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Dropbox has a 1.6-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 721 customers. In the Software category, it secures the 6th position out of 1129 companies.


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I want to cancel my account

I cannot log in to cancel my account because my email address (kharcourt@***.net) has been canceled, so I cannot complete the 2 step verification.


Your customer service is the worst I’ve ever experienced!!!

Youre making it extremely difficult for a long time customer getting help to resolve an issue! Dale yvsc@***.com 970846****


Exporting pice being on hold for ever

Wait time way too long. They want to sell you a $ 100 coupon for a registration fee ridiculous. No customer service


Dropbox Support harasses me after I deleted a fraudulent account

Once again, Dropbox Support is harassing me over something that was resolved months ago! Someone fraudulently opened a Business account with Dropbox in my name using the emailbenadam@***.com when I already had a Plus account with Dropbox using the emailmauriceking52@***.com. I am an indigent disabled senior male and have never in my life owned or managed a business on either side of the Atlantic, so I wanted to close the Business account at once. I was in a rather long discussion with one Mason who managed to resolve the matter for me successfully. I deleted the account that was opened fraudulently, so that should have been the end. Tonight someone named Kristie contacts me and tries to open everything anew and demands the same information that I no longer have as the debit card that was used is no longer valid and I destroyed it as my bank recommended. I was more than just a little bit angry and made it clear to her to put Mason back in touch with me because he surely remembers it all; I even made a PDF of my dialogue with him to send as evidence that it had already been discussed! I don't take kindly to harassment and that's what it is to nag me and demand information that I don't have over and over again when someone in Support already resolved the matter months ago! If I have to go to court about it, I may have no choice! I was told that if I delete the account, that's the end. No, this woman named Kristie contacts me and starts demanding from me information that I gave months ago! I fear that when it comes to Customer Service, Dropbox Support has the habit of passing a customer from one person to the next and the next one doesn't bother to read or learn what has already been discussed and concluded; every new agent starts everything over from scratch! I don't see why I have to be harassed this way and I don't take kindly to it at all!


No way to contact easily. False billing issues.

They have a perfectly good and valid cc on file and yet tell me repeatedly they cannot get paid. And then all of a sudden my Account is downgraded and my storage is full Customer support is outsourced, is not helpful, and everything feels like a scam.


Customer service phone number was spam

When I called the number and it was spam for winning $100 in Walmart gift card. I do not recommend using this number that was offered.


Low product quality, terrible support, and unhelpful user guides

Dropbox has one of the worst business customers support ever, especially for the login issues, as in order to contact the help desk one MUST log in, making it impossible to resolve any login issues. There are also no executive escalation options. I am trying to get help for the second day with Zero progress. Mark Grinbaum (NYIAX, Inc.)



I'm being charged for Dropbox and don't even know what account it's on. pastor1031@***.com doesn't exist and tcseglobal@***.com only uses 2GB. What am I being charged$120.00 for


Fraudulent charges

On July 9,2023, a fraudulent charge in the amount of $12.75 was made through Dropbox.com. Hopefully I can get my money back. This is a real drag.


I’m trying to cancel my subscription and can’t speak to a person at the company to get it done

Cant contact anyone at the company to cancel my subscription I tried pissed consumer to cancel no luck.


Trouble downloading files

I have often had trouble downloading files and it doesn't seem to matter how large or small they are! And then this time talk to other people and they are also having the same issues intermittently with Dropbox. It was so bad this time it made me want to look for an alternative. Which I found! But, hoping I can stay with Dropbox... Would really like you guys to get better.



Updated by user May 26, 2023

I was able to follow instructions to log in get a password & cancel membership though it was difficult because I had to wait for an access code to my Gmail then make a password then cancel membership.

Original review May 22, 2023


Resolved: Recurring charge

Updated by user Apr 27, 2023

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with partial refund.

Original review Apr 27, 2023
Somehow, I got signed up for a monthly $19.99 subscription charge. REPEATEDLY, I contacted Dropbox, and was told to go the website, which was always in Russian. After 3 months of this going back and forth, I finally contacted Pissed. My problem was resolved within 2 days with full refund. THANK YOU!!I


Fraud committed by ex Employee in effort to set me up with Dropbox *** situation.....

Updated by user May 08, 2023
I don't really know because here's the thing I never use them in the first place as the situation was a absolute ***

Original review Apr 24, 2023
This guy has like a CSI history of of just trying to set people up and and just as always involved in computer chaos and mayhem so to speak and you know he's just a bad egg who needs to be prosecuted.


Money grabbers who do damage and show no remorse

I signed up for Dropbox long ago. Somehow, they opened two accounts for me under two different email addresses. They started demanding payments for both of them. I saw that they make it impossible to address them directly for doing something like that, so I had no choice but to report them to the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission. It seems, however, that filing complaints does no good; it was as if I had never said anything. I requested numerous times to cancel one of the accounts, but in vain. I made a payment on one of them so they wouldn't delete my files; I should have known better than to trust any company that does such things because when I did so, I noticed that they meddled quite severely in the files on my hard drive. I had a folder for all my video files, but one day, I looked for the folder -- and guess what? The whole folder was gone! Not a single sign of all the videos that I had stored! I notified them -- and I got no response. They caused me significant damage and quite obviously didn't care! Who in his right mind would pay money to endure significant damage and loss of data on a hard drive? That is how things remain. That is easily the worst story that I have about irresponsible dealings by companies who claim to offer valuable services to customers but show zero responsibility for damages that they cause!

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