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Falken Tire has a 2.1-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 90 customers. In the Auto Parts and Accessories category, it secures the 59th position out of 513 companies.


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Falken Tire Reviews


Warranty on tires

My tires only have 23500 miles on them. I have records show where I have them rotated and balanced at the time that is do


My tires started wearing out less than 20,000 miles now they’re becoming very noisy

I purchased my truck last year with 20,000 miles on it right now have 45,000 miles on it. The tires were put on before I bought it now the tires have worn down unevenly to where theyre making noise .took it to tire shops had it inspected had front alignment, did not help the matter. They said I needed new tires. They are defective. The dealership advised me to contact tire company that issued the tires.


Brand new Falken tire on my 2023 Toyota Sienna p235/65 R17.103t m&s exploded

I was driving down I 75 in Florida when my tires right rear exploded. The van was towed to Deluca Toyota in Ocala on 02/10/23 with 155 miles on it. I called falken tire customer service after I found out that my tire might have a recall on it. I was very lucky it was the passenger side rear tire that exploded because it could have been a major accident if it was one of the front tires. I was told that Falken would pay for half the tire expense, however the other tires on the van scared my wife and myself so I had them put on Firestone tires.


Resolved: Bad tire wear

Updated by user Nov 08, 2022

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with product replacement.

Original review Nov 08, 2022
Only have 26,000 miles on my car which was purchased brand new and the tires need to be replaced. Its not like Im hard on tires, Im 72 years old. Never got less than 40,000 on a set of tires.


Tires are bald on insides and outsides

Took in to Subaru to get it looked at and they confirmed vehicle needs 4 tires and an alignment but I shouldnt have to worry about any of this already car is only 10 months old with 16k miles on it I dont feel I should have to replace these tires already



Purchased tyre and it got air bubble in 1 year only and now dealer is saying it will take 1 month to check and give other tyre. This is very pathetic to give another tyre in 1 month. Even customer care and given ph. no are not being picked by anyone, so it's total worst.



I bought a new Mazda in December 2018 which had Falcon tires. Today, after only 4,500 miles, I had to buy 4 new tires because the 2 back Falcon tires were bald and the front ones were close to it!


Defective tires

Own a 2019 subaru ascent 14,000 miles Replaced 1 tire for flat 1 year ago chalked up to road hazard 2 weeks ago front tire blows Upon professional inspection both front tires are completely bald on inside This is not a fulk or coincidence The model 245150R20 is surely a defective model and has the potential for life threatening incidents Subaru is worthless says tires aren't covered under warranty but send me a $248 Apology for my hardship Isn't this an admission of guilt?? Anyone else out there??? Anyone else


Dissatisfied with tires popping and grinding on turning

Have had these new tires for 6 months. Wasnt happy with the noise every time I turn the wheel. Its sounds like a grinding and popping noise. Had them checked twice for air pressure and had them rotated. Still no difference. I will probably trade them in and get different tires and eat the cash difference.


These *** tires came on my 2020 Subaru Forester. When changing lanes or making a circular exit from expressway they feel like they are going to lose their grip at any moment.

Feel like you are driving on bald balloons. No grip. Tend to wander. Feel like they are going to let go on expressway ramps.


Came on new car

WORST RIDING TIRE OF ANY VEHICLE I HAVE EVER OWNED (24 new vehicles since first one 1964).... Rides like and damned *** spreader from the old farm....


Tire issue

Hi I purchase a set of falkan tires 365/35/22 over five years from 2nd time around tire shop in Oshwa Canada a year or so ago I lost one of the tire in a blow out which I replaced. Today I observed as I was cleaning som unusual cracks on the wall of the tires.i tried to contact the authorize dealer but got no reply. I have been using falkan tires for over 12 years and this is the second issue I'm experiencing of the same nature. Appreciate your help with this. Thanks


Bad tires

Bought new and they ride horrible like I have bubbles in the tire had balanced 2 times and still is horrible


Worst tire and warranty

I purchased 4 tires for my truck. Wild Peak 305 ** **. At about 15000 miles the tread block started to separate from the tire. This was just one tire. So I just kept an eye on it. At 18000 it happened to two more tires and the 4th at 20k. I took them to my tire shop and was told they would send them back to Falken. Almost 4 months later I received word they will give me 300 dollars. 40k warranty tires with 20k miles that literally started to fall apart. Mind you the junk tires were $1300.00



I was going to purchase online and the lady said I couldn't purchase tires.

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