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1.5/5 - based on 124 reviews

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Explore Talent has a 1.5-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 124 customers. In the Talent and Modeling Agencies category, it secures the 6th position out of 72 companies.


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3395 S Jones Blvd #15, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89146, United States

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To change the world live under a new life as a male transgender ken doll on in a foreign country

I really might one day be homeless from a mistake that was caused by me being sexual misconduct in school by a teacher.Please I need your help to go under a new identity in life also a new country.I know you hear the same sad stories or excuses to become famous.But my life story in fairytale life in dreams should really one day come true.


I cannot reach any agent

After I pay my membership, I never get any calls. I feel the jobs that I see would be great. I cannot reach any agent!


Unable to edit my profile

I cant edit anything. I cant edit my résumé. I cant edit my pictures. I cant add new pictures. I cant change around the pictures. I cant delete pictures. I cant add a real. So I just need to be able to edit my profile


Nobody called me never even if they said the preselected me

I didnt like this anymore , every time someone from customer service calls me and I was preselected from forever 21 .. but nobody calls after


Very unhappy with Explore Talent!

Ive told them several times Im SAG-AFTRA, they keep sending me Non-union notices for parts. Its very frustrating, Im sorry I signed up with them!


Haven't fixed Forrest RV

RV nearly a year old and refrigerator and furnace still do not work. Returned to dealer 5 times. Many calls not returned. Spoke with service manager got many excuses, but no apology, and I have no hope of getting RV any time soon. I am going to try to attach my last letter to the general manager. If I fail please call for more details 936.635.6064 details. 333936.635.6064 9****.635.6064


I don’t have my refund

I don’t think explore talent is a bad place I feel like they do help people get to where they want to be and I would love to work with them someday it’s always been my dream to get to the top and I would love the help Leslie like great people but when I asked for a refund of my money if somebody told me it was going to be on there by a specific date March 30 ask expect it to be there because I don’t like nobody lying to me and I am a person of my word and I don’t play about my money I’m very patient and I could take a lot but one thing I will not tolerate do not fool me


I already have an account but I can't get in it cuz I don't have that email no more for Miguel Diaz

I don't have that email anymore and I forgot my password the email I have right now is adriareyes22@***.com


Profile delete

Phone call, talking to a lady to pull up .y account & delete it


Photo not part of this

there was a photo put up that has this name across it. the person does NOT have ANY association with this . The photo was taken from a someones profile and used as if she is part of this.



Nobody picked up the phone and i have called 6 times and i want my subscription cancelled IMMEDIATELY


Cancel membership

They didn’t give me a full refund because a certain amount of time had passed, but I tried contacting them online and never heard back. I lost 30 dollars for something that was their fault. It is a scam.



Cancellation Signed up for one year did not have a one phone call the emails that the casting director’s were sitting to me every time I go back to use the email to email them it was fake I never got a response out of the casting director is what I did email so I canceled everything out


Getting the run around

I have called 4 times. And I keep getting put on hold I'm looking to get a refund and no one will give me an answer. I have spoken to several people and they say I'm getting a refund but no confirmation. I need a call back asap 416451**** is the number I need to be called back at.


Took my money

Two separate funds if 19.99 was taking out of my checking account and when I called the money was suppose to be back in my account within 5-7 business days but it's been almost 2 1/2 weeks and I have yet to receive my money...this is so unfair and unprofessional

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