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1.3/5 - based on 214 reviews

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Fidelity National Home Warranty has a 1.3-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 214 customers. In the Household Services category, it secures the 10th position out of 499 companies.


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Fidelity National Home Warranty Reviews


Promises made not kept

It took more than a week to get the AC replaced on rental property I own. Extremely long hold times on the phone; spoke with 5 different customer service reps - all who promised a call back with updates and none of whom kept their promise. 3 of the 5 reps were fairly professional; 2 were EXTREMELY rude. I absolutely agree with the concept of home warranties and have 2 contracts with Fidelity. Many years ago, their service was outstanding. All of that has changed. When it comes time to renew my 2 contracts, it will likely NOT be with Fidelity.


No contact from service provider

I filed a claim about my air conditioner not working a week ago. I still have not been contacted by the service provider. His phone number cannot take messages


I keep getting text messages from you and and phone calls

I daily get text messages From you saying that I have a new job in the dispatch. Each day I get phone calls from customers asking if Im dorn electric and when I can come out. The phone number to door and electric is my phone and not dorn electric phone number. Please send me a phone number that I can call you and get this stopped. It is very disruptive.


3 weeks without a fridge or freezer

I contacted Fidelity when fridge/freezer failed. Their service provider came out and said it was "dead." Waited 10 days without hearing anything. Finally called Fidelity, who claimed they had not received the report. Later was told that was a "blind spot"in their system Had a call from one of their service providers today, who was scheduled to come tomorrow. Fidelity just called me and said they did not "authorize" Service Provider #2, they were canceling him and going back to Service Provider #1, which took 7 days to set up an appointment. Fidelity's response today was that they did not ever give any timelines for repair -- this could go on for six months. He talked in circles, and finally ended up hanging up on me!!! I have had two other Home Warranty companies and have never had any experience like this -- they should be reported to Consumer Protection and the Insurance Commissioner.


Horrible Experience

Weve been without heat for 3 weeks. Fidelity keeps telling us we havent provided all the information needed for the claim. We keep getting the run around. Ive asked to speak to a supervisor 3 times and one has yet to call me back.


Received poor service and a long period in rectifying the matter

Called for first time for a slow drainage of the bath top. The Plummer compony that was provided was unprofessional and did not rectify the issue. He can to fix the toilet and had no knowledge of the issue. After placing complaint, based on the suggestion, I end up calling a near by Plummer and the mater was resolved. The process of handling the problem and asking for a reimbursement, took more than ten calls and over six month. The second call that recently placed was about garbage disposal leaking. This matter was handled promptly and was rectified with satisfaction. However, two week after I received a mail asking for $471.00 stating that was not part of the warranty. I do not understand why I was not told that before rendering the service. I will not pay such amount and will not stand for such harassment. This compony has a horrible service.


Living without hot water for over a month!

Updated by user Mar 09, 2023
This morning I received a call from "Pam" at FNHW stating they cannot locate another service provider in my area to perform the agree upon work. They are now telling me I must locate a plumber who can perform the leak detection test, obtain an estimate for the work,...

Updated by user Mar 08, 2023
The main irritant I have with FHWS is the inability to speak directly with the person directly involved in processing your claim. The leave all the back and forth between consumer and phone reps. It must be an awful job because they are forced to deal with so many...

Original review Mar 07, 2023
Hot water pipes under concrete slab of my home broke. After two weeks of runaround from our homeowner's insurance carrier, I called Fidelity National Home Warranty to place claim. Their contracted plumber could not come out to make initial assessment for two weeks! No other providers were contracted with home warranty company! After waiting two weeks, the plumber came out and assessed the issue, plumber sent the information to home warranty company however, we never heard from them. After another week had passed, I called their customer service department and spoke to "Andrea" who was clearly following a script as to how to respond to my request. She claimed they never received a report from the plumber and that was the cause for the delay. Andrea states after receiving the plumber's report, it would take approximately another week to for the service request to go through the various approval processes to determine whether they would pay on the claim. I waited the week, but no one called back. I called customer service and spoke to "Janie" (who sounded exactly like Andrea), who states they had not yet received a report from the plumber. At this point in time, we've now spent a month trying to get an answer from Fidelity Home Warranty. This morning, after another four days of hoping to hear from Fidelity, I called their customer service again and spoke to "Jennifer" who informed me that the claim was not approved as they need "proof" of pipe/water damage under the concrete slab. Jennifer stated, "Well, you wouldn't want us to pay out a thousand dollars (max pay out for this type of claim) on a claim without proof, would you?" Jennifer states the "claim owner" (claim adjuster), "Jamie" is planning to reach out the plumber to request the needed proof of damage. So here we are a month after making the claim, and we're still without hot water and no closer to a resolution than when we first filed the claim. Are we going to invest in this home warranty renewal next year? What do you think?


Renewal warranty

I tried unsuccessfully for over 3 days trying to renew our warranty on line and couldn't get through. Phone calls were also unsuccessfull. Finally just mailed check to corporate office but when we did need to use the warranty on a busted pipe. Info said we were no longer covered. Very frustrating.


Will not make any exceptions regardless of circumstances

Forgot we had the policy at 6:00 AM and called the original installer for help in our 54 degree home. Called Fidelity a ciouple days later expecting for help with the reair bill only to hear that we didn't adhere to their ironclad contract and were simply SOL. Never again with this company. Run like the wind away...DON'T go hereDD


Run like the wind away from them. They will make no exceptions to their rules etched in stone

Our heat went out overnight and woke up to 54 We forgot we even had this policy and contacted the original installer of our furnace (who, by the way) were very responsive and took care of the issue quickly. When I called Fidelity. their reponse was only to "remind" me that their contract clearly states that they are the only ones who can initiate the repairs. NO EXCEPTIONS. Typical insurance company...Save your money


Fidelity National Home Warranty will NOT/REFUSES to repair my refrigerator in a timely manner.

Updated by user Jan 31, 2023
After I suggested the two options, Certified GE Tech or rent a fridge for me...both were rejected out of hand. It was simply Goodbye.My fridge hasn't been repaired or replaced.

Original review Jan 30, 2023
Fidelity Home Warranty. My wife and I have been with Fidelity for 8 years, or so. They've always been responsive & accommodating. That is, until now. My GE dishwasher, doesn't wash, my GE refrigerator, has an intermittent problem. Push for water, and sometimes it WON'T STOP. Get the picture? The repair people show up. Dishwasher needs a new circuit board, the fridge needs a new spring. That will take about a week. Now, with NEW board in hand, he gives it one more try? He pushes start & the damn thing comes alive. Go figure. Two weeks later...the fridge is down again. Same problem. This time, a new circuit board is needed. Hopefully, they're still available. But Fidelity wants the board re-built. No problem? BIG PROBLEM. With NO BOARD, the fridge will be COMPLETELY DOWN for 2 to 4 WEEKS, MAYBE MORE. My wife and I are both are 76 yrs, of age. We have special diets & meds that need to be refrigerated. I phone Fidelity to fill them in. I suggest, a Certified GE Repair Tech. Sure, but that would cost me another $75 service fee. How about, renting a fridge for us? Nope. He then says, I should expect a little inconvenience from time to time. Little INCONVENIENCE!? I don't call, out of service 2 to 4 weeks...maybe longer, a Little INCONVENIENCE. I don't expect Fidelity to run out & purchase a new $2k fridge, if they can repair it for a couple hundred bucks. But NO ONE alive in the 21st CENTURY, can go without a refrigerator for that length of time...2 weeks, 4 weeks...maybe MORE. Maybe, the folks at Fidelity should give it a try. My next move? Fidelity is GONE. I'll cancel my $900 annual membership fee & the $75 per service call with Fidelity. I plan to return to 1st American or American Home Warranty. Oh, by the way, we're going to live with the fridge as is.



cancellation per email (see below) contract@*** Make cancellation effective for 1/13/2023 see customer support notes for complaint and request to cancel service with her. ----- Forwarded Message ----- From: Nancy Gates To: contract@*** Sent: Friday, January 13, 2023 at 02:52:26 PM PST Subject: Cancel Contract #X42567 1/13/2023 I would like to have a 50.00 charge to be charged because I cancel before the full term which would be 4/07/2023. 03/02/22PURCHASE AUTHORIZED ON 02/28 FIDELITY NATIONAL $635.00 800-862-**** CA S382059****11425 CARD 5800$635.00 I no longer have that bank atm card #5800 that was cancelled by bank due to being lost. I would like a check to be sent my mailing address: 3850 Atlantic #310 Highland, CA 92346 ncygates@***.com Cancelling contract due to electrician who came for the service call Work Order 893**** claims we have a faulty pictures of his evaluation and he never told us. He said he will order a new ceiling fan with Fidelity National permission. I have lost $75.00 for the service call and I would not like to lose another $50.00 with cancellation of this policy. 1/4/2023 FIDELITY NATIONAL HOME W 4939****DKKQQ7H $75.00$75.00 Minus I have had your service since 2020 and had no problems until City First Electric visit. Note BBB has three complaints in 2022 alone due to the City First Electric sent by difference warranty services to those homes and claim faulty wiring. Please check this vendor and let any no other Fidelity National Home Warranty customer have to pay undo $75.00 for incorrect diagnosis their unfounded report back to you. I will not have another dollar going out to prove that City First Electric was unfounded with a diagnosis of faulty wire. Our ceiling fan has worked until 2 days before calling for the work order. The problem end of being not a short wire but the remote transformer needed to be replace. I lost $75.00 because of lack of service by City First Electric employee Please confirm what the check will be mailed and the amount that will be issued for the prorated time of this contract through 4/7/2023. Lawrence and Nancy Gates


I called you today about our HVAC system and I need to talk to you

I pay for you guys to fix my stuff and you dont wanna fix that you want me to hire somebody this is what were supposed to do youre supposed to get it fixed thats what I paid for so take care of it please



if i could rate this company a zero i would. stay away from this company at all costs!!! you have to wonder how they stay in business! they ignore their customers, take their sweet time with orders, don't call you back & don't resolve the issues! they are basically getting free $$ for nothing. they are a complete fraud. they have no interest in servicing their customers. i have been dealing with a fridge issue since may 2022. we are now in september, 2022 & they still can't resolve the issue. they must be using used parts! the same condensor went out and every work order takes two weeks to get an auth, then it goes to the vendor, then parts are both ordered & delayed, scheduling also takes awhile & it goes on & on. they don't care that my tenant has been without a fridge for 4 months! they do not replace your appliance like they claim they will do in their marketing spill! i gave up before i lose my tenant. i had to buy a new fridge after giving them over $650 for absolutely nothing but a nightmare! they even have the nerve to charge you extra to go out their each time & want to charge you $50 to cancel your contract! they should be prosecuted for theft! i spent hours on the phone with them over several months. their website is worthless, its almost like they don't want to hear from you. when you call, the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing. you go around & around in circles talking to every dept & get absolutely nothing resolved! shame on me for not reading the reviews, i always do but the realtor made me believe this was a reputable company. since he is now my property mgr & has experienced this for himself with this claim, they are no longer getting business from him & hopefully no one in my town! this is definitely your home warranty nightmare company!!! save your $$$$$!!!sTAY


Resolved: Long wait times to speak to customer service

Updated by user Jul 21, 2022

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with full refund. Retrieved payment for Technicians service call but was I still out the fee that Fidelity charged to initiate the claim. I would have been 85 dollars ahead had I not used the warranty and just called the HVAC company and would not have spent the hours on hold with Fidelity's customer service..

Original review Jun 20, 2022
Air conditioning not working in AZ. Initial call took 1 hour and 10 minutes to speak to customer service rep. I was advised that they would locate a vendor and contact me in the next 24 hours which did not happen. I called again the next evening and was told that they had been unable to secure a vendor but assured me that by the next evening I would be contacted. I asked if I got vendor if I could be reimbursed. I felt the rep did all she could for me but stated the temp would have to average 105 degrees for two days before that could happen. She encouraged me to call the next morning as the forecast was for 104 and 107 degrees. The phone wait the next morning was about 30 minutes but I received permission to contact a HVAC vendor on my own and could submit for reimbursement. The service tech found the home at 99 degrees and the repair was a minor detail which he fixed immediately. Now I am trying to get reimbursed for the service call which is less than the service fee that Fidelity charges to even start the process. I was promised a call back when I submitted the documentation and the request for reimbursement but that was submitted Friday and it is Monday evening with no call back. My fear is that it will be denied as the tech fixed it immediately and the paperwork stated that Fidelity needed to authorize the repair first which would probably taken over the weekend to obtain even though I had no air conditioning. In hindsight I would not have spent hours waiting to speak to a customer service rep and had the repair made in a few hours rather than days plus the final expense would have been less


They stole my money and gave me nothing but headache

Updated by user May 27, 2022
I initially contacted Fidelity to file a claim in January 2022, I was told to contact manufacturer first. I was declined by manufacturer so Fidelity sent a repairman out in February.

Fidelity repairman claims to order a part or parts that 'might' fix it but has no date they will arrive. Repeated attempts to get a window of time expected for arrival or repair of machine have been unanswered.

Fidelity states they will force me to wait indefinitely for a part that will never arrive. They have hung up on me, placed me on hold for hours on end to disconnect me, flat out told me they will not cover as long as the part was ordered regardless if it ever arrives.

Original review May 26, 2022
I filed a single claim on my enhanced policy I paid $710 for back in September. It was a simple washing machine fix. They sent out a lackey to inspect it, say it needed a part and left. This lackey ordered a part more then 3 months ago, will not return a call, much less fix the machine. Fidelity will not honor their own policy because their lackey ordered a part that will never arrive so they will never pay for the replacement value of said broken washing machine. I just filed an official complaint with the State of Arizona's Insurance Board on the fraudulent way they took my money.

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