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Expedia has a 1.9-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 17200 customers. In the Travel category, it secures the 1th position out of 290 companies.


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We are staying in Syracuse ny at Embassy suites the air conditioning is not working an making noise we went to front desk an they said there is no one here to fix it.


Booked flight that is no show

Last July 14, 2023, I was booked to a flight from Las Vegas to Toronto, home bound. Booked airline is confirmed in Expedia apps. And chatted with them before my online check in, which Jetlines Canada is not allowing me to check in online and Expedia says some airline prepare to check in person. I came to the airport and looked for the check on counter only to my dismay it's not available, or I've asked someone in the airport personnel that the next flight that they know of is going to be sometime Sept. I called Expedia right away and checked what was the problem and only says that they will refund the money. I panicked, telling them yes! It's easy to say that they can refund, but don't they see a customer is stuck in the airport?! And that's the only thing they can do to a customer which is panicking to a reason very important reason that I have to come home very importantly to my 7-year-old daughter at that time. I have to beg other airlines if they have a spare seat that I can purchase as I have a very important situation about my daughter. That I have to be home at that certain time that I was booked supposedly with Expedia. With only a limited budget coming to Las Vegas for a very particular reason why and has to come back home to that very important part of my daughters life to be back at that certain time, I got stuck in the airport crying for that matter. With a personal health condition I have to come back and forth to all possible airline I begged but no luck. Until I found a last seat to an airline at a last minute that is very costly but with eyes close I did purchase the flight for the money that I dont have anymore and asked a friend to help out and promised to pay back. It was a very horrible experience and Im hoping to get some damage done to be compensated for me to get that money back to my friend.


I had no hot water for 2 days

I had no hot water for 2 days and no compensation was offered even after I told them about the situation and 2nd day water was muddy


Room was not available as paid for

Original review Jul 18, 2023
My recent Expedia stay should be immediately refunded as the property was not as pictured, not as listed, and I was denied my stay. Expedia refused to refund me without authorization from the local Marriott staff who denied the refund and had me removed from the property by police for trespassing when I complained. I then had no refund and no place to stay. I was stranded hundreds of miles from home with my eldery mother with no place to lay our heads after being accused of trespassing at a place I paid for and had keys to. Expedia refused to refund my stay. I've paid for a stay I didn't get. Attached are images of the wheelchair accessible room I reserved, and the dirty, smaller room I was given. It was not ADA Complaint, it was dirty, and the drinking glasses were on the toilet. I could go on. Clearly this is not a wheelchair accessible tub.



I didint get the car that I have rent, with expedia fron Europa car office in Porto Alegre Brasil, the office was close, and my confirmation voucher said that it was open at to 10.00 pm and I get there at 20.40pm, I call to the fone number 55 51 99***-*008 and a machine answer the call I have to Take taxi.to.the.office and for my surprise it was close. And y have to go to a hotel, for one.night.



The worst- 1. I've been an advocate for Expedia pushing for ur company - I work in private aviation and have had so many of our 1000 fleet company prefer Expedia bc i really thought you cared. . I had one incident where an autism child's dog n grant a wish was being delivered. Upon arrival they found drugs blood n needles left immediately. I contacted Expedia I called hotel n filed report said I'll call cops. 1400$ this is over btw . The drug hotel used a false internet site not ur fault - however when brought to ur attention not only did u not look into it- you said give 72 hours - after that you confirmed hhe drug story report and that no check in was done etc you had a email saying unfortunately we can't refund. You are a major company 1400$ to you and compared to revenue i myself brought in is Pennie's! 1400 $ to non profit is everything. even if you decided that u won't refund- You should have at least ensure on ur end the hotel website was at least taken down as it's false advertising. I warned Expedia I will be going public with this and the disappointment I have for your company now makes me sick. You should be ashamed your customer reps should be ashamed- at least I'm sure u have some type of insurance to cover misleading hotels n dangerous. Not to mention the rep told me to go there possibly n speak with a manager. WHAT!? There was a shooting there - like I said I'm so disappointed


They did. It offer credit flight for medical emergencies

I had a car accident on April 7. I bought two plane tickets on March 20. Since the accident I have been asking Expedia and Lufthansa to reimburse me or to offer t credit travel. I presented all kind of proofs Colton the doctor and pictures and a letter that I am not allowed to fly. They did not help.


Terrible customer service and no resolution to my complaint.

Was promised a refund of $150 from the Hard Rock universal Orlando hotel because of a huge problem with the room being cleaned (it wasn't cleaned for 4 days). A manager at the hard rock said they put a claim in to Expedia. The room was $750 per night and smelled like dirty socks and bleach. We checked in, and the cleaning staff forgot about us. There were 4 ppl in the room, and they changed an additional $50 per person x2 people per night. That was an additional $400 on my bill that was not expected. However, the room was only set up for 2 ppl. Two coffee pods, two sets of towels etc. We had to go down to the pool to get towels to shower. Cleaning staff came 1 night at 5 pm when we were getting ready to go to dinner. They then claimed they couldn't clean the room bc we were in it at 5 pm. We had been at universal Islands of Adventure the entire day prior to 5 pm. They never came until I complained, and then they came at 5 pm. They were nasty, and I felt extremely uncomfortable going to and from my room, worried I'd run into these nasty employees. Spoke to Maya, a manager, who promised me a $200 refund plus 4 drink vouchers. I had a problem with the drink vouchers and had to argue to be able to use them. Then Maya backtracked and said the refund would be $150. However, I've gotten nothing. $0. Maya said a claim was put in to Expedia, but she could not provide a claim number. She dismissed me, saying I had to deal with Expedia and not the Hard Rock where I had the problem to begin with. Maya the manager stopped communicating with me, and instead I spoke to Isabella who basically apologized saying Cant help you. Call Expedia l. Tried contacting Expedia. Cant get past voice prompt to speak to an actual person. Was disconnected 3 times. Never will I book through Expedia again. I do NOT RECOMMEND staying at the Hard Rock Hotel in universal Orlando. It's a *** hotel with premium prices for dirty rooms, and their management and customer service is AWFUL. MAYA THE MANAGER looked like a high school student who portrayed herself as someone who could make promises and decisions that obviously she could make good on. This absolutely ruined my vacation, where I spent $4k just on the hotel alone. Not, NOT okay!


I was mad with hertz

The issue was with hertz not with expedia because the rental car was with fleas and dogs hair and they rent like that


Unhappy customer

Check in was good but upon getting ready for bed a couple touches running ion bed discussing. Phone not working also clock and coffee pot. At 947am they started with nice doing construction very load.


They did not give me travel credit for not being able to travel for medical injuries

NI had a car Accodent, I was sent to surgery for injured my neck and Expedia asked for numerous details pictures and letters from the doctors and after 2 months of promising, they told me that I will not receive credit or my money back in order to resell the ticket. I had this car accident, I am on disability and I can not fly. They told me confusing messages. The agents sent me to Lufthansa and a Lufthansa sent me to them.


Said had pool on site,no pool!

Shoddy room,stains o. Couch no pool.bait n switch on saying had pool n hot tub. Stains on couch and comforter.


This hotel is horrible

Updated by user Jun 16, 2023
Was not resolved. Said it was up to hotel manager for refund.

Hotel management said no that a different room was offered which it was but the room was just as bad.

Same issues. Hotel needs to be condemned.

Updated by user Jun 16, 2023
Spoke with Expedia and was told that unfortunately which means No they would have to speak to the property owner and would be up to them for a refund. This place should be condemned.

Original review Jun 16, 2023
Hotel is horrible hotel management is rude offered to transfer to another room but it looked just as bad. Refused refund for false advertising. Room looks NOTHING alike pictures. Toilet isnt even stable to the floor. Locks are broken tape in the tub overall horrible!


Flight was canceled by airlines

Airlines cancelled our flight because United overbooked. We had to pay another $909.00 to rebook just to get home. My husband is handicapped, and we had to sit at the airport in Honolulu for 9 hours to get on our flight. We had upgraded our seats but didn't get that either. Another loss of 489.00. Worse experience ever. Disputing and fighting to get our monies back for what we didn't get. Worse experience ever.


Booking cancelations

Location totally different from pictures in the Web. Did not advertise the premise was using as homeless shelter. Cleaning, odor and noise issues. Cancellation was denied. I booked for 2 days, because of issues I have check out next morning. I lost $433 and Expedia offer me a conditional $50 bonus. So sad.


Lies and poor customer service

I booked a room at the Comfort Suites in Oakbrook Terrace IL. for 2 nights to visit family on Christmas, I came down with Covid and was unable to make the trip.I chated with 6 of you agents all telling me they were trying to contact the hotel to get me a hardship refund and they finally said they were unable to contact the manager and I would have to pay anyway. So I called the hotel and spoke to one of the managers and he said it is Expedia that issues a refund in a hardship case because you actually purchased the rooms from them. Not sure why I've been lied to from Expedia but I am very sick and don't understand the lies. I would like to speak with a supervisor before I contact your corporate office and blow this up on social media ! I don't believe that you treat your customers this way and lie about it during covid and Christmas Thanks ! Mike

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