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ExpressVPN has a 1.6-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 137 customers. In the Software category, it secures the 48th position out of 1129 companies.


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Tortola, British Virgin Islands

ExpressVPN Reviews


Resolved: My Account

Updated by user Aug 14, 2023

Company resolved the issue.

Updated by user Jul 16, 2023
I cannot use again- failed to help me understand the problem!

Original review Jul 15, 2023
ExpressVPN - I am writing this message to request an immediate cancelation and complete refund of my account. Since adding ExpressVPN to my laptop I have encountered numerous difficulties trying to go to different web sites and even trying to open the chat on this web site was not happening. I have only had this service for roughly a week and it's just too many problems. Please confirm my refund and I will immediately uninstall ExpressVPN. I've sent responses to some emails I received from ExpressVPN, but no direct response has been sent back. Since it's so difficult to communicate with you aside from this page, if you have any questions contact me. Thank you for your cooperation.


A RIPOFF that you cannot cancel

Signed up using my Amex card for monthly billing. Found a better VPN a couple of months later. The only way to "cancel" a subscription on ExpressVPN is to go onto their website and stop the automatic billing, which I did on March. In April, they charged my card. I have now repeated this 3 times, each time getting their confirmation that the account is canceled and there will be no more monthly charges, yet in May and June they continue to do so. They have NO phone number to call and when you select "Chat with us" there is no way to actually start a chat!


I had one account with Xpress VPN and I canceled it but somehow they kept charging me every month for an account that I don’t even have. I’ve contacted this company more than five times through chat,

Express VPN has charge me for months for an account that I do not even have. Ive tried several times to contact them and even though they say they will have the billing department contact me it never happens theyve been charging me for months for an account I do not have.


I'm Not a text Chat Customer, Seniors want human interaction for Customer Service. I was in Customer Service for over 30 years and I do Not do Chat Customer Service.

I do Not Purchase Products of Companies who do Not care for their Customers with Personal human interaction Customer Relations.


Can not chat to difficult for me I am very I'll and unsteady thank you.

I don't know much about VPN Express or numbers so please bear with me I am 72 years old not very computer literate I please need you to send me a telephone number to call for live agent to talk to not chat . To hard for me to text thank you for protecting my phone


Charged twice on my CC

they took out payment twice they took out payment twice they took out payment twice they took out payment twice they took out payment twice they took out payment twice they took out payment twice they took out payment twice they took out payment twice they took out payment twice they took out payment twice they took out payment twice they took out payment twice they took out payment twice


Lost my express vpn need to cancel please

my computer has lost my express vpn through developing a fault, i need to cancel my subscription please


Customer support refused to cancel my subscription.

I tried to cancel my subscription online under edit subscription as told to me but there are no steps that allow you to cancel there. So I called customer support to cancel. The rep assured me that my subscription was cancel and that I would receive a partial refund but after receiving no refund, I logged back in to see whether or not my subscription was cancel. You guess it my subscription was still active. Worst customer service ever. As I type this review my subscription is still active.


Renewal without reason after cancallation

I cancelled my subscription but even so it was renewed. My vpn did not function very often so i was not happy about my purchase.


Resolved: ExpressVPN stopped working on my computer at 45 days and they won't refund my money.

Updated by user Nov 26, 2022

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with product or service ordered. I have service again.

Original review Nov 25, 2022
I purchased the service. The app stop working 45 days later. They can't fix it and they will not refund my money. I am not able to connect any longer. The 6 different technicians could not resolve, they are not willing to help me with a refund.


Can't upload software when you renew they put you through brutal reset

spent over an hour on the text with customer support moron. Sent him screen shots and various. Still could not restore account


Keep emailing me for a payment

Why yall keep emailing me for a payment? When I've paid already for 6 month of services??? if you tamper with my services after you have my money already ill post it online to my 3 million followers connected and make sure I post every week and promote another vpn brand through out social media and my 3 trading groups...stop playing with my money


I've spent the last 3 days chatting with VPN support and problem remains unresolved

Original review Nov 11, 2022
I don't have the time or energy to explain. Basically I had access to numerous channels (ESPN, BBC Iplayer and MSNBC cable news) on my ROKU, IPHONE and Laptop via my router and VPN subscription. Now i have no channels and tech support is having me go through numerous hoops but to no avail. No one is able to answer my question as to why I had access to channels and now I don't. Complete waste of time, mine and theirs. If you reading this I would advise you to take your business elsewhere. Chat feature is no way to conduct customer service IMHO.


Can’t get a hold of customer service

I was happy with the product for the first two years. Shortly after the third year renewal I was notified too many devices were using my account, when it only shouldve been one device. I tried for 6 weeks to contact customer service to reset my password and fix any issues. All websites are disconnected and I cant reset the password on my own or connect with a representative. I cant even terminate my subscription. Needless to say I am furious and I want to end my relationship with them as soon as possible. I just cant do that until I can access my account!!


It's been over a month now and we still cannot connect into our VPN subscription here in China.

To the management, We have been complaining about this problem over a month now and haven't been able to resolved the problem. We supposedly got 15 moths of VPN subscription. We got our subscription on July 11 2022, because we're moving in China, and arrived on August 25 2022. During our first month in China the VPN has been hit and missed and for the past month the VPN has been inaccessible (unable to connect). Every time we contact to ExpressVPN Support they send me the same email reply and every time we click the link, it says "This site can't be reached". We think we should get our money back because we have no expectation that ExpressVPN will work for us here in China. We try every day to connect but NO LUCK This is the same situation for all our devices (laptops and phones). We do hope that the management will do something about this problem. Thanks. April Laza


The expressVPN website will not allow me to cancel my month's trial

Updated by user Sep 15, 2022

Original review Sep 15, 2022
My name is David Swift and I live in London. I am trying to cancel my expressVPN month trial begun on 05/09/2022. The equivalent of £11.50 was taken from my account on 06 September 2022. When I try to contact them all I get is:This site cant provide a secure sent an invalid response. ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR

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