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EverStart has a 1.6-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 545 customers. In the Auto Parts and Accessories category, it secures the 13th position out of 513 companies.


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Not happy with product

Bought pruduct because was told it would work on different types of vehicles being I have cars and truck but the first time I use it to jump my truck it went haywire started to beep wouldnt register being connected to terminal at all and wouldnt jump the truck I was misled and Im very dissatisfied



I bought a battery from Walmart about 8 month ago and the battery is a 2 year warranty on it . The battery is bad now and I just wanted to exchange it for another Walmart said I had to contact the company .thank . My paperwork is on the Walmart sites Oct 23 was buying date


Faulty jump starter

It doesn't work and walmart refuses to give me a reply don't buy this broken crap because you can't even exchange it


Battery not working

I Richard pena purchased a new battery from Walmart on August 16 2022 with a four year warranty and the battery went bad is dead and I need a replacement asap.


On a Everstart Maxx when I hook the jumper cables...

On a Everstart Maxx when I hook the jumper cables to my battery it won't charge my battery and it shows a triangle with an exclamation point In it


This website is not affiliated with Walmart/EverStart

The EverStart Battery Hotline is 888.387.8278. None of the contact information on this page is correct.


Dead/ Won’t stay charged battery

I bought a Maxx Everstart battery from my local Walmart in Michigan back in 21. My battery is used in my back up vehicle. I went to start my truck and battery would turn over. I have to keep changing the battery to start my truck. I took the battery to Walmart for an exchange but was denied bc the battery was past Walmart 1 year warranty. How ever the battery has a sticker that says 3 year free replacement warranty. Either the lady at Walmart didnt want to honor that warranty or the sticker is false advertisement. I just need to replace the battery. Thanks Tim


Failed battery charger

It turns on the fan starts running and the fan shuts off and nothing Doesn't charge just do anything, just sitting flashes. The little plamps let need to be attached and they are attached. So I don't know what to do. How do I do this? And how do I figure this out? Please call me back most certainly would like to hear and talk to you or send me anyone, thank you very much.


Last December I bought a everstart lawn tractor battery. It said 1 year warranty . The battery i bought lasted 1 week it died so I returned got another but this one has no warranty it died 2monthes la

They wont warrenty them any more but for 90 days. So folks when you get a Walmart battery don expect it to last they dont .pay the extra some where else


Everstart Max Battery

Updated by user Jul 25, 2023
I have attempted to contact EverStart via phone and email. I have had Zero response. My issue has NOT been resolved.

Original review Jun 25, 2023
Attempted to call the number listed, was immediately asked for my SSN# and DOB. No offer to speak to a Representative without entering personal information. Unable to complete my request for a exchange. Battery is less than 1 year old and is supposed to have a 3 year warranty.


Product Failure

If there is no customer support or service. Ive tried for three hours mini channels I dont recommend purchasing Everstart products.


Unit never worked

Unit never worked waste of money it was dead every time I went to go use it I would charge it for days and it would still be dead as soon as I went to use it


Walmart will not replace my battery 4 years warranty

Walmart Ephrata Wa, will not replace the 4 year warranty on my battery, doesn't hold a charge, the positive post has a crack, the Walmart associate said well we can't replace that it looks damaged I bought it like that so I filled a complaint against David, still no new battery


I want a full refund back for buying this *** *** battery charger

Original review May 11, 2023
I only used it once then it's been in the box on a shelf in my garage until May 9th 2023 I went to go use it and it was working for a couple of seconds after I had pressed the CHARGE button then it just shut off and stopped working unfortunately I bought the damn thing back in June 2022 so Walmart suggested that I get intouch with you guys so here I am reaching out and hopefully I get my full refund cause for $200 and the damn thing worked perfectly fine almost a year ago but then I went to use it the other day and it worked for a few seconds then shut off then everytime I'd use the CHARGE button it would work for a bit then shut off and I tried on multiple vehicles and the damn result was the damn same work for just a few seconds and shut off on every vehicle that I tried the damn thing on!!! That isn't even close to what I spent on that damn thing that is the on-line price for ordering it on-line because in a actual store it was $186+damn tax it's was $202.21 and best believe I want the full refund make it a even $210 for all of the damn steps I've had to take to even see if you'll give me anything since it was bought back in 2022 of Jun. Just know I will never buy a everstart product ever again so with all of these damn steps you have my number on file so I'd appreciate if anyone contact me to either say YES we'll give you the full refund of $210 or tell me that your *** and I loose out on $210!!! Alright thank so very much and I'll look forward hearing from someone. Your Pissed OFF customer Chris M Moore... Have a very *** DAY!!! FYI my location isn't Portland OR It is over the bridge from Portland OR in Vancouver WA


Ordered a Everstart jump starter last November, tried to jump a small car and the unit failed. I tried to contact Everstart Customer service, no response. I am now using it as a tire chock

The unit quit only the second time I used it. What a waste of money. I will never purchase this brand and will never step foot in another Walmart


Defective battery

I purchased a EverStart Maxx 124R 12 V battery from Walmart on 12/5/22. Walmart Order # 200010*-***77612 Battery Serial # EP210118**** It recently failed and I had to have AAA come rescue me. They checked the alternator, electrical system and the battery. The battery even after being jumped, was only holding 1 V. I had to have it replaced on the spot ($191). I am requesting a refund from you of the cost of your battery of $126.60 per the Walmart order referenced above. Thank you for your rapid response to this matter. Sincerely, Mike Foley


Broken ***

Used jumpstart 3 times and its *** broke after using the jumpstart the three times the yellow *** to turn on the jumpstart I cannot find my receipt so I cant take it back to Walmart to exchange it. However, Ive had it for 4 1/2 weeks and the *** broke off. We did not broke off. I cant jumpstart a car.

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