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1.3/5 - based on 105 reviews

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Dun And Bradstreet has a 1.3-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 105 customers. In the Professional Services category, it secures the 8th position out of 763 companies.


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(855) 781-6012

5335 Gate Parkway, Jacksonville, Florida, 32256, United States

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Dun And Bradstreet Reviews


Great customer service

The individual was very helpful in very attentive to my needs She answered every question and provided solutions when they were needed wish I can get the same representative every time



I had my friend start the application sent everything in what we did online. And I got a notification or email saying that it didn't go through. pissedconsumer.com.


Change Something

Wrong number I can not get in touch with dubs and Bradstreet is there any away I can be provided with a contact number or can tbdy contact me 725-895-****


Up date profile

It been real getting worker to work on repairs ok yes , but still plugging away at it yes , I have other address I'm using right as place to stay while work go on yes , an a clean up crew out Iowa yes Business address {{Redacted}} Mt Carroll place motel properties a of Mt Carroll il & 813 1 Ave Rockfalls il


Check on claim

They havent called me for me to set anything up! They told me they made several attempts but I havent received a call on (870)-310-**** regarding my business


My account

Its hard to get contact with customer service and takes them awhile to fix your account but overall they have good products



It's saying that I have 4 employees. Wanting to make sure my number matches up to my company. Also wanting to make sure my dunn number is not another company but WAW Trucking & Logistics, LLC


False reports

Tried to open an account that was rejected. I asked why. The answer was my D&;;;;;;;;B report which I had to pay to obtain only to find false information that they could not provide the information on who reported or why. They said they would remove if they found to be false. Seems odd they would mention that right away. At that point they had my money for the report.


Impossible Company to Deal With

I tried to update my company's address using their "free" site and got stuck in an endless loop. The web site is impossible to us (lots of internal error messages). The customer service line branching indicates you can change your information on line and then drops you if you make the selection to update your information. I had to call back three times to get a live person and my "case" has been opened. It should not be this hard to deal with a company. In the 18+ years I have been in business, this company just gets harder, not easier to deal with ... unless you want to spend money on their products.


False reporting

My business FICO score is 200 (above 160 is considered good) and my business Experian score is 80 (out of 100). My personal credit scores are in the mid 700's. My D&B score? 42 out of 100....lol. When you call to find out why, they require payment of some sort to assist you in any capacity. Extortion at its finest.



They were SO POLITE, AND Helpful. I am truly grateful, for the Duns &; Bradstreet. TO OTHERS, who are new to Duns and Bradstreet, I "thought" I had conflict with this company, it turned out, that it was not them. I didn't know that until they told me that I had to pay to get started. DONT BE AFRAID TO ASK THEM, ANYTHING. And make sure you have their true and correct number.thanks.


Unethical behavior

I have seen how they work & I know who they are & how they treat people. D&B also are the number 1 landlord over HUD . They also are underhanded. I'm going to be bringing charges against them for fraud . The owners are my spouse & his mistress that defrauded me out of my rights to a fair settlement during my divorce. We are from Tipton County Tn. & I'm the new Voice for the people that is going to help tenants, bad credit scores due to d&b, landlord should be known, fighting for land trust owners not hiding assets, hidden company owners due to these people defrauding a legal wife instead of a mistress. D&B is owned by the worst people who could possibly have any say so over our credit & absolutely no right to personal information. Donna c. Delashmit & Gregory Harris Rose are D&B, invitation homes & have done many illegal things. I'm the people's voice, & I will change the way legal spouses are treated, tenants are robbed, & hidden identities will change. People get ready a war is beginning on D&B & section 8 homes!!!!!


D & B will accept money from a fraud.

D & B is supposed to be a company who provides credit ratings about businesses. For the purpose of providing credit references for banks and vendors. Unfortunately that we found out D & B allows and accepts money from a "fake" company (a fraud) to use a "fake" name and to be listed on D & B's web site. Imaging this. A company using a "fictitious" name to be listed on D & B's web site providing credit references without a Federal EIN number verification. Is the credit rating on D & B's web site really reliable?


Incorrect reported information about my company.

These so-called company should be taken down, always providing false information, incorrect credit reports and they send out those lame cards to provoke a call so they can upsell you? ... Sad!


Scam Letter Mailed | Paid Credit Reporting Service

Sent "Business Inquiry Notification" scam letter via U.S. Mail. Made to appear I have bad credit and companies were inquiring about my credit worthiness. Complete S C A M ! ! ! Provides toll free number to connect o high-pressure sales that does absolutely NOTHING! They are NOT part of the big three credit reporting organizations! They even pulled their Twitter account!


Do not use them!

We have been a loyal customer for years and did not realize we had to give 60 day notice to cancel our account. I cancelled 2 weeks prior to our renewal date but the sales team is saying there is nothing they can do. That is BS. Our original terms and conditions that we signed did not reference this. In fact, you have to click a link, then another in order to see the verbiage. Then apparently you have to fill out a form. Very deceptive and the sales team is a joke. Not helpful and could care less about loyalty, specially Vincent Poliseno and Brandy Wentworth.

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