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Elagoon Digital has a 2-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 26 customers. In the Web Design and Development category, it secures the 17th position out of 236 companies.


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Digital Marketing Service

My team partnered with Elagoon Digital to implement an inbound marketing program for the company. My objective was to select a range of executive placements, including in-house legal and compliance roles. Elagoon Digital handled the job smartly and developed an optimized website for my company. They also provided inbound marketing services and created apt contents for our blogs and eBooks that reflected both our brand and professionalism. With the help of Elagoon Digital my team has increased both brand awareness and leads. Highly recommendable! Asitava Bose, CEO, Oakland Wanderlust Resorts



They call to refund me 299 that I paid them becuz theyre going out of business, but I never paid them anything. He tried hard to make me believe that I had paid them. When I told him I'm not going to keep looking because I know I didnt pay them, he hung up on me. Red flags all over the place.



DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES GIVE THIS COMPANY YOUR MONEY. MOST REVIEWS ARE POSTED BY THEIR OWN EMPLOYEES. I started working on a website project with this company. I gave them an initial deposit of $1,000. Duration of the project was supposed to be 2 months. They kept calling me to upsell on things that you don't need. They sold me on Google listings for $200 which I later found out that it is FREE. Initially they gave me a quote for $2000. halfway through the project they said they cannot complete it at that price and that they miscalculated and raised the budget to $4,000 and I agreed to it. Even after 6 months into the project I still don't have a completed first page. In the six months they went through three different project managers and I am without a website still. When you call for a refund or to get them to finish the project, they will not pick up, reply to your emails or call back. Do you want to see it for yourself? Try calling there listed phone numbers and it will never get through. When they call you, they always call you from a "private number". This way you can't get in touch with them. They process money through their website such a way that you can't get the money back. Seems like the transaction is charged through offshore accounts so that YOU CANNOT GET A REFUND THROUGH YOUR BANK EITHER. I also believe that they are using a fake address in California to gain business in the US.


Bad experience

It is not a good company to work with. I found this company through Upwork. They sounded good and said they are capable of working on my platform. I made it clear several times, I do not want a new website. Because my website is a component of my ERP, I can only accept simple graphical upgrades. Months after making promises and taking my deposit, they come back with well, we will need to requote this job. More time goes by with no further contact. I followed up with emails and phone calls. All I get is the manager Chris is on the phone, leave a message that does not get returned. I am done. Sadly, a high school student was able to make most of the changes I had requested from Elagoon.


A fraud company

After I got a new domain, someone from Elagoon Digital called me again and again and offering web development. I refused many times. In Dec. 2017, they called me and emailed me about the Christmas special for web development. I was busy and cannot handle everything at that time. So I just agree to take a try. I have two website which linked together and new website would like to add database, while the existing doing the same function as before. ElagoonDigital people told me it is a small project and would complete in 3 weeks. But need initial payment and every stage need to pay them amount of money. But people goes vacation and wedding etc. While working on the programming part, they said it is much harder than initial requirement. And need much more money for this project. It already three month now. I am giving up what I paid, but want American Companies be aware of this India Fraud Company claiming can do everything and after get your initial pay and work only cosmetic design and asking pay next step, but for real programming, they will be asking much more and let you stop and they took your money and go away. Here are the contact information they use. Sandra Johnson Accounts Manager | Elagoon Digital Australia: +61 7******** | New Zealand: +64 4280**** United Kingdom: +44 1518****73 | Ireland: +353 ******** USA: +1 46******** | Canada: +1 46******** Email: sandra.johnson@***.com ED-logo In this new wave of technology, you can't do it all yourself, you have to form alliances. - Carlos Slim Helu


Awesome Digital branding agency

While starting a new startup company I had less idea about SEO. The Digital Marketing team experts of Elagoon Digital helped my Brand by doing branding work, developing the online reputation and increasing ranks. Elagoon Digital can be recommended as best Digital branding & Marketing agency in Kolkata, India because they not only focus on the visibility of website but also ensure best ranking & branding to the users. They understood that a simple feature can earn a business customer preference over its competitors. Also, my website reduces bounce rates it is important to make the user experience as smooth and helpful as possible. The designers and developers are also true professionals. They understand your vision and make it a reality. The layouts and designs are fantastic. The best I have seen. Thanks, Elagoon Digital.



They Scam People, they cheat on customers as they dont provide any service. All they say is they do web designing and take a lot of money and they never show up ever again....................................................................................They take away all you money and card no................................................................Dont trust them .This is the company using many names and doing the scam all around the globe. Why don't they leave the good people alone and do some legit business. Government also should take against these companies. Worst Company ever operating in Australia from different name all together. And charges a lot for everything which i already have. Keeps lying about the products and websites delivery. Don't fall for them. The local police raided there office because they were running tech support scam in USA. i came to know this from one of the agents with whom i was speaking from the 1st day regards to my website. JUST DON"T FALL FOR THIS FRAUD COMPANY


Short and not well inform

About a year ago they called to offer me some services about constructing my website and telling me things i should get for that website but i needed none of that at all.. i felt like a i was forced to buy their services.


Courtesy Call by Shyam Sumdar

I just talked to Shyam (Sam) about 10 min ago. What a splendid man! It's no wonder Elagoon ... is number one in the world! I'm sitting here in my living room at 404 West Keech Ave, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA looking out at a pink twilight sky and 5 inches of new snow. (By the way, my name is Doug Jewett, douglasjewett777@***.com., Please! Drop us a line from Kolkata! What a surprise for all of us on West Keech! Also, if you have Google Street View, take a look at our magnificent (but very cheap) house, It's the one half a block west of the football stadium, on the north side of W. Keech. You can't miss it. It's set back on a wide lot w. a 20 ft octagon on the front. Our living room. DJ


Should be laws against this

Multiple calls from all over the country/world. Impossible to call back or unsubscribe (I never subscribed to anything in the first place). Won't stop calling. Might have to change my phone number. I am a web designer and they must pickup recently registered domains. I never signed up for anything and I think there should be laws against this type of harassment. STOP CALLING. Some people get charged for this type of thing, luckily i just ignore the calls at this point. How does a company like this run and stay in business? I honestly don't understand it. I never gave you permission to email me, call me, or contact me in any way. I will be making complaints at every available spot.


Absolutely Fantastic Experience

I have worked with Elagoon Digital on multiple projects. Our non-profit in California could not have experience the success we have without their help. I can only imagine this website trying to falsely portray their services is created by a competitor. Every time they deliver a project they are careful to fix any problem and even offer incredible ideas to help make our system even better. I highly recommend looking at websites were you can see comments from current customers vs. this website without any specific customers identified. Very sad! Elagoon Digital is a very good company and just ask them to show their customers in California!


Complete Nightmare should not be legal

Been calling me every day for months trying to sell me a website, but I don't want one from them; I have been working as a programmer and website designer for over 20 years. ps: And it's not possible to block them as they are calling as an unknown caller, not displaying the number In my opinion stay well clear of them as they are obviously very desperate to get some business when they are that persistent and go to such length. I think they stopped calling me from their Australian office now as I have lodged a couple of formal complaints against them,l so they now keep calling me from another location, mostly the States I think.


Do Not work with Elagoon

It is typical they will take your money and never finish the project. They make promises they never keep, will not hit deadlines and try to scam you out of more money to finish the project. Deborishi Ganguly was the account rep, who continues to try to stall and delay since the developers were not knowledgeable in the project they took on. They will refuse to refund the money. Absolutely do not use paypal to pay them as you will not have any recourse. At least if you pay by credit card you can get your money back since this is nothing more than fraud.


Working with Elagoon has been a pleasure!

We needed a website that was simple and easy to use, yet engaging and responsive. It was important that the website would cater specifically for the foreign tour industry in particular. From the design, to the menus and features, Elagoon certainly hasn’t disappointed us. Working with them has been a pleasure. The managers were always approachable and never had a laid back attitude. They came up with innovative ideas which made the website look awesome after completion of the whole project. I will definitely refer Elagoon to others because they are the best in this domain and they know how to keep their customers satisfied.


Horrible company

Will take your money and never follow up. Do not spend any money with this company. They dragged on a project that should have been completed in two weeks for over a month. They will do a little work until they get a payment and then all work stops. I gave them the requirements for the project and they didn't follow the specs and tried to pass off something completely different. Rather than completing the project that I gave them they tried to overcharge me for other projects that I did not even need. I received continued promises to keep the project going but then excuse after excuse as to why the project was not being worked on.

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