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My package has not been delivered

i received a massage that my package have been delivered but i have not receive any anything so i don't know how


Item missing peace’s

I order DJI FPV drone I received it vary late after receiving it I was so excited and confident because trusting eBay certified refurbished then I opened it it was missing parts, so I contacted the seller no response I asked eBay to step in then they gave me return label I send the item back I still havent got my refund for my item so that broke my trust from eBay or shipping agin and please I need my refund because its not $1 or $2 its almost $800.


Received a damaged package and products

very responsive and quick response, which is very important in a business like this I received the damaged subwoofer 12 inch DS 18 D4 soon as I seen the box I knew there was gonna be some damage. Not sure if it was damaged before it got to FedEx or during the FedEx mailing I took pictures I received an email in response of all the pictures that I sent I would like to get this problem resolved soon. Thank you, 713-409-**** Carlos owner of CF Custom Remodeling



Purchased product and was scammed. It's sad that fb marketplace/ebay allows individuals to sell knowing that the buyer will lose money without a care in the world.


EBay purchase

Bought from my eBay buyer received a false advertisement item that was not in the description, when messaging the seller about the item, they told me that they gave me something that was similar, not the item that was displayed for sale



I ordered a pair of air struts for a Mercedes s550 4matic and I received the wrong parts,I automatically returned them the same day for a full refund but the gave me a partial refund and saying the were used even with the pictures attached


Item never made it.

Item 15-1022*-***35 was lost by USPS. NO REFUND given. I report to seller, he never responded. I am in the dark by seller. I am so dissapointed. It was covered by Ebay but never made it. The envelope content was empty like stolen by someone with access to USPS sorting center. I am not joking or fooling around. I have USPS proof of this. I tried to open a return and someone close it then they open item not received and they closed it again without helping. Ebay support dont care. USPS Tracking 940010****499062****33. Report all thoose who took my case and seller for molesting me and not taking my case serious. Summary: I have been sent an empty mail and they think is me and USPS took my item and sent the envelope empty and seller want to win with an empty package. WTF.


Seller did not ship item

Updated by user Aug 09, 2023
I guess eBay is happy to have another customer that will not deal with them for their lack of responsibility in this matter.

Updated by user Aug 09, 2023
No one has followed up or given me any resolution.

Updated by user Jul 10, 2023
No one from eBay will step in and help.

Original review Jul 10, 2023
I have provided order number to eBay. Seller kept promising to ship since January of this year. It actually shows shipped early February. I have had zero success with the seller and eBay. Money back guarantee is great but if you can't get a hold of anyone, what good is it?


Two paintings sold but unpaid ï fraudulent

I was scammed and not paid yet you claim that I used up my allowed maximum on EBAY I sold two valuable paintings. Both sold almost immediately but the customers never paid!!! eBay now wont release either my money nor the paintings and I cant relist them. HELP


The seller has done nothing to fix the issue of false advertisement

The seller posted a ad for 2 tires for the price of app $803 but decided to revise the ad after I purchased the prior posted ad of 2 tires for $803 with out consulting with the buyer before doing so. I Disputed the actions of the seller and eBay ruled in his favor even with the evidence provided by pics of the receipts. So I filed a dispute with my bank and we are awaiting further legal actions!


False advertisement

The seller advertised 2 tires for a price and I agreed and bought the item. The seller later changed his ad to 1 tire for that same price without consulting with me for approval of the changes and sent me 1 item where he advertised 2 for that same price! I opened a case and eBay confirmed all of my allegations to be true and reviewed my complaint and ruled in the sellers favor where they reviewed all the documentation that supported my claim! So in short I was sold 2 items and recieved only one for the price thst advertised 2!


I need a eBay refund for a fraud !!!!

I bought a solid 1OZ gold bar for $1,855.49 and was shipped a different bar thats only gold plated (worthless) I need eBay to refund my $1,855.49


Received a delinquent package which items and box were damaged and unusable

I recieved an email notifying me of delivery. Yet I had not recieved package. Then 2 days later the items arrive and the box has been crushed. The audio connection on spkr,is broke. And there is a puncture hole in the speaker itself.


You need a CALL SYSTEM ! A real one

Updated by user Jun 12, 2023
I emailed a inquiry on Facebook to get more information about a car, she then went to explain how she’s a marine, she’s overseas, the car just sits in the garage, she has everything set up through eBay, and she can send the eBay invoice to me. ( I can send the emails...

Original review Jun 12, 2023
How do you suspect a first time person getting on eBay to know your real email if that's the only contact you have. Literally I looked up the eBay email and it couldnt even come up. So then I call and Im only speaking to a robot. How would someone know that are getting scammed if its the same tactics eBay does. 800 dollars man !!! Im now 19, been working my *** off since 15, so for me. Thats A LOT !!! Something HAS TO GIVE !!! Then when I try to get help, it asks me for a order number. Im sorry but since this was my first time I assumed that we didnt have to use the app and etc. so the transaction didnt happen on eBay. But it happened on eBay gift cards and I still have every receipt and gift card .


Did not receive item

They resolved according to the case of my sale but the reasons that they measure are not correct because I have sent the verifications and I communicated with the buyer and they do not give me more evidence they stole my product that they do not use ebay to vie


More buyer bias with liars for buyers

My old entry detailed how I was banned because I said the wrong things about eBay in my listing, and since then I wrote eBay with screenshots of previous emails that had promised help with the problem I'd been having in the first place, and of course I never heard back. I was forced to start using my sister's unused account with 0 feedback whatsoever, and I'm sure that anyone familiar with eBay knows what THAT means. One of my first buyers chose to lie in her feedback. She was in Canada and I was doing my own shipping. I found out AT THE PO that the shipping to Canada was going to be $8 MORE THAN THE COST OF THE ITEM! When I told her I had to refund the item, she lied and said that she "didn't receive the item and is asking for a refund", which I reported and was told that it "didn't violate any eBay policies". So OK, apparently it's just FINE for buyers to blatantly lie in their feedback. Why does this not surprise me? Out of 3 feedback marks, of COURSE 1 negative. Which only makes things worse for me, naturally. This person could have been understanding but chose not to be, and that seems to be the latest prevailing theme with eBay buyers. Of course I said so in the negative feedback that I left her, but that didn't fix things for ME. So, now I sold a large lot of Tarot decks and books, which included several decks that I'd tried to sell individually for at least close to what they were actually worth, and after my prices descended to about half of what the going price was for these OOP collectible decks in basically new condition, I gave up and decided to just get rid of all of it in one big lot. Mistake #2. Someone contacted me about the price of shipping, which they were of course complaining about (mind you, this was with eBay shipping) and frankly I was worried that it wouldn't be enough for an 11.5 lb package. Turns out nope it wasn't, eBay having decided to charge even less than the asking price of not even quite $20 - they marked it down to $15 and I happen to know that in that flat-rate box it got charged against my profit! So eBay is basically running a postage scam on top of everything else. Their postage NEVER shows high enough and I keep having to put in higher and higher numbers for size and weight. No more of this nonsense for me! I'm never selling anything on eBay again! Waiting longer for a fair price on Amazon is fine with me, especially now that I'm finally no longer desperate for any money I can get as fast as I can get it. There are things I want to buy on there, so that's all I'm staying on for. The user in question: jo_jona_cj76ihth And any user with THAT weird of a username is immediately sus imo anyway. Apparently this person is trying to get this for nothing so that they can resell at total profit for like 5x as much! I just went back and took screenshots of every single picture from that auction, and will post them here. I'm also going to email eBay directly with them and contain every scrap of info so that it will connect to my report to eBay which of course I filed immediately. Now: what this person was apparently alleging (my sis read the whole thing, I didn't) was that there was "food" on things, they were "scuffed" and "worn" - ridiculously blatant and easily disprovable lies. How this person thinks that they can allege such things when I have direct photographic proof of what everything in that auction looked like is beyond me! I told them that they were immediately being reported to eBay for buyer fraud, and that these were directly disprovable lies, and they wrote back some long answer starting with "I have no..." - having glimpsed it accidentally when going for a screenshot of my complaint to eBay - and the next thing was eBay's notification that "there was something wrong" and they wanted a refund. I don't give a damn about the money, I care about GETTING BACK *MY* PROPERTY IN THE CONDITION IN WHICH IT WAS SENT. Both they and eBay will be notified that as soon as that box hits the porch, we video the unboxing, and if ANYTHING is amiss we will have photographic - or rather video - proof. I swear I'll threaten legal action against this person (them personally, nothing to do with eBay) just to f* up their life! I'm putting these up for sale on Amazon and I'm going to say that too! Stay tuned!

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