, I paid on August 1st. The commode is still running and there was water leaking in the hallway, which caused water stains in the carpet. I called to inform them. Another plumber was sent. September 9th, a plumber came out and fixed the bathtub leak and replaced one of the two toilets. Due to the water damage to one of the bathroom sinks, a new sink will have to be purchased, carpet will have to be cleaned due to the water stains in the carpet from the bathtub, bathroom sink is still leaking and currently turned off to prevent further leaks, and one bathroom toilet is still running


Terrible experience

Automated phone system is terrible, I finally reached A PERSON by calling renewal number. My claim wasn't processed and I was told I"d be getting an email explaining how I can get the repair done privately and be reimbursed by First American. NO EMAIL but of course my credit card was charged immediately. I've invested 10 years and thousands of dollars but I will be cancelling


A/C problem not solved

American Home Warranty Contract101******** Service Request31177**** I have been waiting since June of this year to fix my A/C. The latest excuse is that my return ducting is mashed, and needs replaced and that cannot be done without replacing all of the whole ducting system due to asbestos at a cost of $5000.00. This is pure BS if it were replaced it would not fix the A/C problem, there has been THREE other technicians looking at the problem and never suggested this. We have been running this A/C since 1977 without a problem until 2017 when you replaced it with new Unit with an "extra cost" of $920. Everything has been working fine until May of this year, and we ask for service, you sent out Solar A/C and heating, they said that the Heater was on recall and replaced it to the (tune of $2336.00 in "extra parts.) Then you sent out another company and they put in two pounds of Freon (that did not solve the problem) Then you sent out Dunn-Right and they found a smashed exhaust was told that if I did not replace the smashed exhaust, they would send me $400.00 as compensation. (If you were to send any compensation should be $3256.00 is my out of pocket to solve the problem) Dun-Rite and wants to replace the ducting that has been functioning since 1977. (As far as I know Dunn-Rite smashed the exhaust to get an abatement job) I have an official report from a State Inspector that says that if the asbestos is not disturbed it is not a problem just leave it alone. What I really want is to FIX my A/C per your contract if you cannot fix it, REPLACE IT. (You do not have to disturb the asbestos to do this) It only fails in the afternoon heat of the day; it reaches a temp of 79 degrees and stays there running until it gets dark my electric bill has gone from $300.00 to $636.00 Jack Houser 714/671/9417 **** Fawnridge Dr. Brea, California Email: jacks_house@***.net Who do I have to talk to solve the problem? it is the A/C failing (that was functioning since 1977!!!) not the ducting. {{Redacted}}


A/C unit replacement

Contractors not cooperation, I pay monthly for this policy and the contractor is telling me to get financing of 2,365.00 in order to get a new unit installed??? According to FAHW, my cost is a service fee of 85.00. I did have a hot water heater replaced. No question asked, just the service fee and I was satisfied with the whole issue. This complaint on my A/C unit is very negative to your company, and cancellation is my next go to, thank you, James Jauch, phone number is 614446****.


You can never get anyone on the phone.

I am on hold right now waiting for customers answer the phone, so far its been 28 min 14sec. no answer. The best way to get somebody on the phone is to call cancellation support. It took me a week waiting on hold appprox. 20 min at a time, it didn't work so I decided to cancel the service. I called Cancellation Support and was answered in maybe 2 min. They are more helpful than customer service. Either fire customer service reps, retrain, get more people, or fire the management. You really need to have another way to contact besides phone numbers. It's 2022! It's the digital age. If customer service was rated best out of 100% I would give them a 30.


Terrible company

Updated by user Jul 19, 2022
Told us that we had to submit the original work order from the company we called and then they would send out a 3rd tech. Probably from another *** company

Original review Jul 19, 2022
They refuse to pay for anything no matter what is wrong. If the tech can't fix it on the spot, it is either your fault or they don't cover it. Also, they use the absolute worst companies that are available in your local area. We called them out when our microwave quit working and they told us that we had put metal in it. What a joke. The hot water heater needs to be replaced according to the plumber we called out, but because of the cut-rate plumber they sent, the report did not exactly reflect that issue.


The worst uses ads on tv they suck,the worst

Send workers in there cars dont have all there equipment ,temporarly fix problem but dont come back been waiting for 5 days,not just me have talked to people who say the same thing F -----them


Horrible company all the way around!

Updated by user Jul 11, 2022
they keep telling me I have to wait another 24-48 hours for them to assign me to another contractor

Original review Jul 11, 2022
One call the guys wouldnt even go under the house. They just stuck their phone down the crawl space and took pictures. They sent me to collection even after I told them I wasnt going to pay for the lack of service. My oven broke, the wanted to give the call to sears but they were out a month. Then they assigned someone else and they dont come out to where I am. So Im still waiting for someone to respond about this. Im handicap and like most everyone else these days not enough money to live. I cant possibly go out to eat daily until they get their act together. I just asked for a refund. So we will see how that goes.


Waited 15 days for contractor appt, and they were a no show. Seven days and 4 phone calls later, later, still no new contractor assigned.

Dishwasher out and washer not pumping water out. Went on line and reported the two issues and paid the fee. Next day assigned to a contractor and given an appt 15 days later!! Called in twice, on hold over 45 minutes each time to get a different contractor. Never happened. The day before and day of my appt I called the contractor, no answer, and I left messages. Contractor did not show up or call. After 7 additional days and 3 phone calls (2 on hold over 40 minutes), I still do not have a contractor appt. Twenty three days with no dishwasher and a crashing washer. I am told it was escalated last week, and again tonight . . . both promising a call with a new appt within 24 hours. However, the agent said there are only two contractors in the whole St. Louis area in her system??? This is not the first major mess up. Last fall a contractor took my furnace apart and left pieces on the floor and never came back...void A


Shaddy Contractors

I had 2 service requests, both was serviced by shady contractors, They said my home warranty not cover the repairs and asked for cash money to fix those. This plan was bought by the seller of my home because it was the cheapest plan.


Let’s see, service request November 21

Service request opened November 2021 Best thing First American home warranty is good for, 30-90 min hold and hanging up! No return call no ask if all is good! Only call is your warranty is due to expire July 1st, renew now! Why would anyone renew with a company that hasnt been able to correct a problem from November, did I mention this is June 21st! I think they owe me a free year, nothing else is broken, pretty bad the only communication is wanting to sell me a new policy


Worthless Home Warranty Company

I submitted a claim and paid for a service call for a refrigerator that I received as part of my home purchase. The seal around the door was not closing against the body of the refrigerator because the door shelves had been stretched from having too much weight in the door shelves. Condensation was building inside and creating an ice build up inside the fridge. The repair person told me that it needed to be repaired, but I shouldn't expect much from First American. As soon as they got the report they closed the claim as "not covered". Thanks for nothing. I will not even try to get any help from them again. I told them that they should just refund the cost of the policy and cancel the remaining time of coverage. I couldn't have been more disappointed in their service.


Having to pay additional $375 to repair an outside hose bibb.

Updated by user Apr 26, 2022
No refund yet.

Original review Apr 26, 2022
I have the upgrade package which includes repairs to items that might have been considered as improperly installed. Plumber showed up as scheduled and charged me another $375 for modifications needed to replace the leaking hose bibb. My house was built by Perry Homes of Texas which like many other homes has copper pipe which the Contractor hired by FAHW had to cut the wall to expose the copper pipe in order to install a new line and hose bibb since they claimed they did not have enough copper pipe to swelt a new hose bibb onto which actually looked like a treaded connection to myself. Contacted FAHW and they stated that modifications are not covered and I should have negotiated the price with the Plumbing Contractor which I never thought that I needed to do such. If I would have known that, I would have cancelled my 12 year old / $1000 policy per year with FAHW and go with Angi. Basically consumer service is for FAHW versus the consumer.


Consistently terrible experiences

Original review Apr 08, 2022
I have the Eagle Premier package, I think that means we paid for a higher quality of coverage (maybe their highest?). I made three claims. The first was for a kitchen faucet and sprayer that retails at ~$700. I paid $75 to have them come out and agree it needed to be replaced and it was covered. They then said they have a standard replacement faucet (which looked like it probably cost $20), or I could buy a faucet and they would install it, or I could accept a payout. The faucet required one hole in the counter, while my faucet had two holes. It was also a different finish from my other fixtures around the sink. I asked for the payout, because I'd rather install it myself than wait on hold to get them to do anything else. The payout turned out to be $45. So for that claim, all they did is make me wait on hold to tell me my faucet needed to be replaced and it was covered. For that coverage, I paid them $75 - $45 = $30. How is that a warrantee? Are they supposed to pay me when something breaks? The second claim was for a $1000 motherboard that controls my pool equipment. They told me that circuit boards were covered, but remote pool controllers were not. This is a circuit board, so I paid $75 again to have them come and tell me that they don't cover pool controllers, even after I told them exactly what was broken before they came...and then they came a agreed it was broken. The third claim has yet to be resolved, but so far they say they have ordered a new part and it is being mailed to me. I got away with not paying the $75 yet, because I kept trying to talk with a person, but their automated claim phone system wouldn't let me. So it just said I could pay when the contractor arrived. He didn't ask for payment. I didn't offer it. Their system says I owe them $75. I'm not going to pay until I see how this turns out. Wish me luck.


Not fixing a safety issue

First American is The WORST homeowner warranty company EVER!! , NEVER sign up with them, and Ill personally terminate my contract with them after this issue. Theyll make you hate your life, and waste many hours try to reach them out or talk to either a representative or even a supervisor!! Ive been dealing with this safety concerns for over a month and had the WORST experience ever with First American and their last contractor company Fox Appliances! My stove dose an explosion sound randomly when I try to use a specific burning eye, it happened 3 time and first time it literally jumped 3 inches from its location!!! They have assigned me 3 different contractor to check same issue!!! As first 2 contractors either recommended to buy some parts and fix the stove or replace it!! Lastly they sent supposedly an expert, then the guy they sent came in literally without carrying any single tool!! Did nothing on the stove (not a single diagnostic test) then provided a report to First American that theres no mechanical issue!! I talked to multiple managers and asked for a complain email, they said they dont have and I can just send them a letter over mail! Their resolution is just live with it!!!! Indirectly, wait until it explodes or kill someone so that we can be convinced to fix it or replace it!!! First American is a BIG scam, dont waste your time or money paying for them!!

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