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eTags has a 1.5-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 60 customers. In the Professional Services category, it secures the 19th position out of 763 companies.


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16400 Pacific Coast Hwy Suite 204, Huntington Beach, California, 92649, United States

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I cant esign the document which is very frustrating. I think I put my new address in, 114 south street and the system has 151 duke of gloucester st lreet annapolis md 21401


Cancel order

Was trying to cancel order was on the wrong site and couldnt speak with customer support T receive my re



I made a payment if you guys last night. I need the money back. It's not gonna go through. Because I have to pay a toll bill i need you to reach me asap


Fraulent service--renewal notification on already current car tag

Scam on email--DO NOT USE. Contacted tag expiring was incorrect. Charged for duplicate with high service fee.ScascasSSs


I want my title

Do not use this On 6/14/23, I ordered a replacement time for my trailer. I paid $140, signed and mailed all documents I received and have only heard from you when I did an inquiry as to where the title was at. This is ridiculous. I gave you everything, now send me the title!


There is no way of calling and getting a real person

I ordered my title over a month ago and I'm still waiting for etags to send me my vehicles title. I don't receive any calls and it's impossible to reach someone


Car Registration and Tag services since March 17th 2023 never receive.I'm driving my vehicule with an expired tag .It's extremely urgent to have my staff on hand.Please ,,, act promptly no time .

No one from the customer service or other department from e-Tags never answer my call. Sincerely, I'm very disappointed.


Tag and Registration

Since March 17th. 2023 I placed my order for renewed my registration and replaced my tag. I never receive. I need you to tell me what's wrong. Because I need my staff rigth away to replace those old expired staff.


Rjisrten renew

Round three weeks ago ifiil application with e tag renew plate so I not get any information that was my problum if you can help me thank you


Credit card inquiries

Ill leave a positive one when you refund my credit card as dmv didnt go thru it cant be done on line


False and Misleading registration renewal site for CA DMV

I intended to renew my registration through the CA DMV and searched for CA DMV via Google The first option that comes up on a Google search announces itself as CA DMV registration renewal in big letters - and if you look closer - which I didn't - in tiny print it gives another name called eTags - which sounds like it could be the online processor for the CA DMV. Instead what it is, is a scam company that lures CA DMV customers to their website through misrepresentation and then charges a $60 (in my case) surcharge for a standard registration renewal - which if paid for through the DMV would not have include these excessive fees. I want this company to stop employing deceptive and misleading marketing tactics and I want them to facilitate refunds for customers that have been deceived and would like to go directly through the DMV this is a shady group. This is so wrong and their scam has no doubt cheated thousands of people out of their hard-earned money.


Poor customer service and support

this site operates like a scam I placed an order on 06/20/2023 and as of today this company has sent me no corrispondence or up dates and in trying to reach out to them all you can get is a recorded mechine no human now I can not drive my truck because I don't have a updated regesteration they suck at service


Can’t checkout

Cant edit or even see my cart and cannot restart since my vin # is already in the system. Willing to spend extra $ but no.


Registration renewal

I paid the tickets thats was needed to be paid and Im still being told that. My license is suspended. I tried paying for my tags twice already an it was declined. There was no refund for either payments. Please contact me on this matter at (786-451-****) or diaziopratt@***.com

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