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Envision Rx Plus has a 1.5-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 227 customers. In the Pharmacy category, it secures the 13th position out of 351 companies.


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I've been trying to unsubscribe since Nov. of 2020. I have called to cancel, no responce. haven't ordered meds. in three years. still being charged $31.00 per month.


Por favor cancelar aseguransa que se me esta haciendo cargos deensuales, no estoy de acuerdo en estos cobros , rason por la que yo ya no resido en Arizona desde Junio del 2020.

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To share my experience

I have been with this company now for eight months and my experience on any of those months would qualify this pharmacy as the worst I have ever dealt with. Unfortunately, I'm stuck with them for a while. Here's the issues I've experienced in the last 30 days: Four auto-refill prescriptions didn't get sent. I discovered this when I ran out. The four prescriptions were supposed to have been filled at different times, but each were to be filled 3-5 weeks earlier (depending on the med). I called them and you know how some people say 'Sir' the way other people say "F-U'? There is quite a lot of that going on. Today is 2/5/21. Two of my doctors sent a total of three prescriptions in on 1/28/21 - eight days ago. They STILL have not filled them. Funny thing though - they charged my card for these meds last week. "Sir, your doctor needs to verify this medication. We've reached out to him twice." "Which doctor?" "What?" "Which doctor needs to verify this information and which doctor have you reached out to twice?" "Sir, the doctor that wrote these prescriptions." "Two doctors wrote prescriptions - one wrote one and the other wrote two." "Oh." "So which doctor do you need verification that the prescription they wrote is the prescription they want me to have - and which one did you reach out to twice." "Umm, both." "That is interesting, because I talked to Doctor L this morning and he said he spoke to you folks yesterday." No sir, he didn't. It says right here in the notes that...um...please hold." ~22 minutes later~ "Okay, it says that he talked to Katie but she didn't put any notes in the chart about whether she got what we needed from him." "I see. While I was on hold with you, Doctor I called me, and told me he just spent twenty minutes talking to you folks this morning, was placed on hold and then was disconnected." "Well, he's going to have to call back again, sir."


My wife hasn't received her membership number or billing instructions

After switching her Medicare Part D medication insurance to your company, my wife has not received her membership number or billing instructions although it was said to be sent within 10 days (it's 12/21/20 9:04pm). Registration particulars: Name: Jana Wiener Plan ID: Elixir RXPlus (PDP): S7694-***-* Registration confirmation number: 8f97c4e3c646


I go without vital medications every single month because the pharmacy cannot get me my medications on time.

This pharmacy has cancelled prescriptions that my doctor has sent - and their customer service team has both confirmed this and is unable to tell me why. I received a 28 day supply of a vital medication 31 days ago, but they have still not processed the next 28 day supply despite me requesting it ten days ago, seven days ago and today. If they mail it to me today, with this being the holiday season, I'll end up going ten days without it. And the same thing happened last month...and the month before....and the month before...and, you get it.


Why havent I got my enrollment information

Plan ID S769*-137.0 I haven't got my enrollment card or information packet


Medicar Part D Fraud

Envision merged with Elixir. My current plan is $14.20 per month. For 2021, I am going to be automatically placed on a higher plan $34.30 if I don't initiate a change. Even though my current plan is available at $14.30 per month. It is complicated but simply stated this company is a shameful organization. Call customer service and wait over an hour for a rude, uninformed person to NOT answer any of your questions. DO NOT use for Medicare Part D.


After paying for a monthly prescription for over a year they denied the same prescription

Envision is stating in an appeal process that the prescription needed for a thyroid condition is available over the counter and therefore they will not cover it. This statement lacks any intelligence whatsoever. One cannot obtain this medication without a prescription and it is not available over the counter. If their underwriters do not know this it sends up a red flag as to their competence.This policy was secured via Medicare part D and each year an insurance company posts what drugs they will or will not cover. My medication was covered and paid for until now. Anyone on Medicare DO NOT GO WITH THIS COMPANY. After paying for the exact same prescription for over a year plus they suddenly refused to pay for it saying it could be obtained over the counter. They are idiots to not recognize that is impossible.


Filling perscriptions incorrectly, takes forever and terrible customer service.

They are incorrectly filling and shipping prescriptions. Their process takes days to figure out why they filled it wrong and in the meantime they refuse to ship the correct prescription. It is taking them 4-6 weeks to ship them descriptions. Run they are horrible.



I was on Victoza and it worked very well for me, I had to get Envision Insurance due to a job change and the Pharmacy portion of the plan, Envision Rx is absolutely CRAP, my Victoza would cost me 2K for a 3 month supply - I refuse to pay that amount, (probably cheaper without insurance)….so, I am now on insulin


Avoid this company

Wow. Worst pharmacy ever and I'm a pharmacist. Totally incompentent customer service. Everyone seems to be totally unaware of proper procedure for handling prescriptions. I'd rather pay another pharmacy than get them for free at envisions


Don’t buy!

This is the mail Order pharmacy associated with Bright Health Medicare advantage plan. Nearly a month in now and they can not get their website up. Called in RX heart meds. Got Order number. Never sent. Running out of meds had to call heart doc. How can I know if they will be sent out this time. Asked for supervisor. No one came to phone!


If you want your merds before you have to have them go elsewhere

this id the most dysfunctional company I have ever had to deal with. My dr filed perscritions on jan 2 2020 they were not accepted as it was too early as my coverage would start on jan 3 Who ever heard of a year starting on jan 3 On jan6 the dr submitted again. still not received I called for the 4th time since jan 2nd .Todays call after yelling by me was resolved. the orders were there but 3 were missing I asked why I did not get email and why cant I find the precriptions on envision website in my account .there is a section to look up orders there weren't any. They told me I was on the wrong site I should be on envision pharmarcy. I asked How would anybody know that? I now asked what do In do for two medicines which would arrive after I will run out.I called the DR to call in the medicine. When I went to CVS pick up the 2 medicines I could only get 1 as the other was already ordered online and envision would not approve. The one I got was ordered on the internet as well. So I will run out of one medicine before it arrives that is only if the other medicine arrive. I have spent hours since Jan 2nd And has caused much anxiety for me. go elsewhere.



I'm a pissed customer. Called them over and over in one day, and they are telling me something different and when I go to the pharmacy they are telling me something different. Apparently because my medication is name brand they I have to pay 100% of the cost. The lady advised me that the off brand will cost me less it will be $20, but that was a lie, my pharmacist said that the off brand they covered 0% and I had a copay with it too. This company does not pay worth anything. My husband is paying monthly on this company, and they are not paying anything. not worth paying for. Because i got mad on the phone with the lady she told me she will disconnect me. I'm telling what is true, that their company does not pay for ***


Awful Awful Awful

I've been trying to get a medication filled for a month and 1/2, I call every other day, my doctor has called and faxed my prescription countless times and still nothing. I NEED this medication its beyond upsetting and frustrating. If this wasn't the provider used by my employer I would never use them again.



First off let me start off by saying I am a type 1 insulin dependent diabetic. I need to test my blood sugar and inject insulin daily. I recently stopped working full time and got on medicaid due to family needs and had to be home more, and my employer does not provide medical insurance for its part time employees. Medicaid expanded into Virginia for the first time on Jan 1, 2019. I took this opportunity to get health insurance as I will die if I don't have it, the cost of my supplies numbers in the thousands of dollars easily and I am not rich nor is my family. I googled "Envision pharmacy reviews" and saw the extremely poor rating it had but nevertheless I have no other options for three month prescription supplies. I signed up on the website after receiving my medicaid card and had my doctor send over the seven prescriptions I get through the mail. I had absolutely no idea that the situation could be this bad. I will go into detail as I feel it is important to warn future people to NOT GET INVOLVED WITH ENVISION. I had my first appointment of the year with my endocrine doctor on Jan 7 and had him electronically send my prescriptions to Envision. I got home and checked to make sure they received it via their website. They were there and ready to go. Here starts the nightmare. I waited about two weeks to give the pharmacy enough time to "process" the medication and get it into the shipping phase. After the two weeks had passed and literally nothing was shipped yet according to their website, it was time to make a phone call to the "member services" to get to the root of the issue. Boy was I in for more than I bargained for. The government REALLY does not want to hire quality associates and it is evident and reflected through the *** poor service I received. The first call I made was answered by an associate by the name of Lakeesha (am I spelling that right?). I think you know where this is going. I gave them my information after an annoyingly long introduction recording that DESPERATELY tries to get you to use the website to solve your issue rather than speak to an associate. This was the first sign of trouble as this tells me that they would rather you not call them at all and fix it yourself. Sounds reliable right? Wrong. The tone of voice and way she answered the phone were very unprofessional. She did not introduce herself or tell me her name, I had to ask that. I asked Lakeesha why my order has not shipped out yet and am abruptly and rudely cut off mid sentence and asked for my "memba ID numba puhlease" So I give her my member ID and my name and address to verify I am the account holder. She then tells me to continue where I left off. Why thank you, Lakeesha. So I ask for a second time why my order has not been shipped out yet and explain to her that my doctor had sent in the prescriptions almost three weeks ago and that I had run out of most of my diabetic supplies and that I needed to get this matter resolved quickly. Lakeesha then tells me she needs to put me on hold and after about two minutes of being on hold, the call was disconnected from her end. She was presented with a somewhat challenging customer issue and completely folded. What a surprise right? Don't worry it gets better. I call back and get different representative that at least attempts to solve the issue. They say that my supplies are "not on the formularies" and I need either a pre-auth from my doctor to get them or I need new scripts with different supplies covered by my insurance. I go with the ladder as the thought of these people having to contact my doctor gives me shivers down my spine. So I contact my doctor through email that night and the next day the new scripts are sent in and listed on the website. That should solve the problem, correct? Wrong. Now this is where things get really crooked. They repeatedly tell me over the phone that my insurer does not cover the supplies I am requesting, and that I need a pre-auth sent to them from my doctor, and I repeatedly retort with telling them that my doctor had sent in new scripts for the ones that are indeed covered by my insurance, and I had also checked with the insurance side of Envision to make 100% sure that they cover the brand of supplies I had requested and they confirmed that they were. After all that trouble I spoke to another representative named Latoya and asked her if everything was good to go and she said it was. Wrong. I got an email from Envision telling me that they need to speak with me about my order. So for the Fourth time, I called to see what the issue was. They tell me to my utmost frustration that they need... you guessed it... another pre-auth from my doctor in order to release my supplies for shipping. I tell the woman on the phone who is apparently a supervisor (that chews gum and smacks her lips whilst talking to me mind you) that their are new scripts from my doctor and I want the other order to be canceled and deleted from my account as my insurer does not cover them. Then she tells me that she is not capable of doing that and needs to transfer me to the mail order division. Isn't that who I am already speaking to I ask? No answer, phone starts ringing and I am at least slightly relieved that I no longer have to speak to that lowbrow excuse for a supervisor also wondering in my mind how these heathens are paid to do this because it certainly is NOT work. Finally after waiting someone answers and FINALLY I get to speak with a man named Reese who tells me that the pre-auth is NOT for the old order of supplies, but because the quantity goes over what my insurance will cover for me. Finally someone is at least making a little bit of sense. He tells me that a temporary solution would be to split the order so that I get half of my supplies whilst we are figuring out the rest. I agree with him and we go ahead with that plan. At this point I am weary of the issue with trust and follow-thru these people have and I checked the website the next day. Of course, still no supplies are en route to be shipped. I call again and find out that there is a hold on the order because one of their pharmacists need to do a "quality check". What the *** is a quality check? I asked. The representative, who sounded like an absolute drugged out drone of a human being, REFUSED to answer the question. Literally straight up said "I cannot answer that" in a scarily robotic voice. Holy smokes. This is your job. You answer the phone to know this. You may be thinking, can this get any worse? It can and it did. I asked the representative if I could have the number for customer care as somehow member services and customer care are two different things. Mind blowing. She then tells me there is no number for customer care and the only option she has is to transfer me. I tell her to transfer me and she does. I spoke with a man named Jon and he was actually somewhat compassionate and tried his hardest to help. Finally someone who gives a sliver of a damn. He tells me he is going to place me on hold while he contacts the pharmacy division and will update me as he finds anything out. To my dismay but not at all surprised, he says the representative REFUSED to answer his questions and could ... wait for it... TRANSFER his call to the pharmacy. After 45 minutes of waiting with him on hold, no one answers and we decide that it is probably too late in the evening (around 8:45 PM EST) and that I would need to call back the next day to try and get in touch with someone in the pharmacy department. In between these calls I described there were several others, all of which the story would change from X issue to Y issue to Z issue with none of these brain dead zombie-like halfwits able to help me in the slightest. I had to pay out of pocket for one of my medications as I completely ran out and had no other choice. BE WARNED THAT THESE ARE EXTREMELY DUPLICITOUS, IGNORANT, UNCARING, UNPROFESSIONAL, UNEDUCATED, LOWLIFE PEOPLE FOR THE MOST PART WHO ARE SHOWING UP TO "WORK" FOR NOTHING OTHER THAN A PAYCHECK. STAY AWAY FROM ENVISION PHARMACY AT ALL COSTS IF YOU HAVE A CHOICE. IF NOT, BE WOEFULLY PREPARED TO DEAL WITH APES. P.S. If you call and get someone on the other end of the line who speaks only slang english and name ends in -eesha, hang up the phone and call back until you speak to a either someone who can pronounce words correctly or a male representative as they were the ONLY ones who even attempted to solve my issues I was and am still having. Hopefully once these issues are ironed out, it will be a simple transaction of having my doctor send in the prescription and they fill it. Why shouldn't it be, right?

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