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Family Dollar has a 2.2-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 4100 customers. In the Supermarkets and Malls category, it secures the 5th position out of 289 companies.


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228 Nagle Street NY, Ny. Location early closes

The location on 228 Nagle Ave Ny, ny 10034 closes 15 min before actual closing time. Example closing time is 10 pm they have the doors locked & someone standing there @ 9:45 pm not granting entry.


Not receiving merchandise that's been paid for.

Store 10783 north highway one cocoa florida 32927. I purchase a 3 stack roll a duct tape, one roll, a duct tape. A package of soap a can a bug spray. A grill brush to clean the grill three candy bars. I got everything but my three candy bars. Went back to the store to see if my merchandise was still there and they told me it wasn't. The manager of the store was very rude to me and told me that they were not responsible. It's not the first time this has happened in that store with This manager she's a woman. It was a man who served me. With grey hair and a beard. I had my receipt to show that I purchased the candy bars. They would not Reimbursed me for what I purchased. PLEASE HELP. MY NUMBER IS 508521****.$ is money. She told me it was my fault when it's the store Responsibility to make sure customers get their merchandise. Do not like her attitude towards customers. Customer is usually right.


Need to talk to corporate

Updated by user Jul 26, 2023
I need my money and someone has been stealing at that Family Dollar Store. I need someone to contact me at the number I listed as soon as possible please I need to pay my bills from my chime card

Original review Jul 26, 2023
On the 24 of July my daughter went into family to load money onto my card @ 6:18pm of the amount of 300$ .when I we left I noticed my money was not on my card Im now waiting still n its been two days n still have not received my $300. This happened on 2928 Shereden Blvd Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania./15204. Also I have reported this to my bank and the police. I need someone to contact me or I will have to go on television with this matter. Please reach me at 724-575-****. Lisa (Carrington)Taylor


Customer complaint

Original review Jul 24, 2023
This complaint is on the family dollar store in Canton Georgia store number is #04697. I have been going to the store for almost 4 years 2 to 3 times a week or more. I know all the managers and employees including Julianne. This past Saturday night at about 9:15 PM I went to the store to buy cigarettes. The new general manager told me that she dont sell cigarettes after 9 oclock anymore. If Im not mistaken, the store is open till 10 oclock correct so why am Ive been denied to buy cigarettes if the store is open still? This is not the first time this is happened. This is happened five different times at the same location. These managers come in there with attitudes towards the customers and do and say what they want in front of the customers and to the customers and refused service. This is very unacceptable , and very unprofessional. If this continues, I will take this to the media and go to the business bureau of instigations. Please take care of this problem. Thank you for your time.


Manager, bullying me and treating customers terribly

I was waiting in line at my local dollar tree, on Highland Road in Waterford, when an employee started talking very rudely to another employee, in front of all the customers. I told him that there was a nicer way to communicate the same message. He told me he didnt need to hear my mouth. Then he stood at the end of the register, not working, trying to be intimidating. He told me I wasnt allowed to converse with other customers. We were all talking about how rude he was, amongst ourselves, because he had been rude to several other customers and a junior employee. I told him we had free speech in America. At this point, the cashier was almost finished ringing up my items, but the manager told me if I didnt do what he said that I had to leave the store. I wasnt talking to him, and I never raised my voice or acted inappropriately. He had no reason to be standing there other than to continue bullying me, and trying to escalate the situation. There were 10 customers in line behind me, and they kindly asked if he could open another register because they had all been waiting a long time. He dismissed them and told them they would have to wait in a very aggressive way. He continue to just stand there, watching me, and the other customers, still not working. I am 42 years old and I have never been treated so rudely buy any employee any establishment. This is the first time Ive ever made a complaint like this. I go into that Family Dollar several times a week, but I will never go back as long as he works there. I told him that I was going to call corporate about his rude behavior. He told me I dont give a *** Tell them I told you to call. I have never had a problem with any of your employees. The cashier working with the manager is always helpful and very kind. He looked very embarrassed while, this manager, was continuing to disrespect him and the customers. I cannot remember the employees name, but he was morbidly obese with red hair. I am quite certain. This is not the first complain youve had about him.


Unsafe conditions, rude employees

This store is a fire hazard! Clogged isles, overloaded shelves and end caps. In a wheelchair, just had a male employee tell me hed never help me again because I complained. Asked manager, John, his name. John told me he did not know. Your prices are great, your selection even better; but your employees suck. I spend anywhere from $400 to$1000 a month here. Customer service is not why. I just commented to a lady coming out the store needed be shut down, she agreed. The best thing you can do is get Loretta back. The store was never like this until John became manager. I am calling the state fire Marshall, the guy who told me hed never help me said the fire Marshall did not matter!


I was overcharged

I stepped into your family dollar store on lake avenue in Elyria Ohio store number 05155 I purchase two pair of shoes a energy drink and a Gatorade and a pack of cigarettes I got a cash back of $25 and I was charged $72 they charged me for two packs of toilet paper that was not mine the lady in front of me they gave her the toilet tissue she left the store and they charge me for it I do not wish to pay for someone else I would like my money return to me but I don't see how even with the toilet tissue everything came up to $72 the toilet tissue was $3 a piece the pool shoes were $8 the energy drink was $2.40 the Gatorade was $2.15 the athletic shoes were 14$.50 I got somebody to watch which was $2 and a pack of Maverick which was $8.79 I was charged $44.25 for that plus $2.80 tax I got $25 out on cash back and they charge me $72 I don't see that in being the price of what I asked for or what I should have paid for I did not order or buy two rolls of toilet two 12 packs of toilet tissue I would like my money return my comment for future customers is to check your receipt


Over charging

I bought lightbulbs and the price I was charged was $1.50 more than listed price so I went in today to get a refund, While there I bought cat food and two candy bars. Cashier told me to pay for my items first I wanted return first so I could pay for my purchases with the refund. He told me to pay first. I did and then was told refund would be on store gift card. While this was happening I noticed I was overcharged.40 cents each on the candy bars and also &1.00 extra for cat food. Did not get refund as I didnt want store card


This is a very hostile environment not a safe place to shop !

I visited the Family Dollar store # 14345 at 505 W Clinton Avenue Fresno Ca, 93705 I purchased some Gain laundry detergent and a few other items. I had a coupon for $2.00 dollars off from smart coupon app . When I went to pay for my stuff the cashier didnt give me the discount for the item I showed her the coupon try to explain it to her but she got very upset and said I was disrespecting her because she already gave me my discount however it didnt show up on my receipt ! So I went back inside to the other girl who was working there on the register too . I explain to her that I just wanted $2.00 off the for the laundry soap that was advertised on the coupon . She rolled her eyes giving me a nasty attitude with dirty look and said I dont have to help you. I dont have to give you a discount , Not going to return the soap not giving your money back ! You can go somewhere else and called me a *** These two so-called employees are very rude unprofessional, ghetto! There was no need for them girls to get offended. All I asked for is for my discount for them to honor the discount that is advertised on your store coupon. I was with my 72 year old Mother who has a medical condition ! It was very Hot outside we just wanted to do our shopping get a few things and go back home. We do not need all that drama. That is a very hostile place to shop very hostile environment. Your employees are unprofessional trying fight , argue with a regular customer. There behavior was disgusting. It was horrible. Its awful to treat customers like crap they act like theyre standing at a corner in the hood. They have no respect no customer service skills. I see why the store has broken windows, doors , people always steal from there. Please keep in mind and mention this to the two girls that were working there! Without your customers family dollar wouldnt be in business ,without customers them to girls wouldnt have a paycheck.!! They were too lazy to do there job correctly didnt want to give the discount even after I showed them the coupon on the app thats on my phone, these two girls are just lazy, rude, unprofessional, and make the store a hostile environment. I will gladly take my business elsewhere! never return to the store. I Rather dive to a Target store where I dont have to deal with ghetto low class, unprofessional employees who want to argue, make. drama over two dollars .


Your employee abused me

Updated by user Jul 14, 2023
Heard nothing.

Updated by user Jul 14, 2023
Ignored. Salt in the wound.

Original review Jul 14, 2023
Dear Family Dollar Online Survey Team, I am writing to express my extreme disappointment and concern regarding a recent incident that occurred at one of your Family Dollar stores in Utah. The treatment I received during my visit not only violated my rights as a customer but also involved unacceptable behavior that amounts to sexual harassment. I am compelled to inform you of my intention to pursue legal action unless this situation is appropriately addressed and rectified. On the July 2, 2023, I visited the Family Dollar store located in Washington City Utah. My purpose was to purchase a few drinks and add $200 cash to my Cash App card. I approached the counter and politely explained my intention to the cashier. I informed her that I had two single $100 bills that I wanted to use for this transaction, emphasizing that I didn't require any change. To my surprise, Cathy the manager became visibly agitated and made a scene, loudly objecting to the cashier accepting my payment in the form of two $100 bills. I was taken aback by her reaction and asked her if there was a problem. I inquired about the legality of using two $100 bills, as I was not aware of any restrictions. I even suggested that she could verify the authenticity of the bills if she had any concerns. It was at this point that Cathy, with a condescending tone, called me a *** from the side of the counter. She did this Infront of other customers and two other staff. I was utterly shocked and deeply offended by her derogatory comment. I couldn't believe that an employee representing Family Dollar would resort to such unprofessional and disrespectful behavior towards a customer. I requested Cathy to repeat what she had said, hoping that I had misunderstood, but to my dismay, she repeated the offensive term without hesitation. I was left speechless, feeling humiliated and disrespected in front of other customers. Following this hurtful incident, I mustered the courage to express my disappointment and explain to Cathy how offensive her comments were. I asked her why she felt it was appropriate to use such derogatory language towards me. In response, Cathy offered a half-hearted and insincere apology, which only served to further aggravate the situation. Instead of taking responsibility for her actions, she retaliated by informing me that I was banned from the store and not permitted to return. As a loyal customer who frequented your store every day, I was deeply shocked and saddened by the unjust ban imposed on me. It is disheartening to think that I am being punished for Cathy's unprofessional conduct and hurtful remarks. This ban not only inconveniences me but also raises questions about the fairness and integrity of Family Dollar as a business. I believe that every customer deserves to be treated with respect, dignity, and fairness, regardless of the circumstances. Cathy's behavior violated these fundamental principles and constituted sexual harassment, creating a hostile and unwelcoming environment. Such actions should not be tolerated by any organization, particularly one that prides itself on serving the community. Given the severity of this incident, I feel compelled to address this matter legally. I intend to pursue legal actions for the sexual harassment I endured. However, I genuinely hope that it doesn't come to that. Instead, I urge you to take immediate action to rectify this situation and prevent further harm to your customers and reputation. I kindly request the following actions be taken: 1. A formal, written apology from Cathy or an appropriate representative of Family Dollar, specifically addressing the offensive comments made during the incident and acknowledging the impact it had on me. 2. Reversal of the ban imposed on me, allowing me to continue shopping at Family Dollar without any restrictions or prejudice. 3. Clear communication and implementation of policies and procedures that ensure all employees treat customers with respect, professionalism, and dignity, without engaging in any form of harassment or discrimination. 4. Conduct thorough training for all employees, emphasizing proper customer service, conflict resolution, and adherence to company policies and values. 5. Regular monitoring and evaluation of employee behavior to ensure compliance with customer service standards and to address any potential issues promptly. I trust that you will take this matter seriously and take the necessary steps to address the situation. Failure to do so will leave me with no choice but to pursue legal action to protect my rights as a customer and hold Family Dollar accountable for the mistreatment I experienced. I hope for a swift resolution and a sincere effort on your part to rectify this matter. I also request that you provide me with a written response outlining the actions you have taken to address the incident and prevent similar occurrences in the future. Thank you for your attention to this serious matter. I await your prompt response. I only am compelled to post this letter as a review considering that you, at the corporate level, are seemingly complicit regarding my concern by not reaching out to me. I attempted to fax you (rejected), I filled out an online form on your website (no response), I completed your survey offer listed on my receipt (no response), I dropped off a hard copy of my concern; addressed to your corporate secretary, at a Family Dollar 15 miles away in LaVerkin, Utah (left with store manager who told me that they as managers don't know how to get something like a letter to corporate, regardless, I left it for them to forward to you) Sincerely, Justin Bailey Phone: (435) 268-**** Email: justin.bailey@***.com Cc: Google REVIEWS


Lousy customer service

Bad milk twice in 2 days will not refund despite stated return policy automated phone system takes you to online survey when you press the refund option. Store clerk says no returns on milk I purchased it 15 minutes earlier


They're not reaching out after I requested via survey

, I recently had an unfortunate experience at a Family Dollar store, and I would like to share my feedback with you. I visited the store with the intention of purchasing a few drinks and adding $200 cash to my Cash App card. I only had two $100 bills, and I didn't require any change back. However, I encountered some difficulties during this transaction that left me quite displeased. When I approached the counter and explained that I wanted to add $200 to my Cash App card using two $100 bills, the staff made a big fuss about it. I inquired about the legality of this, as I was not aware of any issues, especially since I wasn't asking for change. I suggested that they could verify the authenticity of the bills if they had any concerns. It was at this point that Cathy, who was the acting manager called me a *** from the side of the counter. She did this Infront of other customers and two other staff. I was genuinely shocked and taken aback by her choice of words. I couldn't believe what I had just heard, so I asked her to repeat herself. Unfortunately, she didn't hesitate to use the derogatory term once again. I was deeply offended and rendered speechless. I expressed my displeasure to Cathy, explaining how offensive her comments were and why. I also asked her if she had any intentions of apologizing for her behavior. She reluctantly offered an insincere apology and retaliated by informing me that I was banned from the store and not permitted to return. It was disheartening to realize that I, a loyal customer who frequented the store every day, was being banned simply because of Cathy's unprofessional conduct and hurtful remarks. I understand that every customer-service interaction may not go smoothly, and misunderstandings can occur. However, it is imperative that your employees maintain a level of professionalism and respect when dealing with customers. Cathy's behavior was completely uncalled for and unacceptable. It not only tarnished my experience at your store but also left me feeling disrespected and unwelcome. I kindly request that you address this matter seriously and take appropriate action against Cathy's unprofessional conduct. Additionally, I would appreciate it if you reconsidered the ban imposed on me, as it seems unfair and unjust given the circumstances I intend to sue for sexual harassment and discrimination, if nothing is done about this.


Mistreated and abussive store empliyee

I was outside in the parking lot in the shade drying my car off and a homeless guy appeareny was going into the store and stealing things and he kept waking up to my car asking for change and smokes and such . I do not know this homeless guy at all amd I gave him change one time and he just kept coming over bugging me and the store employee come out told him never come in again and told me if I come in with him or talk to him I would be banned as well and would not listen to me when I tryed to tell her I had no clue what she was talking about or who he was free she went in I told the guy to get away from me mf my car. As I live in the neighborhood and have been shopping there daily for the past four years they knew me there then I went inside to find the lady to try to discuss it with her and tell her I dont appreciate the rude disrespect and random accusations when I never even set foot in that store that day nor was this guy in my car or your merchandise further more the stuff he was appearently. Stealing was all sittin in the ground at her feet where she was standing and she did not collect it to take it in . Back in Thrace here tho I went inside and asked for her and the black younger gal was hella rude and told me Im not allowed i the store in front of all those customers rude and loud even tho the white lady told her I was not involved or in the store and innocent she the black gal puffed up and informed me she could not over rode why she said me she wa not even the manager of the store. And banned me from the store and even called the police and embarr me in front of all those strangers and I literally had no idea about it and dont know the homeless guy I was just being cordial and nice to him. He is not a friend of mine I had nothing to do with and did not know him and as matter fact when she come out looking for him I pointed the guy out that fit her descriptio I am very well known respected and an established active member of my community and this store is the worst one Ive ever seen to begin with they always constant stop selling cigarettes an hour before closing time because they lazy dont want to do count after business day concludes upsetting hundreds of customers store is always closed hour or two early than it supposed to cause they always have personal life stuff deemed more valuable to them one of the girls there has her jealous boyfriend there standing over her literally and watching her every move while at work etc store is always dirty a major after hazzard. The dumpster fence out back is never closed amd locked and the locals dump is scattered all across backlot badly very nasty and flies the trash in your dumpsters all day every day and its a health and eye sore hazard majorly the trash is out of control no lone cleans it thegorls boyfriend sweeps the fro t lot for her and just sweeps all trash directly into ur rain drains and this embarrassment of a store for you as a company banned me randomly for no reason even when ur other employee stood upamdtold her Im not involved and was not the guy. Infringe t of all those strangers and as fellow community amd neighbors I was publicly humiliated Anzac used and banned from your store wrongfully and very disrespected Thats a violation of my civil liberties and my rights as well as a form of abuse and slander. Ive never asked for someones job Ive never reported a business or its employee in my life but this is serious enuff and this stores employees have been this way since the last four years I been going there I will not set foot into another one of your stores again I am considering filing a civil lawsuit in this matter and making a report with bbb and the local health department as well hopefully we can remedy this situation to both yours amdine satisfaction without going to those extremes but I have been in contact with a couple attorneys and considering retaining one. I most definitely will move forward with that if we do not reach a solution or agreement . I am very active and positive in my community and that was horrible to be accused and talked to like that in front of all the customers in the store that know me even tho the white lady employee tryed to explain to her Im not the person at all she said I dont care would love to chit chat further about this


Employee always rude & closes store 15 min early. Blocks doors to barely get in w/ carts & other stuff. Stood beside me while shopping & followed me around. While I was trying to get last product stoo

Stood in front of me arguing as to why I wasnt finished shopping yet. 15 min before store closed. Not theb1 st time. Invaded my personal staff. Saybwould stay there until I was done. I asked him to please walk away so I could feel comfortable & finishing scanning product to check out. Explained to him he was basically stalking me. I again asked him to remove himself from my space. So he could go up front to check me out. Mind you he wanted me to hurry but wanted to argue why Inl felt he was invading my privacy (using my cell phone to scan product . After he was following around the store. I asked him to l stop or I would call the police if need be. Then continud to argue why I would do that. It would be pointless & dumb he stated. He then proceeded to walk towards my basket to pull towards front of isle. Stated I could check out or leave w/o any product. This is outrageous to say the least. This is it theb1st time Ive dealt w/ him. Wont give name or employee # when asked to give to corporate so I could call. Stated didnt have corporates number either. I feel violated & very mistreated for a customer who shops often @ this store in Irving, Tx. Im outside writing this complaint after store has close @ 10 pm. Still hasnt left as he kept repeating they leave 15 minutes before store closes. He should be fired for this inappropriate behavior! I can only image if he for a hold of someone who didnt want to be discriminated, violated of personal space or treated like a child &!basically threatening to walk you to the other cashier or out the front door. Im a female & this is basically harassment. I will be calling the non emergency police line to report him for the inappropriate behaviors! Again, not the 1st time Ive dealt w/ him. Very disturbing & store has just been remolded for a Albertsons is opening in the same shopping strip. I would like a phone call from corporate to discuss this. I can be reached @ 817-779-****. Thank you. Note the cashier on the receipt is not the person in question. He made her check me out after following me to front. Because Intold him I was going to file a complaint w/ the corporate office


Service at store and managers ability to solve my concern.

Price on shelf of product not price at register and no one had ability to address. Many times in store not matching price charged at register. Two dollars and 60 cents listed as cost for tea. $ 3.23 COST CHARGED on receipt. $2.50 for gum. $4.00 charged on receipt. Manager and cashier reported they had no ability to honor price listed for product. Other shoppers had same issue with $5.00 package of toilet paper, $8.00 at register. Gatorade, on shelf, register did not have product in system, so it could not be sold


Im a employee and need help to get back on the schedule

I'm trying to get ahold of customer service about how I can get back on the schedule since my manager refuses to put me on. If someone can call me at 484-554-**** that would be great, I also have a complaint about my Manger as it is. Thank you and have a nice day.

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