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Express Scripts has a 1.8-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 833 customers. In the Pharmacy category, it secures the 5th position out of 351 companies.


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Express Scripts Reviews


Script not delivered

I was expecting it on the 20 th and they said the 24 , just wanted to make sure it wasnt lost in the mail. Great customer service .


Customer service for Express Scripts

I was notified that they were filling a new prescription for my Freestyle kits. When I talked to them, they said my doctor had sent in a new script. My doctors office said they had not sent anything. Turns out, express scripts generated a FAKE prescription to generate more money for themselves and then lied about it. After talking to 4 ladies, I finally got to the bottom of this thing. Express scripts actually dreamed up a new prescription number and was in the process of sending it to me before I called and got it cancelled. How low can you go??? It took 4 people to get it cancelled because the first three ladies could not do it. Question is, why are they working there then??? I spend a lot of time on the phone with express scripts trying to fix crap that they conjure up. Worst company to work with ever.


Takes to long to get a prior authorization .

It has been 2 years and still not approved. They say they havent received anything. But they are responding to information sent by Dr which they say hasnt been sent!!!


Poor service and accountability

Issue with cutoff of prescription renewal due to needing doctor authorization. My issue is that they do this at the time a renewal is due rather at the time of the prior refill, thus leaving me without my medication while my doctor fills out the appropriate paperwork. Such as ass-backward policy that in no way benefits the patient when their medication is suspended while waiting! How on earth can this be in the best interest of the patient???


Out of medication

I want to thank Shanele for all her help. She was exceptionally helpful. Please keep her. Again Thank you so much


Great customer service

This was an easy call and the gentleman who helped me was knowledge and took care of my problem immediately!!! This is not a negative review. I am an old lady and dont handle the computer very well. Dont know what you want me to continue to do. Hopefully, you will let me go on with the survey. If am almost there, please let me continue.


Return call for medicince no longer needed

I could not get past the computer generated voice. Frustrating and a waste of time. The AI prompts kept returning to the same stupid prompts.


Always ready to help. Good value for products and service

Problems. Dr prescribed medication. Found what prior authorization is . Can't receive until prior authorization


Poor customer service

Nobody knows anything. Every time you call, someone tells you a different story. They drive us crazy. Nobody wants to help. They always give you another number to call or blame on somebody else, for their mistakes. I am so sick to call them for so many times for the same reason and still did not get a solution. They deny the claim and blame on CVS pharmacy for not submitting it correctly. They speak to you nicely but never resolves the issue.


Patient Safety - Mail away -

EXPRESS SCRIPTS Mail Away - Scores a 4 star 0000 .. no Stars for their mail away services. I need to be directed to the government agency that oversees Patient Safety issues with Mail Away pharmacies. I have contacted the State of Florida DOH for Pharmacy and it does not oversee out of state pharmacies. Poor customer service is significantly bad but Lack of Patient Safety with life essential prescriptions is deleterious to any person dependent on timely receipt of these medications. EXPRESS SCRIPTS has failed my son, their client.


Prescriptions did not arrive before old scripts ran out.

On May 18th, my doctor sent all new scripts to Express Scripts as I was moving and the nearest pharmacy was 12 miles away, Also because I was moving, my Ucare Ins needed to be changed as the plan I had was not available in my new area. I ensured they had the correct address and billing and waited...and waited...On May 28th I called customer service to find out when they would arrive, only to find out that they would not fill the scripts until June 1, when my new plan was in effect. I informed them that I was almost out of needed meds and that I had valid coverage. Customer service refused to take the old plan information and told me they would fill them June 1, and expedite. On June 1st, I received a call from the pharmacist saying that she needed my permission to fill the scripts since these were new scripts. Again, she assured me they would be mailed that day and expedited. FYI, they arrived 6/9 and 6/13. I had to get an emergency supply from the almost local pharmacy and pay full price as insurance would not cover as already filled for the same period.


Worst prescription service

6-7 years ago insurance company asked us to try Escripts, nightmare! They filled prescriptions with whatever generic drug they wanted even when doctors required brand name. Tools months to get insurance to allow refilling prescriptions with correct drugs at local pharmacy. Now insurance requires us to use them but I van get it filled at local pharmacy. However Escripts has arbitrary requirements like a new doctor pre authorization for just a refill.


What an awful company

I have to use this awful company as my pharmacy benefit manager. They just sent me an email entitled "information about your recent fill" then the email said "Are you paying too much for your medication?...log in to compare prices." At the bottom of the email there is a link to "Change my contact preferences" but you can't change your communication preferences without not only logging in but also going through 2-factor-authentication. When you finally find the page to change your contact preferences, guess what! You cannot opt out of such emails! You must receive "Savings Opportunities" emails, see screenshot


What good is peice and so called convenience if they can't or won't fill prescriptions in a timely manner?

Since I was moving to a small worn with no local pharmacy, I decided to use Express Scripts to get my daily medications, On 5/18/2023, my PCP sent 6 prescriptions to Express Scripts to fill. I expected them to be sent and received by the end of May. On May 28th, I contacted Express SWcripts since I had not heard anything from them, and I found out that they were holding the scripts until June 1st when my new insurance coverage took effect. So I had to do a lot of calling to get a temporary script for HBP meds that would be gone by May 30th. On June first, I called Rxpress to ensure my scripts were being processed. And was assured that they were being expedited and I would receive them by June 6th. However, expedited means very little when they don't deliver the package to DHL until 6/3. The expected delivery is now between June 9th and June 13th. I have transferred all prescriptions to Walmart, involving a 20-mile trip to get these prescriptions. But I know they will be there when I need them.


Denial after denial

Both my wife and I have had our prescriptions denied even though they've been previously prescribed and approved!! My asthma medication BUDESONIDE-FORMOTEROL FUMARATE was denied and I was instructed to ask the doctor to call in an "alternate approved" medication which he did. That "alternate approved" medication was also DENIED by Express Scripts. After an entire month AND 9 separate phone calls to Express Scripts, the meds will be denied until they receive a phone call from the doctor for a "prior authorization". So, after doing exactly what the email from Express Scripts requested, my medication is still denied until further steps (not stated in the email) are completed.


Prescription problem

Express Scripts declined a medication I was prescribed. (INGREZZA) My Neurologist does not deal or prescribe my depression meds so she had no way of knowing whether it was OK or being maintained or not, so she said "no" to that question. You declined my prescription over that. Now I am completely out of my medication. My shaking and jerking is back after with the Doctor samples it had completely settled down. I was so happy to not have children always ask their mommies why I was doing that. Now I don't want to even go out again and I have a vacation coming up. Wouldn't you be upset ? By the way, I don't agree with the use of the word."pissed" on a professional business website.

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