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ECCPP Auto Parts has a 1.7-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 59 customers. In the Auto Parts and Accessories category, it secures the 70th position out of 513 companies.


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1521 E FRANCIS ST STE A, Ontario, California, 91761, United States

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ECCPP Auto Parts Reviews


Need to cancel an order.

I ordered a cat back exhaust system yesterday, august 18th, and my bank got a little confused so they had put my card on hold and they called me today to confirm it was me making purchases and I told them it was. They said any purchase attempt when they put the card on hold would not go through so I ordered another exhaust from you guys. If the 1st purchase goes through Id like the second one to be canceled.


My order

Money came out of my account but have no email or text with order confirmation and tried to get ahold of them but no answer


Never got my package

So I ha ordered this package and accidentally forgot to add the street but they waited till it was a couple hours away from where I live to send it back then I talked with some customer support and they told me it would arrive on the 26th but it's now the 27th at like 5PM and its still not here. The tracking number tells me it's been delivered to Ontario California but I have no idea what's going on and I am dire need of these fitter's.



Need the wrong one it was the wrong one and I can't use it at all four my windows so I need to sent that one back tou y'all and get a none and sent the wrong and sent the right one to me


When I am going to get my money back four my part...

When I am going to get my money back four my part so u can get a none one the one u sent me is the wrong one I need the right one


I haven't received my order

My order havent arrived its been to long and I still havent gotten a confirmation email w you people


My part is 2 days late and they won't answer the phone

Updated by user May 11, 2023
They will not answer the phone

Original review May 11, 2023
My part is 2 days late according to their delivery schedule I should have known the price is too good to be true


Terrible customer service

Ordered a part online, on a Friday morning. Their immediate email confirmation showed the wrong billing address and wrong shipping address. I immediately sent email, voicemail and online instructions that the order was screwed up, but received no response, so I cancelled the order within an hour after placing email, voicemail and on their website. No response until the following Monday morning I got a curt email that the part shipped and it was too late to cancel; no name of customer support, no suggestions for resolving it. These people are the worst. As I was going through this, I began to see how many others have had a bad experience too. This company is terrible, don't buy from them.


Will not correspond easily

why should should i have to pay to get an answer for an incorrect product that was shipped,they will not answer a phone or do a free live chat


Return an Item

Ordered pipes for 2004 corvette and they did not fit my car want a refund please thank you. Looking forward to doing business again in the future


So far they have ripped me of thieves

I ordered parts that where guaranteed to fit my car. They wouldnt without totally modifying it in a bad way. You cant reach them they dont call or emeail on second week finally saying they can do a partial refund and I can sell them. Yet they never hit me back on that even How can crooks like this be allowed to do business


Warranty parts

bought rack and pinion last september now it leaks over my driveway spent over 300.00 to have installed 90.00 for front end alignment sent email to them no answer it like they dropped of face of the earth. asked for my money back or replacement plus installation


Never received product fedex showed pictures of it being delivered but it got stole because fedex put it at the bottom of my driveway instead of my front door now I’m screwed out of the product

Fedex didnt put my packages at my front door instead at the bottom of my driveway where no one can see the bottom and my packages got stolen and since fedex did it hat Im out of 2 turbos money and a running car but nobody cares they got my money so they are more worried about that than the customer I new I shouldve bought from advance auto or Napa at least I would be driving my car


Broken mirror

Just got the mirrors and as soon as we open the box they are both broken. Tried calling no answer. Just want it fixed.


Need to return for refund

Cannot get in touch with them to return product Ive tried for 2 weeks now and you have to type so many words to be able to write a review???

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