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1.5/5 - based on 149 reviews

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Dpf Delete Shop has a 1.5-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 149 customers. In the Auto Parts and Accessories category, it secures the 40th position out of 513 companies.


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553 Old Robin Rd. #8, Old Man Bay, Cayman Islands, KY1-1700, Cayman Islands

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This place is horrible

These guys are absolute jokes. You cant get in touch with them. There is no customer service. I would return everything I bought from them but unfortunately they have it where you cant return. Ive emailed them several times and never get any response. And furthermore, if I live customer service is absolutely atrocious. I wouldnt buy again from them for anything.


Bad service

Bought tuner, truck lags with no turbo boost, no response in regards to problems with the truck or program, emailed multiple times with no response.


Misrepresentation of advertised products

Ordered a complete delete kit from DPS Delete Shop. The EGR kit that was sent advertised a complete kit that provided for coolant bypass of the EGR. The kit came with all items EXCEPT the 2 fittings that connected the bypass hose to the vehicle. Had to order more fittings after some research at an additional cost and considerable lost time. Emails to DPS Delete Shop got a reply that the kit was complete. Basically unusable as shipped and additional parts ordered from another vendor. Considerable lost time and multiple days my truck was done until parts arrive (still waiting). Take your business to a reputable vendor!!!


Worst customer service ever

Bought a tuner EGR delete kit and DPF delete kit for 6.4 power stroke actually lit, received the products very quickly and very timely manner. However, they were supposed to send the information over to GDP to get me my tunes for the programmer. I am now currently 24 days into this and have not received any tunes. Have sent dozens of emails and made many phone calls to GDP cannot make phone calls DPF because they dont have a phone number. Nobody is doing anything to get me my tunes every time I talk to GDP they say it should be done today. Theyve been telling me that for over a week now.


Poor customer service , damaged, lost parts

Updated by user Apr 14, 2023
Multiple text messages, nothing resolved, more excuses.Example: packages weighing more than 50lbs have been damaged. The weight of my os lace was 31 lbs.I requested a return shipping label, start the refund process and they can have this order back -as I received it.

Damaged box, missing parts and I’ll go to a reputable company.

2 out 2 on failures by Dpf delete companies. - in British Columbia, CA went out of business and the poorly run company in the Caymans or Washington State.

Original review Apr 14, 2023
Do NOT order from Dpf delete shop.com. I received an order, the shipping box had been destroyed, parts missing. I contact Dpf delete shop, send multiple details about my order, email address, pictures of the order, missing incomplete order items. Their reply, they cant find the order, cant find my email address etc. and I have sent them multiple times, pictures and comments about the whole order. Save yourself the aggravation and DO NOT order from this so-called company.


Horrible experience with this company

Original review Apr 10, 2023
I'd never buy from this company again, they don't have a phone number so if you need to return something they won't get back to you. I've tried emailing them but no response,terrible customer service in my opinion. Purchased a package deal product and never received half of my order. One more passed customer


*** poor service.

Ordered a tuner, took my money and then ...only automated response if you call or email for update. Terrible, do not order from this company!!


Terrible company that does not back up their products

Absolutely terrible company that does not back up their products or the products they sell the fact that they dont have a phone number is all you need to know because they cannot field all the calls from all the pissed off customers they have they get your money and thats it theres nothing after that


They do not stand behind their product or their products they sell for other companies

Absolutely terrible company that does not back up their products or the products they sell for for other suppliers. They will not claim responsibility for it and will not help me get the company that actually wrote the tune take responsibility either, you are the seller you are responsible. horrible way to run a company. The fact that they dont have a phone number is all you need to know because they do not want to take the phone calls of all these pissed off customers that you see here because they are selling faulty products and services once again just an absolutely terrible company. Hopefully they are out of business soon so no one else has to go through what Ive gone through after spending good money with them.


Never received product

Inn be ordered a tunner and cant get them to respond or ship product. Looking at how to get my money back from my bank as this company is a fraudulent company. Do not give them any money unless you just want to toss it in the trash.


Took money no replies

I paid them 250$ for a part which never came tried phone calls and e mails with no response if they were not 5,000 miles away Id go there and chew there ***


Extremely poor service and faulty ptoducts

I bought a tuner from this crook and it resulted in transmission damage. He won't return any messages.


Wrong parts

Ordered almost $2000.00 worth of parts kits. One kit is the wrong parts I ordered for the year of my vehicle and the kit parts will not fit. Messaged through there online chat and email, no available phone # I can see why now after the fact. I was told that was what i ordered and that's what they sent. period. Won't answer now. I asked for help to resolve this, nothing not a peep. Will not recommend this company to anyone if fact it will be just the opposite!


Can not get in contact with anyone from this company

Bought a produce on 12-8-2022 and can not use the unit because it has to have a e-file which the company will not send me nor contact me back and they have no phone number to call for customer service/help. I paid they almost $4,000 for absolutely nothing at this point. All I want is either a return in fund with a return label for this crap or simply for someone to do there job and respond to my request.


Return product

I asked for the address to return the order and their respones was gor me to sell the product on my own. I never received another email and was not able to return the product. Very bad costumer service !!!


Tune was garbage! Overboost, wouldn't shift right, dangerous!

The company blames it on GDP who writes the tunes. They provided me a phone number to contact GDP. Called GDP, the advised DPF delete shop asked for the cheapest tunes possible so, that's what they get. I told this to DPF delete shop and they said if I can get GDP to put that in writing they will work with me. If not, no refund. GDP only communicated with me over the phone. I was completely out $750 for the Bully Dog BDX. Now I have a useless paperweight with a garbage tune on it. Absolutely stay away!!!

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