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DVDVideoSoft has a 2.5-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 142 customers. In the Software category, it secures the 45th position out of 1129 companies.


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DVDVideoSoft Reviews


My free You Tube download is unactivated version

In June 2017 I bought access to DVD VideoSoft's programs and purchased Unlimited Premium with key: FB5C0-8D4BF-B84B1-03D6B-FA208 I have now been banned from Premium to be able to download videos. It must be a mistake. With best regards Asta Marie Boysen E-mail: ahb@***.dk


I paid for premium service and my laptop was reset I lost information on how to get back

I want to download music it is in the unactivated mode I paid for the service on 03/22l2023 In my checking account I see a number if that mean anything


About Free you tube to mp3 Converter

Hello, good Afternoon in Spain. Please, Have you any software for download music youtube running by Windows 7 Profesional. The web version can not install. Thank you very much. Regards. Jose Luis Tur Tur e-mail. joseluisturtur@***.com


Kann keine Videos runterladen

Ich habe aus Versehen Anwendung gelöscht Joutube äh Videos runterladen zu könnde, obwoh ich es Bezahlt habe Bestellnähmr lauTund 2T523296FL447448 ,wenn ich Joutube wiedäh beladen Müssteich wieder Bezahlde.WAs kann ich mAchde?


Lost my unlimited premium servce

I paid for unlimited service and have been using it well till the last update. I've now I've lost that service and it wont reset. Customer service doesn't exist with this company. nobody to talk too. Stupid Bots only want me to buy it again. do not buy the premium service you will only lose your money.


Free you tube

This program free YouTube to MP3 converter which I paid for never ever works it always shuts down I either want my money back or a solution to the problem.


I Recieved 3 order of payments in Portugal .

Have 3 orders subscriving serviçes I did not ask for. 2 in the same date ( 21/8) on the amount of Euros 47,97 and 23,37 respectively 1 on the amount Euros 23,37 (24/8) Dont recall having suj businesse withe you compy. Please send me details because if i did Received no benefits. Already aleart autorities in Portugal. Thank You Alberto Neves


Poor Quality Audio

Just buy the albums from Apple Music instead. Every YouTube downloader I've tried is not user friendly.Every time I convert a YouTube video to FLAC there is a jump or a blip ten seconds into the conversion. However I don't hear the glitch on YouTube, but I hear it in the converted file and Digital Wave Support were clueless in how to fix it and there have been multiple updates since this issue happened and the updates didn't fix the issue. Now I've got music with choppy audio regardless of which setting I have the program on.



An das DVDVideoSoft Team! Der Schlüssel FB5C0-8D423-5F3B9-9B976-C38FA funktioniert nicht mehr Können Sie helfen oder mir einen Tipp geben? Ich erbitte baldige Hilfe. Danke im Voraus


Computer crashed

my computer crashed had to reinstall lost my program dvd video soft had paid for don;t have the number to reinstall please send also the old email adress inhislove@***.net is no longer good or available my name is Connie Hatter Thanks


No way to reach customer support without having to pay a fee (cost is bigger than the item). No way to reach a person. Chat only and at a cost. RIPOFF!

purchased premium activation code. Computer would not accept it. Needed to contact support staff. Only chat function available and at a cost.


Trouble to activate my premium account

Im having a trouble of activate my premium activation code on my PC which I have it reformatted recently. Can you please help me solve it? Appreciate if you can help me to solve it. my Order reference number: ch_1JFJ9gKR7M0SMd9vas16wwriTroublee Thank you.


Can’t download no content

I paid for premium service but cant get no content downloaded from YouTube at all.just wondering will it be corrected


Cobrança em duplicidade

Olá. No dia 06/12/2021 realizei a assinatura por um ano do DVDVideoSoft. Ocorre que a cobrança veio em duplicidade no meu cartão de crédito. No fim foram feitas duas assinaturas: FB5C0 8D9B8 EA65E C2E6F 9E927, FB5C0 8D9B8 EA96F 9FDBA B073C. Solicito que uma delas seja cancelada e extornada a cobrança do meu cartão de credito. Aguardo.


Not getting response from this company

DVDVideoSoft Premium Key (unlimited) (7/31/2015 12:38:05 AM) - 0FA3FD56F22FB60AE2EC2BE10 D56F22FB60AE2EC2BE100FA3F noreply@***.com To: zubair_usa@***.com Wed, Apr 29 at 1:50 AM Dear Zubair Ahmad You have requested DVDVideoSoft key restore. Here is the list of all the keys you purchased for this e-mail. 1). DVDVideoSoft Premium Key (unlimited) (7/31/2015 12:38:05 AM) - 0FA3FD56F22FB60AE2EC2BE10 In case you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact DVDVideoSoft Team Best regards, DVDVideoSoft Ltd.


A watermark on downloaded videos

I Have bought for 19 euros free you tube download.An hour ago.My email is melyot@***.gr_There is a watermark signs to buy premium in order to be removed.Am I going to download videos with THAT watermark Having paid you 19 euros Please I need your helpI Have also received this email Here is your personal Premium offer You have only 3 days to purchase Unlimited Premium, covering the whole package of 25 DVDVideoSoft apps. All 25 apps for just 19, unlimited term Your benefit is 456 19×25 = 19 Your Premium Activation Key: {{Redacted}} You can activate one DVDVideoSoft application of your choice. Learn how to activate an app on this page. Please keep this email for future reference. Your order date 10/31/2021 9:12:40 PM. Order reference number: ch_3JqlKOKR7M0SMd9v0vvE3DVR

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