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2.2/5 - based on 27 reviews

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Fast Response Heating And Cooling has a 2.2-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 27 customers. In the Heating, Cooling and Air Conditioning category, it secures the 20th position out of 200 companies.


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Fast Response Heating And Cooling Reviews


It takes forever

They were involved to attend my AC issue by my home warranty people. Its been 3 weeks, fast response are dishonest, dont care and take forever to resolve issues. They dont have any tracking number for ordered parts and I get different answers every time.


The worst ever do not even brother to call them

Put it this way would u want a company that does home warranty work that when u called about air conditioning not work omg u went ahead and paid your dectable right then so u would get fast response because your love one is going to have baby any time with another little in the house and its 85 to 90 degrees in there and they still haven t showed up after 2 days what a back stabbing two face joke of a company this I just hope the business fails soon because I don t want any expecting family haft to go through is it is awful


Horrible Experience with Fast Response

Our AC broke down on Thursday (Sep-26th, 2019) and so far, no one gave an appointment schedule to come and fix the problem. Our HAS warranty company referred this contractor and they are horrible in responding to our request to assign different contractor. Seems like a blower problem and I don't know how long we have to wait for these idiots to come and fix our AC.


Air Conditioning

Our air conditioning went out on a Friday and we called our Home Ins. Who referred us to FR. Matt was there on Monday am fixed it no problem. Very courteous,and professional


Worst Response in 35 Years dealing with HVAC Companies

Dear Sir or Madam: I was given this company through AHS the Home Shield program to protect appliances and major equipment in the home. This company finally came to my home after 3 calls and them telling AHS I was not available which was a lie. Then, a part was ordered and no one provided an update so after two weeks I called the company. This is where I was told a technician would arrive one afternoon. I took off work. NO SHOW! I called and the people told me the person was ill. This is interesting, the day after Memorial Day? I took off the next day to be there, and NO SHOW again, they said the technician couldn't find the part or it wasn't in? Now the part was there the day before? So, either the technician didn't look or this was another lie? I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau and putting this on Cincinnati Television where they go after contractors who do not offer appropriate service/or inferior service (this situation has been going on since April 20, 2019.) Next, I asked for a supervisor and was told someone would contact me? I haven't been given an appointment yet? I have reported this incident to AHS and asked this contractor be removed from any contracts for the poor service. Also, I am writing a letter to likely the Attorney General to see if anything can be done with the business license if this is the way customers are treated. I will say once you reach the company, after being on hold normally for NO LESS than 15 to 20 minutes their customer service personnel are polite. Respectfully, Edward Oestreicher egpo1@***.com


Incompetent or Dishonest - Either way Awful Service

Please look elsewhere! Wish I had read the reviews before I called! There is nothing "FAST" about their response! The technician took 7 hours to arrive. When he diagnosed the problem, he said it was the blower motor. He had to take the part with him to see if it could be repaired. I waited almost a full day before I heard what the estimate was, and that they wouldn't even be able to get to it until the following Monday - 5 days later. I decided to get a second opinion, but had to chase my part down. When they guy brought the part, I paid him the $85 dispatch/diagnosis fee. I called My Heating and Cooling, they arrived as soon as I had the part back. Diagnosed it, went to pick the part up, and had it repaired in under an hour, for $600 less than what FR quoted me! They were trying to upsell me on a whole new unit for $4500! He was replacing the entire blower, but it was just a part IN the blower that needed to be replaced. I researched it for hours online and KNEW that the whole blower didn't need replaced. I've heard of technician's taking the old part, repairing it and putting it in another unit. I'm not saying that was the intention, but I do have to wonder. Given the inconvenience of going without heat- unnecessarily for THREE days, we couldn't even stay in our house... I wanted to give them the opportunity to make it "right", by refunding the $85 fee. As someone who has worked in customer service my whole life, I believe in doing what is fair for the customer. My initial communication for this request was not responded to, so I called to speak with a Supervisor - Tish, who just wanted to argue that the part was $800 (which means they were charging $600 to install it??!), and clearly was not empathizing whatsoever. In the end, I really didn't care that they cashed the check (upon my request as a courtesy for the EXTREME inconvenience and inaccuracy of the diagnosis) and didn't refund the money, because I thought it was more important that people are aware of the dishonest and incompetent technician's. The SLOW response, and the inadequate customer service. Where is the integrity?! If you make a mistake and MIS-diagnosis the problem, fine. I can accept the mistake, but just make it right. There are WAY too many honest and reputable HVAC companies to choose from. Once again, I WISH I had checked the reviews, I normally do. Lesson learned.



Service technician Bobby was extremely quick and proficient, one bad igniter replaced and we were up and going in less than 12 hours from our original phone call. Highly recommend them to everyone!+


Aweful company with the worst customer service

They have been to our house 5 times now & still have not fixed the problem! One of their "best technicians" was suppose to come two days ago & never showed. I called & spoke with a supervisor 2 hours ago, was told she would get back to me ASAP & I'm still waiting for a call. All of this & I've already paid them over $700! Go somewhere else for your HV/AC needs!!!!


My cooling system was down Robert from fast response putts it’s Wright fast

AHS appointed this company to service my furnace it was fast response like its name Robert was here on time find the problem it was licking Freon he fixed the licks and added some more freon it was fast Robert explains the problems and the costs like professional he is genius. he knows the work.he even given me discount on the total cost I recommend this company and Robert anytime my system was dawn for about eighth days prairie to this AHS appointed absolute heating&coolng they five minutes told me it was going to cost me $290 I ask what the problems was.whitout looking where it was licking from they wanted to add Freon as I was on the phon to AHS they left . Use FAST RESPONSES THANKYOU ROBERT Harry patel


Horrible service!

I have been without AC for THREE WEEKS in 90 degree humidity. All they have to say is “we’ll call you” but then they don’t. Their service is horrible!


The best there is!!

They fix the problem less than 40 mins, blower motor was bad and they have it in there truck stock :) glad to stay cool in this 95 degrees weather


Horrible Experience

I have never been treated so poorly by a company this bad in my entire adult life. My home service contract company referred me to Fast Response HC and I submitted my request on 5/29/2018. Received a call from Fast Response on 5/30/2018 to schedule an appointment but I referred them to the tenant at my property for proper scheduling and service. An appointment was made for 6/1/2018 to arrive prior to 4:00 pm due to prior commitments and told Brooke would be our service tech. At 3:45 pm, a call was made to Fast Response’s main telephone number which went straight to voicemail. A call was then made to the 888 phone number given by my service contract company which sounds like it forwarded to the same local number which also went to voicemail. I received a call at 4:17 pm from a gentleman, named Robert that said he was on his way to the home to work on the unit which is different from Brooke. As previously stated, nobody would be home and would be hours away so that didn’t work for us or my tenants and that we should reschedule for the following day which was 6/2/2018 and we were told, by Robert, he would arrive in the afternoon but no actual time frame was given. 6/2/2018 came and we anxiously awaited Robert’s arrival. At 4:07 pm, I called both of the numbers previously called, went straight to voicemail. I then call Robert, our “tech” and it went to voicemail. Furthermore, I sent a text to Robert’s number with no response. I contacted both phone numbers of Fast Response on Monday 6/4/2018 and yet again, both numbers went to voicemail. I have left a voicemail each time I have called and received no phone call back. I write this review on 6/6/2018 with zero response from “Fast Response” Heating and Cooling. Based on their reviews, it is my recommendation this company close their doors and get into “Slow Response” porta-potty cleaning because they’re *** I’ve since hired my own company who have replaced my entire cooling system.


No-show b,bkbgkbjkvbjhv hj,vmjb

5-7-64 Co. didn't call or show up for maintenance appointment schedueled 5 days in advance, Pam Jackson, 3025 Hilltop Court, Prospect, KY. e-mail: knsrose@***.com. {{Redacted}}



Fast response treated me extremley well, although i felt the service could have been "faster" they were very curtious and helpfully through the whole process. The tech was able to quickly diagnos the problem and have it fixed. The office staff scheduled me quickly for it being as cold as it was outside and they were very resonable on time frames and the 30 min notice for me to get home in time for the service very thankful for knowledgeable techs and nice company to come out and service me in this cold weather, recommend to all friends and family for life !


Worst company ever next to American Home Shield

Worst HVAC company that I have ever dealt with and would not recommend them to my worst enemy. Rude tech, customer service and down right mean people. They just want your money and do not care if the problem is fixed or not. Do yourself a favor and RUN to another HVAC vendor who actually cares. Don't believe me, then check their F rated BBB rating and continuous complaints against this company. I would spend up to 5k to fix my furnace vs. use this company and pay them a dime. I was hung up on twice and received a nasty email telling me to get a second opinion. If a company is telling you to get a second opinion, then NEWS FLASH they do not know what they are doing or how to fix the problem.



I have water leakage in my basement pertaining to AC unit. I called American Home Shield and they assigned it to Fast Response. That was on Thurs. June 22. They scheduled to come out on Mon. June 26 which was reasonable. Was told need a condensation pump which IS COVERED by the home warranty and needs to be ordered. The $75 service fee was paid and I have not seen them since. I called in early July and was told the pump should be in by July 14. I called back July 19 as I had not heard from them. Was told the pump is not in yet. On July 26, I contacted the home warranty company and explained it has been a month and my basement floor is totally wet and I've placed throw rugs and towels to no avail. Does not help with the large puddle of water continually leaking. It was escalated at AHS and I received a call back from them and they said Fast Response told them the pump would be in by Mon. 7/31 or Tues. 8/1 at LATEST. I called Fast Response on Wed. 8/2 and spoke with Tish after holding 32 minutes. She said she would TRY to schedule me for Friday, 8/4. She would call me back on Thursday either way. I have yet to receive a call back. I left a message on Friday, 8/4 and again today, Mon. 8/7 and no call back. I have taken pictures of my totally soaking wet floor and the RUST that has started to build up around the bottom of my furnace, as well as mildew build-up. I called AHS this morning to express my total aggravation after waiting 7 weeks. She contacted Fast Response and said they would be calling me to schedule a time for tomorrow, Tues. 8/8. That was at 9 this morning and it is now after 2 PM. No call yet. I called them a few minutes ago and yet again, had to leave a message. I won't hold my breath for a return call. TOTALLY AGGRAVATED, IRRITATED and DISGUSTED!!!

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