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2.3/5 - based on 113 reviews

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Duane Reade has a 2.3-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 113 customers. In the Pharmacy category, it secures the 19th position out of 351 companies.


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440 9th Ave, New York, New York, 10001, United States

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Quejas por el cobro excesivo de copias de fotos

Hice 4 tomas de fotos para pasaporte c/u 18.50 necesité 2 copias extra de cada una de las tomas y me cobraron servicio Completo (8x 18.50), es normal? Creo que si tienen las copias en un sistema deberia ser mas barato! Ademas el servicio prestado por la persona que me atendio no fue el mejor, al igual que la manager de la tienda!





Nothing gets fixed

The store on 57/6 brags about being one of the busiest in NYC and still sells milk that they know goes bad as soon as you take it home and all the pricing on the shelves is wrong and when you bring it up they think its my problem.


The 57/6 store still sells milk that goes bad knowingly

This store brags as one of the busiest in NYC and still has wrong pricing on its shelves and when you bring it up they think I'm in the wrong. The milk always goes bad. Dont;


Store #4885- poor service, lack of professional care, disorganized

You call for Rx. They dont answer. If you refill Rx, doesnt say if too early or not, and when you wait in an extremely long line (an hour), they tell you is too early, AND, they didnt fill the medication. Theyre never helpful, oftentimes look upset, and unfriendly. I guess the ONLY reason theyre in business is because other pharmacies close. But Im looking for a different place for my meds. By the way, Im a physician. So, Im recommending my patients not to come here. Im sending the Rx somewhere else.


Service at the pharmacy was rude and incompetent.

Customers who were waiting for service were taken out of order. When I complained that someone standing behind me got helped before I was, the woman at the pharmacy cash register, who is also the store manager, didn't care. I will never again fill a script at this DuaneReade...E. 86th St./ 1st Ave., New York, NYS


Did not fill prescription and did not notify me.

I had oral surgery and my surgeon sent two prescriptions to Duane Reade at 94th and Broadway: an antibiotic and a painkiller. I picked up the antibiotic, then received an email saying that the other order is delayed due to an insurance problem "that we are working to resolve." I called, and the pharmacist said that another Duane Reade had filled the prescription, and that I had to pick it up at another location. Unfortunately, she had no idea which location! I called my insurance company (Medicare), and they found out that Duane Reade declined to fill the prescription because they did not want to sell the pills for so little money. The bottom line is that I was never able to get the pain medication, because I would have had to get another authorization from the doctor, and he was not reachable after hours. Why should he have to send two authorizations anyway? If they don't want to fill a prescription, they should have the decency to notify me instead of lying.


Why is my local Duane Reade closed all weekend?

My local Duane Reade in Jackson Heights 11372 is suddenly closed all weekend long. When and why on Earth would they do this? It's such a busy pharmacy- always lines. I have 5 prescriptions to pick up and was completely surprised when I went there today. All I can conclude is that your company treats your employees very poorly if they can't find any pharmacists to hire. It also implies that you don't care about your customers' health. saxI'm switching over to Rite Aid along with many others I presume.


I paid with order with my own money and I would like a full refund

Updated by user Jan 07, 2022
I just started today with Instacart and I love it and I just wanted to know how I can get my money back in how you guys can help me work the audio Instacart Apple Pay card so I don’t have to keep paying out of pocket.

Original review Jan 07, 2022
I paid with order with my own money and I would like a full refund I have the receipt I need help with knowing how to work the Instacart credit card on the Apple Pay because I do not have a physical card I am still waiting for it in the mail


New store set up

A new Duane Reade was opened in the corner of 44th Street and 8th Ave and the set up of the store is horrible. Not only the set up but they now have hardly anything to buy to eat. I walk in this morning to a group of man standing by the entrance doing absolutely nothing and the security guy just chilling with them. So disappointed of the new set up and the merchandise available. This store should be on point being is right below a hotel and many business. I hope someone goes and check this out.


Public health danger

I went into the Duane Reade at 106 and Broadway at approximately 4:32 pm onnMonday, September 6, 2021. I made a purchase of toothpaste. There was an employee standing by the door and a woman on cash. I made my purchase. While I was paying, the cashier said to the male employee by the door " So you tested positive for COVID?" He replied " Yes". She said " Then what are you doing here?". He replied " I can't stand staying home. It's too boring". I had to walk by the COCID-positive employee on my way out, less than 6 feet away as that was the store setup. I was terrified. Luckily I did not get COVID, but if I want to buy toothpaste, is it too much to expect that I shouldn't be exposed to a deadly virus?


This is the 8 time now my boy friend as been getting cards for me

This is the 8th times of my boy friend purchasing card for me at your store it keeps saying *** ,that no money on the amazon or it been loaded the same happen yesterday see I need my money back an I'm not ready to loose this so make sure my money get refunded or u will see trouble I'm not kidding or loosing my amazon gift card this time


On hold for hours

I have been trying for 2 days to talk to someone in your Broadway NYC pharmacy. Most recent hold time 1 hour 20 minutes and it says there are 2 customers ahead of me, for over an hour!! How do you stay in business??????


Poor customer service

The Pharmacy techs I have dealt with are just horrible. Honestly, if you hate your job that much...quit. They don't acknowledge you when you arrive, the last one was so slow walking trying to find my prescription (after searching the same three bins numerous times) and not even a thank you. I will never use this location again.


Closed at 10pm?????

I had to pick up a pain medication prescription but was unable to due to their new time of closure at 10pm. Two of their stores have closed in my neighborhood and now this one on 72nd and 1st in Manhattan closes at 10pm. I will return to shopping at CVS a few blocks away that is open 24 hours. 10


Trouble Contacting B'way & 94th St Pharmacy

It is very difficult to contact by voice my pharmacy. The holding time, waiting to speak to someone is ridiculously long. Why isn't there voice mail or email available to ask a question or to call to request an Rx delivery, instead of having to hold an open phone line waiting for someone to answer a question. Sincerely, Jeryl Metz Woitach

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