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Fashion Nova has a 2-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 22500 customers. In the Footwear and Clothing category, it secures the 2th position out of 2429 companies.


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They took my money and they haven’t resolve it

I buy a shirt they said they werent gonna send it to me they never did and they kept saying sending me emails that they were going to put it back in my account and they havent done it so they took my money



Good day, I ordered some dresses with order number #11702**** and 11687****, My order was cancelled due to the address I used why am in Nigeria, I use the uk address because my partner stays in uk why am making the payment from nigeria. Fashion nova doesnt ship to nigeria hence I used the uk address. I used my card and it was cancelled and I also used a friends card it was also canceled. I really loved the dresses I saw and I was eagerly waiting to buy them but I couldnt. I have to tell my partner to get me the same dresses with his card and his uk address. Why am sending this email is to get my refund it been more than 20 working days yet am not credited my money till now. Please I will be glad if my money is refunded back to the account.


Wrong items

The items that I brought were buy one get one free I didnt receive none of the free items at all I reached out to support no one got back to me


I ordered some items and only receive some of what I ordered

Good afternoon I want to know why I only receive on 8 of my items ,I ordered 11 items and only receive 8


I didn’t receive a $450+ Order

I ordered online. The order cost 468.00. It was supposed to come June 12. I got a notification from On trac that they were having trouble delivering. I replied in a timely manner and gave them the number to the delivery location which is open 24/7. They claimed they had delivered it and left it in front of the door. Theres no reason for them to leave my package in front of the door because the business is open 24/7. 502.636.4516 is the mailroom to Churchill Downs which is the delivery address. And customer service is poor I havent spoken to anybody yet nor had my money returned, order recent, or received store credit!


Resolved: Fashion Nova Uses The Horrible Crook Fraud Delivery Service Lasership

Updated by user Jul 09, 2023

I got my second Fashion Nova order a day early today, the PU faux leather oversized Tee shirt and leggings set is very nice and their faux leather really looks like genuine leather compared to the one from Shein which looks more silky.

Updated by user Jul 09, 2023
I forgot to mention that the sleeves on the PU leather blouse are too long,and the on the over sized short sleeve top they are too wide.

Updated by user Jul 08, 2023
I had bought from Shein a similar blouse not long after my Fashion Nova blouse wasn't delivered and I like the look of the Fashion Nova one better, and I also bought a similar outfit but it's not short sleeve like the one I bought from Fashion Nova, I wouldn't have...

Original review Jul 13, 2023
I wrote this to be posted on the Better Business Bureau's site with 1000's of other bad reviews from customers who had similar or same kinds of bad experiences with Lasership and I just sent it to my state attorney general too. I also sent the BBB a complaint letter. So far I haven't heard back from them. My shirt from Fashion Nova was originally supposed to be delivered on July 6, but I checked on this site early on Sunday July 2, and it now said that it was going to be delivered this day, it said it was out for delivery but a few hours later it said that they attempted to deliver it but couldn't because of security and signature reasons. I gave instructions on Ontrac's site which is a part of Lasership for them to please call me when they are ready to deliver my order because the intercoms are broken at my apartment building and only USPS has a key and they always leave my items securely inside on the first floor,and I have had items stolen left outside by Fedex,UPS etc. Lasership customer service agent called me back about an hour before they claimed to deliver my package and he said he sees my instructions and he assured me that I would get my package today. Shortly After 11 am on Sunday July 1, I got A phone call from Lasership telling me the delivery guy was outside my building I asked what side of my building A Or C she said C and said he left it there so I went Down just 1 or 2 minutes later but there is *NO* package inside or outside the front or back doors! I called and left my number with Lasership for them to call me back but they never did and I sent them an email too but I haven't gotten anything back. On July 3, I saw on Fashion Nova's site that my second package was going to be delivered by Lasership by July 10, so I canceled it, their site said Sorry we'll try to do better, then a few minutes later they sent me an email saying that they couldn't cancel it because it's already been processed! I'm sure this order won't be delivered either,it will be a miracle if it does. I deserve and want my $29.04 back! Lasership absolutely should be shut down out of business, I signed a petition yesterday that over 8000 signed to Protect Your Packages! Permanently Shut Down Lasership! And there are 1000's of customers on many other review sites besides here saying the same complaints about them. I never even heard of Lasership before and I and other customers didn't choose to use them,the store I and they bought it from unfortunately did. Ontrac sent me an email still falsely claiming it was delivered! After all of this I got the blouse delivered today July 8, 5 days after they kept insisting they delivered it on July 3!


Product damage

The sequins are falling off the dress, I would like to have a refund. I am very disappointed, now I have to buy another dress


I never received my package. My package was delivered to wrong house

I sent Fashion Nova a copy of the picture that the carrier took and a picture of my house for proof of wrong location delivery. This has yet to be corrected and Im very unhappy with my experience.


Damaged product

Updated by user Jun 21, 2023
Still pending. As I wait to hear from fashionnova

Original review Jun 21, 2023
I ordered 3 dresses. 2 out of the 3 were damaged. 1 dress the zipper is busted and the other dress has *** in the lace underneath. Not to mention all the dresses have a weird odor which is not pleasant. The 3rd does not fit properly. I purchased the dresses for an upcoming event and now I have absolutely nothing to wear. Still waiting for fashionnova to get back to me so this issue can be rectified. Time is of the essence for this matter. I no longer live in the United States. And I have been shopping with fashionnova for many years. I hope they make things right before my event. I recently went through something very traumatic and purchased the dresses to make me feel amazing for this upcoming event. And now I'm left with nothing. Still have hope that fashionnova will come through and fix the problem. Until then I'm not happy.


This purchase was HORRIBLE, I haven’t had this experience with Fashion Nova. But this might deter me from purchasing anything else this was for a special occasion,

Horrible purchase! My jump suit was ripped on the side and the inward part of the thigh. Its falling apart!


Two items from my order arrived damaged

I received my package order #11560**** on June 16th with 2 items damaged, (1) 2pcs green pantsuit XL and the short black dress XL


Clothes not fitting

Original review Jun 15, 2023
I purchase a few items and everything that I bought didn't fit right and one of the items was the wrong size I did a refund they charge me with two refunds, and now they're trying to separate my refund instead of giving me a full one they're trying to give me half of the refund and give me store credit which I do not want I want my full refund


I never received my order please fix it

I did not receive my order,it say delivery but I never received it.I only received five hats that was it I need my order please Im going out of time for vacation please help fix it I need those orders.


Items delivered to the WRONG Address

On 4/15 I placed an order that was expected to be delivered 4/20 . On 4/20 order showed it was on the truck. Two days later Saturday 4/22 I received a notification advising my order was delivered. I go to my door only to see nothing left I contacted Fashion Nova Customer Service via email to find out where my order/items where delivered and they send me a picture of the ground with items showing theyre delivered. I live in apartment complex so the picture was worthless to me . I was then advised to check with my neighbors and see if they collected the items . As if Id know where to start being that this is an entire apartment complex I live in . They did inform me there was nothing they could do but recommended I file a police report for the stolen items .which is absolutely absurd seeing as the items were stolen only on the stance of them being delivered to the wrong address. Its very frustrating to do your part ordering items . Providing correct shipping information. And purchasing items you never received and to be informed theres nothing you can do . But advise to contact the carrier the carrier that you hired to deliver consumer products its ridiculous. Now Im having to contact my financial institution place a stop payment in order to be refunded which takes up to 90 days FASHION NOVA count your days . This is completely unacceptable & unprofessional.


Damaged item

Updated by user Apr 19, 2023

Original review Apr 19, 2023
Your online contact us page does not work!! To say Im livid would be an understatement. Item (order #11277****) was sent damagedplease see all photos of timestamps from delivery today to the time the package was opened and received damaged today (only 10 mins apart) I paid 1-day shipping to overnight these pants to replace the same pants (order #11230****) that didnt fit in a size 9 (normal size 7) I ordered 3 sizes up in the size 13 I ordered to have tailored to my body and they were packaged damaged. I am furious: 1. Fashion nova does store credit only 2. I HAVE TO PAY TO RETURN DAMAGED PANTS 3. I already paid for the return for order #11230**** 4. The contact us submission page DOES NOT WORK (please see photos and FIX IT) 5. I ordered these pants and paid 1-day shipping for the replacements for an event this THURSDAY! 6. Yall are truly not for your customers, whatsoever. 7. I demand a full refund of the damaged pants and my 1-day shipping fee.


Placed an order and shipping was changed contacted FN to cancel not even an hour later

So I placed an order over $100 to get the 1 day shipping and i verified that it was selected before placing order after i paid i go to confirmation to see when order would be here and it say 3-7 shipping days I then go yo call to cancel the order and tell them what has happened only for the customer service phone to be turned off so I email and the email says they can not cancel an order and that my order was already packed which is a lie because i have a January 30th delivery and FN always takes more than a week to even get your stuff so if my order was packed then u can send it to me by Saturdays since your system changed my shipping and you can not so call cancel and i called to stop it to avoid it even being shipped and then i have to pay for a return label only to get store credit but FN in fact can cancel orders for whatever reason i have screenshot of the shipping policy and return policy so how is it my order can not be canceled when i literally called PHONES ARE OFF and email and i get a response saying my order packed honey if that was the case why my order has not been created when i go to look it up and get a return label I do not want the order and i will not take store credit because this issue was asked to be canceled 30 minutes within placing the order and i have already reordered the items and the 1 day shipping came up again but this time it did not change FN has been messing up my orders and sending items that do not even fit the description of the pictures that are provided on the website yet i can not even make adjustments to my order like ALL other websites because instead they do not want you to make adjustments because they want more money from you having to buy a return label and then only giving back store credit with items being new so should I wear the item since I will not be getting my refund back to my original payment method and i requested a return and I was told that it can not be canceled yet if FN believed I would not pay and or item was out of stock they could cancel an order so make it make sense being you can not cancel and order per customer request but can cancel an order at anytime per your judgment and own request my order can be cancel as if it was out of stock or whatever the case may be i order has not even been picked from the shelves yet no one is willing to cancel my order yet I can wait and they go through the Hassel and still pack and ship this order so I can pay a flat rate to FN to even return and order that was said to cancel not even an hour after ordering when FN can in fact cancel my order like it say on the picture I can receive my original from refund if FN cancels yet I was being told FN can not cancels so if I place an order and all my items are out of stock when FN goes to fulfill my order what will happen FN will go and cancel my order or will they send me an empty box with a note saying we could not cancel and you can get a gift card refund and pay us to return your item because of our mistake this is not the last FN will hear from me I will go until I get an answer whether to ALL social media or Google reviews CORPORATE I need answers

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