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ETO Doors has a 1.4-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 47 customers. In the Windows and Doors category, it secures the 20th position out of 170 companies.


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The worst company !!! the worst product quality and the worst customer service!! I can't believe I lost more than $4.000 dollars in a door that is all deformed, very poor quality all stained wood, with breaks and patches and without the legal impact sticker! so if you are looking for a wooden impact door please do not buy it at eto doors! We put the door and 2 days after its completely deformed!!! You are going to waste a lot of time trying to get help from them or at least an answer! And you will lose your money! Now I have to buy another door and pay for the installation and permits and so on!


Stay away from this company

They only have a 1 yr. warranty and won't stand behind their product. Beveled glass panes failed after the 1 yr. and company refuses to do anything about it or even tell me where I could get replacement glass. Better purchase from Andersen or Pella to receive good quality merchandise that the company stands behind!


Horrible customer service

I have been trying to order a door for over a week. The salesperson who took my order will not return my call and no other salesperson has been available. It really should not take this long to place an order.


Lousy company

I purchased over 30 doors from this scam fraudulent company .The owner is an attorney and thinks he can withstand any complaints .The home is complete except for there lousy doors that are falling apart .I am going to spend money either on a billboard next to there office in Los Angeles and put my complaints on it and recommend no one to purchase doors from them .I quess you get people like this in this world who have no ethics .I would image the owner is the culprit behind it all .


This is a scam

I ordered 10 doors that were supposed to be delivered on a Friday afternoon. The doors never came. I spent the next four weeks trying to find out where the doors were. I finally had no choice but to reverse the credit card charge as no one could tell me anything about the doors. This company is a scam



I am continually shocked by ETO Doors and their persistent obstinance to do the right thing. It's like they lack a moral compass. As their customer service and claims departments have been utterly useless in coming to a resolution, I had some expectation that this would get resolved when I reached a person named Esther through their chat function on their website and got connected with a person named Aimee who personally assured me this would get escalated and resolved by the end of the business day. This was on Friday, June 14th. No response back. APPARENTLY she is also the personal assistant to the CEO Tal Hassid so if this lack of a response is coming from the top, shame on the company furthermore. Come this past weekend and the BBB emails me the response to my complaint that I filed against ETO Doors. I was really shocked by the outright misrepresentation of the facts - lies. Now ETO Doors is claiming I am asking for a full refund while having installed their doors. Are these series of ETO employees such as Lorena, Esther and Aimee, just incompetent or is Tal Hassid, the CEO, just running a sham? I don't know - there are enough negative online reviews that compel either way. The ETO Doors response to the BBB says that they can't refund me while I refuse to return the doors and under the veil of my threatening to post negative reviews online. I find this hilarious. No - I am not threatening to post negative reviews online - I am doing so. Why? Because I have approached ETO several times for a resolution and they have never responded in turn with an actual workable solution. I am posting ETO Doors response to the BBB and my response email to Aimee as well. I just want to get a refund. ETO DOORS - get your facts right.



ETO Doors is a FRAUD. I am really quite confused by any positive reviews they have received. I ordered 2 doors that were incorrectly shipped and instead of doing the right thing and refunding me, ETO doors fronted some real BULLSHIT. Shame on Lorena Diaz, their Claims Department Manager for being an absolutely incompetent and horrible person. Shame on this supposed "ram@***.com" to whom my claim was to be escalated to yet I never received a response. Shame on the company.


SCAM company

We order an exterior entry door from ETO in early February 2019 for residential home we are rebuilding in Colorado. On ETO's website, it noted the door would take three weeks to receive which worked perfectly within our timeline of having it move in ready. With the exception of a receip,t we had not heard anything from them by February 27th. As such we were concerned ab out the lack of communication and reached out to them via the contact information on their website. The next day a gentleman from the company in Los Angeles contacted me, totally unrelated to my inquiry they were asking about my shipping address as it was not the same as our corporate billing office. I confirmed our address in Colorado was correct and he informed me that it would be delivered the following Monday, March 4th - relative to my email inquiry he did not know what I was talking about. With this information, I contacted the general contractor (GC) on the building site to ensure a person would be available to receive the door. Great so far right? (actually, it ends there - the rest is a nightmare). I reached out to my GC about other matters and he mentioned the door did not arrive. We both agreed it will most likely show up on Tuesday and thought nothing of it. The following day Tuesday came and went but the door was nowhere to be found which raised our level of concern as this door is the entry door to the property. Realizing it was something more than a timing delay I reached out to the person who contacted me at the phone number he called me on (213.225.6413). Unfortunately, he was not available and instead I listened to a very unprofessional voicemail which I left a message on to contact me. Not hearing back from the company by the end of the day I looked up the contact information on the invoice (sales@***.com) and plus the directions from the voicemail (ram@***.com) and sent them 2 emails requesting status and a reset of expectations as to when the door would arrive. The following day I still heard nothing and proceeded to call them and sent another message to the aforementioned contacts. Frustrated with the unprofessional customer service I went back to the original website contact link and reiterated my concerns with their ability to take my money instantly but the inability to respond to our concerns about the delivery of the door we paid for over a month ago. The next day (Friday) a person who introduced herself as "Amy" called me from 213.225.6442 and explained the door stuck at some shipping dock for an "unknown" reason and that she would reach out to them and instruct them to contact me to arrange the delivery. I explained all that was previously stated in this text to Amy, as well as our dissatisfaction with their customer service which unfairly burdened us by paying workers to sit through their lunch awaiting a delivery each day. I also mentioned our company liked their product and would like to do further business with them but this experience is not reflecting well on this thought and even mentioned our concerns of them actually being a legitimate business. Amy mentioned they were, in fact, legitimate and that she was the "Office Manager". She apologized for the experience and told me she would provide me with her personal contact information via my email address, in case we experienced similar experiences. Lastly, she noted the shipper would reach out to us on that same day and Amy would, in turn, reach out to us at the end of that same day to ensure we were contacted and the issue was resolved. All said, today is Saturday and no shipping company called, no contact information was provided and we never heard again from the infamous "Amy the Office Manager". Bottom line we are left with the following results....we paid for a product; were invoiced immediately; were duped by a scam or a company who should not be trusted at all; we still do not have a door and are out additional funds paid the by a contractor to receive a product that never materialized. I would not recommend engaging with this company in any way unless it is from a legal perspective to regain lost funds paid for product and services never rendered!


Warped door and terrible customer service

BEWARE OF TINY PRINT AND HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! We purchased a Mahagony 1 LITE door from ETO. On the invoice was tiny print saying, “All doors must be finished/sealed within 72 hours of receipt of delivery”, otherwise the warranty is void. Of course I didn't read this print, as most don’t, so I admit the subsequent problems are in part my responsibility. However, the manner in which they handled the problems and subsequent refusal to work with us on a replacement has been horrible. When I looked a little deeper for other reviews, it appears my problems are not that uncommon. When the door arrived, I had it placed in its original packaging in our insulated garage. At no time was the door exposed to the outside, despite it being an exterior-grade door. Three weeks later the door was installed in an interior wall of a wine cellar, but immediately it was obvious there was a problem. It was not possible to schedule installation earlier. The door is warped, resulting in it not closing completely. I immediately reported this to ETO, first to the purchasing agent, then to the claims department, and then to the production manager; this required several emails and phone calls that originally went unanswered, but I persisted, although this was my first clue there was going to be difficult working with ETO. Finally, I was told that because it was not installed and stained within 72 hr after delivery, it was my problem. It was never stressed to us that we had such a tight window to get the door installed, which is virtually impossible when working with sub-contractors. Moreover, had we laid it horizontal versus leaving it vertical in its shipping container, the problem would not have occurred; this too was not explained to us. I honesty cannot know if the warp was present when we received the door, as I didn’t open the package. I thought it would be safer to keep the door in the framed packaging where it would be safer until installation. Apparently, according to ETO, the exact opposite is true. With further discussion, ETO first suggested that I have our installers “twist” the frame, despite it being totally true when installed, which I was asked to confirm with a level by ETO. After I suggested twisting the frame seemed like a bad option, ETO offered us another door, but only the wood frame, and we pay for the additional shipping charge. For this option, I would have to remove the glass from the warped door and install it into the frame of the new door. As described, I would use a putty knife, pry the glass out from some needles, and then drop it into the new frame; simple. That too seemed as ridiculous as the twisting option, and gave us no guarantee that we wouldn’t simply be in the hole for another $300 in shipping for a second defective door. I was asking for a whole door, not a part of a door. To lessen the loss at ETO, I offered to upcharge and buy a door much more expensive than the original, if they would give me a credit to help offset the additional charge. We would be in for $1700, whereas we asked ETO to absorb only $400. As of a week ago, this latest offer was not acknowledged, which I assume is a rejection. All-in-all, I will never consider buying any product from ETO again, and will pass along my experience to my colleagues, friends and family. I also learned a valuable lesson; don’t go cheap on the internet when there are local options that may be more expensive, but provide for direct contact with a supplier. If something goes wrong, it will much more difficult for a local supplier to ignore us than one in another state.


Terrible Experience

DO NOT BUY DOORS FROM ETO DOORS EVER!!!! They are dishonest scammers that do not stand by their product. I ordered over $100,000.00 worth of doors only to have them all come in with rough cut sides that had to be finished and painted not like the sample they sent. They did not bore a lot of the doors correctly and a lot of them had water damage. After being back and forth with them for months they will not offer a single penny to help fix these problems. Only saying that it is my responsibility order more. Any issues that come up they will pin back on you and state something from some warranty that was never sent. These guys are total scammers.


Your doors I terrible and don’t stand behind your product I would never recommend your doors

The doors veneer is pulling off and the metal strips that were installed by your company are to long and we’re not flush with the sides and they pushed the veneer off so now all 30 africian machoney doors are worthless in a 7 million dollar home and we sent the complaint over before but said we didn’t tell them in time or some nonsense response I am not done with this company I will take them to the better business bureau and California state attorneys office or whatever gov agency there is I build high end custom homes and will never recommend them at all to my architects and clients and other builders


Horrible experience

Why didn't I read these bad reviews before I ordered? I was thrilled with the price. So the suggestion was that I get them from their manufacturer in S. America. It took three months which was fine because the house is being built now. They arrived a few months ago. One month ago they were installed. Each door was too narrow, from 1 inch to 6 inches!! My contractor added wood to these doors to make them work, but couldn't get the closet doors (6 inches too narrow) To fit, so I'm having to buy new doors. You have to lean on them to lock and close them. Art told me to send pictures. He said to take a few pictures and he'd deal with it. Now, working with clams department, Lorena, says I only sent picture of a few doors. She said I didn't open the 14 doors and report this sooner, that they were just installed incorrectly by my contractor (He had to add wood on each door so it would fit. I'm so sad I tried to cut corners using this company. "Part of the problem" Lorena tells me, is that they were on vacation for two weeks...... so my problem? I don't know where to go from here, but my American Express company or the Better Business Bureau. In picture one, that is the side that the contractor had to add (both sides), and the second picture is a closed closet door... that's how warped it is at the bottom. It won't even close at the bottom, but closes at the top.



Overall, my experience with this company has been extremely disappointing. In the beginning my order was held in queue for months without being processed, despite the fact that I'd already paid them thousands of dollars, due to a mistake made by the ordering representative. Was I ever contacted by the company? Not once. Instead it took me weeks of trying to get a hold of anyone at ETO before I was finally, finally, put in contact with someone who thought it was time to put my order through. After another 4 weeks of waiting, my doors arrived broken. I refused delivery. Instead of being refunded or having replacements sent by ETO, I was instead asked to accept all of the broken doors for a "refund" of $100 per door. I couldn't repair the doors for that amount. To date, I am still waiting for someone to contact me. They will promise to call, and never do. In fact, no one will answer my call when I call them. Do not use this company.


Doors are not as advertised

Doors are sold as primed, but edges are not finished at all, and are made of multiple pieces of wood stuck together. They need to be filled and fixed. If this is primed, I don't know what unprimed is. I had huge gaps and holes in the edges of most doors. Customer service doesn't care and says they come "unfinished" which I guess means with holes, gaps, and needing work. To pay thousands of dollars for doors that come and still need to be worked on just to be able to be painted is ridiculous. The company seems so used to this that they just have an automatic response ready and they really don't care what you say or what photos you send.


Never have I had such poor experience

I have never been treated so poorly by so many different employees. The morale must be terrible there because they go through salesman after salesman and the customer service is horrendous. Learn from my experience and go anywhere else.


All in all a disaster.

Avoid this company, a 2 week order took 6, they delivered a door with a hidden defect and will not stand by it because the delivery paper was signed. The door quality is inferior for the price, very light. All in all a disaster. {{Redacted}}

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