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Emtek has a 1.7-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 10 customers. In the Windows and Doors category, it secures the 41th position out of 170 companies.


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Broken thumb turn

My thumb turn broke on my entry door. Locksmith said without parts id need to replace the entire fixture. They are sending me hardware to repair my lock after pissed consumer contacted them.


Safety problem, door hardware breaks and traps occupant in room

The design of the door plunger (the thing that clicks into the door jamb and keeps the door from opening) breaks loose from the rest of the handle and gets stuck in the jamb, which locks the door permanently and traps the occupant in the room. If you are in a bathroom without a window or are a senior who is not agile enough to climb out a window, and are alone in the house then you can be in serious danger. DO NOT INSTALL THESE FAULTY THINGS IN AN ELDERLY PERSON'S HOME. Seriously, this can be a serious hazard.


Front door entry tab broke and Emtek will not replace.

Cannot even get into my house because of this poor quality mechanism. Go with one of the other brands that provide a lifetime warranty, like Schlage. Emtek certainly does not. They just tell you where you can go to buy another one from them.


Terrible Quality

Door hardware made by Emtek is some of the worst hardware you can buy. It is very cheap and horrendously designed. A child could design a more effective system. Door handles WILL fall off within months. I can personally guarantee that. Please do yourself a favor and buy literally anything else.


Rusty screws

Bought solid bronze hardware for a porch screens I made and all the screws were steel wich bled rust all over the varnish and painted sills ,it cost me over a $1,000 to repair everything. I'm so upset that they would sell solid bronze hardware and not have the screws the same material, what's the point it makes no sense ,when you buy there solid brass hinges they give you brass screws so I'm done with them they did nothing to help me out and this is by far not the first time they've screwed me up so bye bye


Poor quality for premium prices

Updated by user Dec 11, 2019
Emtek finally located the dealer, but won’t make things right. They want me to pay shipping and restocking fee to replace damaged products!

What a shame! This company shouldn’t exist.

Original review Dec 10, 2019
Spent months of researching door hardware manufacturers. I kept coming back to Emtek given their modern look. Searched their website for dealers and worked with two on pricing and product details. That alone should have warned me. Their dealers have no clue about the products or pricing. No samples in stores either. They didn’t even know how to order. I spent weeks researching the product details to make sure I order the correct size and materials. Decided to go with black matte and satin brass finish and spent over $1,000 for hinges and door knobs in 2 orders. Now I am stuck with damaged product and Emtek is hiding behind their dealers while dealers are denying their responsibility. All black matte finish products had damaged surface due to subpar finish quality and packaging full of metal particles rubbing all over the products. Satin brass hinges that were supposed to be plates steel came in painted and scratched up. Beware of Emtek! You can’t return damaged product nor you can talk to anyone from the company. You have to go through the dealer and they won’t work with you. Dealer was super rude, but agreed to replace door knobs. After one month (now 5 months without doors), replacement door knobs came back damaged as well. At that point, Laura from Emtek offered to initiate talk with a dealer, but couldn’t locate them on the list! After confirming details with the dealer and numerous discussions with Emtek, they still claim the dealer isn’t authorized to sell the products. I will have to go to court to get my money back. What a shame! They won’t talk to you. They won’t work with you. They don’t care! The product is worse than any of the cheapest hardware you can buy in Home Depot. Do yourself a favor and stay far from Emtek.


Wrong backset latches

Obiously nothing! Swapping out latches that were ordered wrong...not your fault! Didnt think exchanging thesr would be that big of a deal but apparently it is


The Pinto of the Door Hardware Industry

Great looking product line. Purchased 8 interior doors and 1 front door hardware set for a total of $900-1,000. Have you ever heard of the saying, "It's the Cadillac of the _______?" Well, Emtek is the Ford Pinto, ready to explode, and to make it worse, at above Cadillac prices. The design and durability of these sets (Arts & Craft door handle sets) are pathetic. The handles need to be maintained often (tightened) and the rectangle plate that covers the hole frequently needs to be realigned and tightened. They come loose at least 2 times a year, EACH DOOR. After 2 years I have removed everyone of these POS handles and offering them on Ebay at about 75% off. Oh, and the customer service line, well, if you are itching to have a stroke, simply give them a call and you will come unglued. Note: Make sure your Disability Insurance and Life Insurance premiums are current prior to calling. They are simply the worst company I have ever dealt with, and I'm no spring chicken (50). Their resolution, do nothing, absolutely nothing. Their best recommendation, call the dealer that you purchased them from, which, oh by the way was not helpful in the least bit. If you are reading this and have yet to purchase these, I highly recommend you think twice, no think 2 to the 10th exponent. If your wife is urging you to purchase, simply refuse. This is a divorce worthy stance, a line drawn in the sand that you cannot, will not cross. Words cannot do justice to the horrendous experience I have had with the products and company. Avoid at all cost.


Same exact product, same exact problem.

Don't buy Emtek products. This company is a scam. Finish has worn off. The internal mechanism cracked. Junk. They don't back there product. The 2012 warranty thing is just saying that they know that they got scammed by their manufacture in China before then. Class action suit anyone? $150. a handle scam.


EMTEK does not stand behind their products

10+ years ago I built my home and used Durango levers throughout. Recently several of them started BREAKING. I called Emtek's customer service because on their website it states that they provide a Limited Lifetime Warranty. The CSR told me that the Limited Lifetime warranty only applies to products purchased since 2012. Anything purchased prior to 2012 had only a 5 year warranty. What? Who in this day and age expects their door handles to start breaking after a few years (and these are not $30 handles either but rather $150) ? Either way shame on me for not paying attention when I bought the product. When I asked them to provide me with the mentioned warranty they declined saying that it was my responsibility to keep the warranty slip that came with the product. The CSR actually suggested that I purchase a replacement product. RIGHT! I am just about to spend $130 - $150 per door on a product that does not last and that is produced by a company that does not stand behind their products. The bottom line is that EMTEK does not stand behind their product and their product is ***. STAY AWAY FROM EMTEK PRODUCTS!!!

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