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Facebook has a 1.8-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 98900 customers. In the Dating and Social Networking category, it secures the 1th position out of 311 companies.


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I hope you guys get sued for everything and then held accountable for all these actions that yous r doing silencing us the people

Wat service you cant even call to talk to fb dont suspend my acc close it its not worth the *** yous r doing


My account has been hacked

As you can see the my profile picture is the one with beanie hat jacket and snow in the woods and back round picture is the our Galaxy the Milky way I can't log in because the hacker took my email address and password and took WhatsApp account too. So email address is that Facebook is silvio.benfica@***.com and password was D3clanryan32 but he had control on that. If you's can fixed that account which was 1st ever account I would really appreciate if you's can. If you's can not can you please erease that account please. Thank you so much Kind Regards: Sílvio Dias Garçia



Fb has become the LULU LEMON OF SOCIAL MEDIA! I'm FURIOUS WITH YOU PEOPLE! YOU MAKE BILLIONS PER YEAR OFF US. BUT DON'T GIVE 1 SINGLE EFF ABOUT UR USERS BC THERE'S NO NUMBER TO CALL TO SPEAK WITH A ACTUAL HUMAN. YOU MUST HAVE A DEAL WITH THESE SCAMMERS. Why else would you allow this to continue. MY DAUGHTERS ACCOUNT WAS HACKED. OVER 100 PLL REPORTED THE ACCOUNT. ONE. HUNDRED. PEOPLE!!! HER INCLUDED, AND YOU SAID IT WASN'T HACKED! SHE LOST EVERYTHING. ALL HER BABY'S PICTURES, FAMILY we've lost. THIS IS A BIG DEAL, yet you don't seem to care.. Reading the reviews, they are all the same. Accounts getting hacked, you people not caring. All you care about, all that's important TO YOU is money!! How is it that in 2023 YOU STILL HAVE NO SOLUTIONS FOR HACKED ACCOUNTS?? YOU ALL ARE THE WORST SOCIAL MEDIA SITE OUT HERE. Others actually HELP YOU GAIN YOUR ACCOUNT BACK. NOT FACEBOOK. NOPE. YOU. DON'T. GIVE A DAMN! ID RATE U ZERO STARS OF I COULD. What kind of company runs business this way? Your like the LULU LEMON of social media! This is so messes up and you know it. But you don't want to pay anyone to help your customers bec you're too greedy. You can't even lie and say that's not why. It's obvious. And you're so called "HELP CENTER" is a GIANT WAIST OF TIME! It doesn't let you report hacked accounts the way it should. This should be so simple for you. Your not trying to "protect" your customers. You DON'T CARE about them. Those are just words tied up in a pretty bow to make us BELIEVE you give a crap! You can read all these comments right? You have to be able to see the HACKED account center RIGHT? I mean, YOU'RE FACEBOOK. Mark Zuckerberg and yet you can't retrieve hacked accounts? Not when the same account has been reported over & over on a daily basis? Proof was sent to IDK, A COMPUTER programmed to call the person hacked a LIAR. Let me ask you Mark. WHY DO YOU EVEN HAVE THE REPORT BUTTON? Bet you if I posted ANYTHING to do with Donald trump, I'd get a FASTER response. It would be immediate! If I post a religious video or my mom jokingly says to my son she gunnar box him, WE would be RED FLAGGED and BANNED from fb for up to 30 days! It's absolutely ridiculous. But we see you marky. We see where you're priorities are. Uhhhhh. I feel a little better venting but to who? Whose reading this outside of other users trying in vain to gain their accounts back! Hoping against hope that SOME1 SOMEWHERE will be to give them some real advice or actually HELP THEM. I feel sorry for you. I really do. Because you used to care what people thought about fb. But money took over. It really is the root of all evil...smh. I'm done. You're not going to help her, me or any of the other thousands of people who this has happened to. The hackers know you don't care. That's why they keep DOING IT. They rely on your negligence so they can just steal a person's entire identity and get away with it Scott free. And they are right. You're allowing it to continue. I'm sorry for being so short fused but it's been over a month of fighting and trying so hard to get her account back. So we can download the pictures of the baby. So she can be her again. But you just keep letting the hackers get away with it. This is truly the worst customer service I've ever seen.-


I cannot get into my account I have been hacked

Someone pretend to be someone from my friends use their account and tricked me into me giving my information to my account for playing a game and win money and now they took my account and changed it to their email and using me to get other peoples accounts. I cannot get into my Facebook, I opened another Facebook page and told my friends about what happened. It has my childrens pictures and my deceased brothers videos that I cant retrieve. Please help me. Now they are trying to get into my instagram account.


Stole my page

Person stole my page and using it to scam people acting as me because I gave up information thinking they were tryna help me financially with my music buisness kingiroc Tyson with blue Black Lives Matter shirt on


Allowed online gambling Group scamming people out of money

Why are these online gaming sites that are approved on Facebook allowed to not pay us when we win. They are holding my winnings and telling me I have to load money into another game in order for them to pay me my funds. Thats not fair why havent this group been taking down from Facebook Real Jackpot slots casino!


Account Locked

I was locked into my account due to unusual activity. I have sent my ID for security verification. I have received an email with a link and temporary password but it doesn't work. It just routes me back to the page that states my account was locked I have spoken to chat support Jonny and Cheska the we're not helpful and left the chat without resolving the issue. I just need the correct temporary password. I have already sent my Professional ID, Tax Identification card and Government Health ID. As what you can see I provided my Nickname on my account instead of my Fullname. I am a Virtual Assistant and was offered a New job as a Personal Assistant by Mr. Joseph Fischett (see messenger for reference). I was told to upload his property which is up for rental around 6:00PM PHT. After that, my account got automatically locked the moment I was about to post it. I badly need your help since my facebook account is the portal for my business and personal transactions.


I got scammed

Ive been in contact with someone over night for 5 bluesfest concert tickets for bluesfest and when I payed them I accidentally payed too much but either way they scammed me and just deleted their account.


Market place

I have been removed from market place which I feel it is very unfair. I dont know if you can help but I would appreciate it if you could. Thank you.



I was trying to find out about my marketplace account. They said that they permanently suspended me and I dont understand why I didnt put anything on marketplace. Other than stuff that I was selling and had a garage sale. I need your help to get my marketplace back.


Account got hacked

My account is hacked I very badly need back into it please help my current email is richards0910jj@***.com and phone number 814812**** I opened a new account bc the person is trying to *** everyone through my account on messenger my account was started in 2008 please please do not delete messenger little boys dad passed all of pics of dad and them are in our chat


They owe me money

I made a a payment on Saturday for a purchase that Facebook cancelled and I didn't refund my money and I want my refund and why when it was cancelled it wasn't returned to my account and if not I will be I will be hiring a lawyer for the return of my money and possibly lawsuit because if you cancelled a transaction I should receive my refund


This is not a review I am trying to get help from Facebook and you all are not helping me

Someone made false reports against my account and I am being harassed by my ex who made the report to try to get my account suspended my ex also created a fake account to access me on messenger to try to force a relationship with me my privacy settings do not allow anyone who does not have my phone number to message your contact me she created a male account with fake information that shown in the reported post which is why I confronted them in messenger Facebook allowed her to make false reports of harassment and bullying when I complained about it they acted as if they reviewed the complaint and that it was sound to be valid that's not true they did not review those that complaint for those to reports that she made falsely to try to have my account suspended or removed this needs to be corrected the post needs to be read by Facebook and it wasn't she was faking to be a man to meet me saying that we have a connection and that they want to get to know me trying to manipulate me to force me to stay in a relationship with her under a fake Facebook account as a man and I'm a lesbian either way trying to set me up and you all are letting her you let her lie you accepted her lie without proof and restricted my account you only saw what you wanted to see you didn't read the whole post my reaction that was shared in Facebook only because it couldn't be shared and messenger to our friends and family I shared it to Facebook because she was trying to hide the fact that she made a fake account I had exposed her on Facebook I even took a screenshot of the settings for my account as proof that no one can contact me if they do not have my phone number and when she saw that she panicked because she was lying and she had been caught so rather than accept responsibility that was the first post on my page that she reported as abuse and harassment and you all need to correct that that's not fair receiving warnings under my account because she lied on me I did not bully and harass her that fake account has never been on my friends list and the only reason that that fake account was able to like an old post that I just made public yesterday is because it was her she knew I posted that Facebook messenger message in my Facebook she tried to use that and pretend as though she she knew me and liked a comment posted that was on my page to try to claim as though we knew each other to show proof and that's not true she was never a friend or my page under that fake account that she reported me with and she was never a friend of mine on messenger previously to her creating that account and requesting to speak with me asking me if they if he could trust me with something he got caught lying when his Facebook profile reports that he lives overseas he is a doctor overseas in the military I knew it was her so I asked her what time is it where you are overseas he finally she finally answered 622 it's 6:22 where I live when I asked that question 6:22 a.m. for me and it was 6:22 a.m. for for that fake account and when I confronted her and exposed her in messenger she shut up she didn't type anymore except to say she didn't know what time it was for a.m. and p.m. but you are supposed to be an intelligent doctor a surgeon but you don't know what a.m. and you don't know what PM means anti meridian and prime meridian she's a liar she made that fake account because she had blocked me under the original account and I told her to block me in Facebook as well but in order to have her way to keep contact with me she created a fake account typed in my information and had herself under my request box with a message can I trust you with something how did you get in my box when you're supposed to be a stranger I didn't know this person I had never met this person but my settings are set to only allow people who have my phone number you can trace where that accounts origin came from but y'all chose not to you just chose to take the word of her Douglas rather than investigate now you've put two warnings on my account for no reason you're supposed to be protecting me from harassment and bullying and stalking but instead you're protecting her under her fake account that's against you all's rules for Facebook that makes you wrong for protecting her and I have proof on my page and you didn't bother to look at it you didn't bother to check my account settings for Messenger


What's going

did i just get scammed out of 300$ do you have someone working for company named Karen Huddson working for you do you have a radom facebook lottory goinf on? Why am I getting inundated with a friend request?


FB account got hacked almost a week ago

Updated by user Jun 13, 2023
Facebook has not helped me in any way

Original review Jun 13, 2023
My name is {{Redacted}}. I have recently had to make a new account due to my original account getting hacked by a scammer who was able to change my email address in the account along with the phone number to where I am no longer able to sign into my original account. I am pissed because Facebook has not helped me in any way on regaining my original account and when the hacker was in my Facebook during the time of it being taken over I was not emailed any changed notifications that was going on in my own account to double-check that it was not somebody else as this person was in a different state. I have had my original account for over 10-15 years with no issues, I have been locked out of that account many times and Facebook was a success on helping me retrieve it, but apparently not this time around. I have lost over 15 years of photos that are not backed up on anything else along with friends and family that was on my friends list and I cannot retrieve all of them back as I have had a few of them pass away on me. I had to report my original Facebook account many times as the scammer had already locked me out and so that he could stop messaging my friends and family. He was able to get multiple hundreds of dollars from my friends and family along with their accounts as well. Something this big and this major should not be ignored by Facebook, as my scammer has all of my photos he can easily pretend to be me using my photos that was on that account,not to mention, talk about invading my privacy!. That to me doesn't sound like a very secured Facebook! It started out with a friend of mine messaging me to be able to send me an email so they can get back into their own account. To my knowledge that this was legit because I have done that before with my husband's email and was able to regain access to login. But since this person was pretending to be a friend of mine, I gave him the six digit code he was able to attach his account to mine and completely boot me off from that point on. I did not give him any sort of permission to take my account, I was simply helping who I thought was a friend. Come to find out the friend of mines account has been hacked for a long time without Facebook taking the account down!!!. That account has had been reported multiple times by closer friends and Facebook still did not take that account down with a scammer attached to it! Talk about fu**ed up. Since Facebook failed to provide true safety and security to our account that hacker was able to lie and pretend to be somebody else to gain access to my original account. Now I don't even know if my original account is active or has been deleted as I have reported my original account many times due to it being hacked and I don't want that scammer to scam any more of my friends and family. I have reported my original account to Facebook and Facebook still allowed it to stay active without it being the person who owned that account. If Facebook was a true social media website they would upgrade their security, not to mention I had to make a new account and I was not forced to make security questions as my original account had security questions and I have had Facebook ask me for the answers to them before to double-check and make sure that it was originally me that was trying to get back into my account before. Now since Facebook has not helped me hardly with this issue and continues to not help me with this issue to my knowledge it seems like Facebook itself has been hacked as well as my account. Facebook should have recognized the device that it was connected to but didn't Facebook should have sent me notification emails to me stating that things were changing in my account but did not, I had to report my Facebook account due to the scammer attached to it over 10 times before Facebook even did anything. Now on my new account I cannot tell if that scammer had blocked me or Facebook decided to take down my original account. If Facebook decided to finally take down my original account I don't understand how they cannot help me regain access to it. I have also found out who the scammer was through another one of my friends, the scammer had two accounts to their name and I had reported both of them. Facebook only took down one and refuses to take down the other one as a scammer continues to collect other facebooks and link them up to his account, and Facebook the company is allowing this to happen. I am extremely pissed and upset and disappointed that after having an account with Facebook for over 15 years , that they are just going to sit back and allow this to happen. This is Deanna Thompson Sauter, I refuse to give up on regaining my original account as I have always only had one account. Well see if this makes it to the news, and with Facebook continuing to ignore me and refuse to help me regain my original account, putting this article on ktvz news channel in Central Oregon might just be the best decision. Because I am one pissed customer and want my belongings back. I also have photo proof that my account was hacked, as when I created a new account because I was forced to I did message my old account asking for it back, the scammer then decided to try and scam me again and blackmail me for money this time... I have photo proof but for some reason the photos I'm trying to upload is not allowing me to on this complaint review. But through my new Facebook account I have also sent pictures a couple times already showing that there is a problem with Facebook.


Y’all are no help at all

I got hacked in want it deactivated I want nothing to do with that account anymore delete it please Vanessa Fraire with a blue charger in the back. Everything is a scam!!! Advertising some cash app that isnt even legit. I have proof!!! They are giving people my driver license and I do not feel safe why in the world would I be doing that!!!


I was falsely accused of not falling Facebook guidelines.

Facebook is either not taking the time to adequately investigate their own accusations against me? Or they themselves are creating a false situation by referring to what i have posted as a crime- under the guise of accusing me of not following their CDC community guidelines. Now just fyi I have spoken to a lawyer who works out of Northampton Mass Name Pat Melnick a few weeks back. I spoke with him just briefly to make sure I'm not out of line here or getting somethings confused. Now I gave him the details in which FB has falsie sighted me- for not following their guidelines. And after reviewing what i had sent him Pat told me that I had not violented any facebook community guidelines. And in fact he told me the very sight I had posted on fb page- that fb sighted me for. Had taken the info from a CDC run website- VEARs- that are likewise also under CDC Guidelines. The VEARs website is where the info came from that fb book penalized me for-& suspended me for posting. VEARs is a CDC controlled website that in fact was designed in calibration with "WHO" The world health origination. VEAR's have especially been given the task on sighting potential Vaccine injuries & deaths on their website open to the public domain. They follow under The united states legal right to give informed consent to individua's who are being asked to take their drugs & vaccinations. More later from Justin Tharp.

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