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DoorDash has a 1.8-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 26300 customers. In the Food Delivery category, it secures the 2th position out of 230 companies.


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Feel their scammers

Lousy prices to high. Dashers are not well trained. Dashers dont fallow delivery instructions! Dashers for the most part look like homeless people dirty Slovenly dresses and actions . Last Dashers have no idea what theyre doing.. Plus noticed at the Delivorys food was cold.


Deactivated Top Dasher with over 2000 deliveries most 5 Star rating

Updated by user Jul 30, 2023
Not naming any names but the restaurant sending us to dangerous places and steal tips is my next review I called their corporate office a month ago not a peep.. here's a clue who a pizza place that prides themselves on being like families but they are doing this to...

Original review Jul 30, 2023
Company is completely horrible to dashers when we are the company if there was a 0 on here to rate them would be too high of a rating.. Why can't I speak to anyone who is a supervisor ever with all the escalated problems I've tried to report and restaurants that put me in dangerous situations and do it on purpose? I have turned in over 100 issues over this year trying to help improve for me and other dashers and let you know DD is getting misused by certain restaurants abusing the platform. Why a TOP DASHER more than once with over 2000 deliveries most 5 star can't talk to a supervisor when they deactivated my account and won't tell me why and I can't defend myself and if you didn't outsource dasher support to India and South America maybe when we are trying to report issue or abuse we don't spend 1 hour on the phone losing orders and money from this having to repeat ourselves and the only answer they have is did you reinstall the app I'm like WTF.. A dasher support agent said I needed to reinstall my app when I couldn't start my car and I was reporting not being able to make the delivery that is the only sentence dasher support knows and honestly I've had to take so much BS from this company and I let it go because they just don't understand what we are saying and I love the customers I'm damn good at my job ...but that's ok my lawyer is going to have a field day with the fact of me losing everything due to this deactivated account I'm sure I'll get plenty more of my dashers to back me up on this you don't have a company without us your nothing and I plan on posting this on every form of social media. And why do we get paid nothing basically and the customers have no clue.. your mileage is a joke, I don't know how anyone that doesn't have a hybrid can make anything. If they can order 200 pizzas I should get a percentage of the order not the $2 to drive 22 miles round trip for no tip and they penalize us for being a woman turning down orders at midnight going 25 miles outside our zone map to possibly breakdown in pitch black with bears and God knows what else..Be so far from civilization and our phone signal but it's ok for someone that far who can obviously afford allot even small oders should be mandatory for them to tip a percentage or add more tip if wanted for that kind of distance and large orders because honestly since people pay monthly they think they are paying us better gas goes up our crap prices we get for mileage do not. And I have busted restaurants calling doordash for clients that don't tip or places that are dangerous so they send us instead. there is a literal book I've seen it that says bad no paying customers call door dash with a list of names and the far orders over 10 miles that tip on credit card the restaurant has been keeping the credit card tips and then they tell me there's a cash tip look under the yellow flower pot to the right of the door so they have obviously been there and no tip well flowerpot lady came out yelling thinking I'm stealing her pot I calm her down and explain and literally she shown me the 10 tip they kept at restaurant not once but at least 50 times customers shown e the proof and they smirk when they tell you there's a cash tip can I call DD to inform NOPE the escalated problems have never ever once got a call or email as I said I've heard chickens in the background of calls and all day the same thing supervisor is busy well I don't think you actually have any for us this app seems to me like some kind of fancy algorithm that just maps where your closest to a order and just give it to you if you're on their app I'm really beginning to wonder how many people are actually involved in this company that do anything. because I would have definitely with my attitude and attorney have got a call so enjoy the fact you made one of your best top dashers homeless and her kids and pets in 2 days because I couldn't pay my mortgage I was late on due to companies incompetence and deactivated account which put my place in foreclosure I have to have $13,000 by the 16 th since it got foreclosed. I have lupus and 2 autistic sons this is the only kinda job I can work with my health problems and now you left us homeless and penniless believe me you'll be hearing from my lawyer and hearing this on every social media platform enjoy the fact it could have been fixed with a supervisor and people that understand English...



I contacted doordash support about an order that I paid almost $100 for. The order was never delivered because the Dasher delivered it to the wrong address. The Dasher was supposed to report this to customer service but I guess he never did. I've been contacting doordash since the 15th when this happened and have gotten one response and all that response was was a reference number. I need my refund back on my account because this is ridiculous this is almost $100 that I lost because of some negligent doordash driver and it's impossible to get support to do anything


Order was not delivered

I received an email over half hour. I got a message that my order had been delivered. This is not first time this happened,


Been waiting on email since6/20/2023

Ordered through McDonald's app for doordash delivery. Food was not received but a picture of the food on my porch was sent. when we opened the door the food and driver was not there and I had to go to McDonald's and order the same thing and get it myself. The Dasher only know hes called JC came to my home threatening my husband and family saying we got him suspended and he lives down the street and he can come back after throwing something through my livingroom window. was told to wait for doordash to email me and yet still no email.


My service was trash & RUDE

Original review Jun 30, 2023
The door dasher left my food in the rain, then got smart about it, all I got was a credit, When my food was what I wanted back, then they said NOBODY was available to do a reorder of my meal, so all they could offer was a credit to my account, what about my kids dinner, or what about the dasher sending me smart slick messages about my order being left in the rain ? My delivery options say HAND IT TO ME !!! Not sit on the porch in the rain, I live in an apartment at that !


Absolutely the worst company EVER!! Liars and cin artists!! And if you ask for a supervisor be prepared not to get a call back! I

I had a delivery from McDonald's and because something went wrong with their janky map system AGAIN, it took the driver in the opposite direction of the address listed. Btw 3 days before that sent food to my workers at the same address and had no issues!! So the driver was then told to mark my order as completed lien it was delivered!! I asked to speak with the supervisor I received no call that evening or the next day when I was told I would get a call so then I called two days later and still no supervisor call and a bunch of excuses! I have had the worst experience with this company ever they are completely infuriating!! They need to be concerned about the customer satisfaction!! When all they seem concerned with is the MONEY!! I WILL MAKE IT MY PRIORITY TO MAKE SURE NONE OF MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS ENDURE DOORDASH! I AM NOW A GRUBHUB CUSTOMER! And you can check my DD account to verify purchases!


Did not deliver other

We waited an hour for a Chick-fil-A order that never came. I tried to contact support chat but was denied.& The dasher closed chat too. The food was delivered but not to our address per my senior camera. NO ONE would speak to me so I called. My funds had been refunded but that won't arrive to my bank for DAYS. IT WAS A DEBIT CARD. I wanted a refund with credits so I could eat tonight. I was told it was too late for that. Finally, because it was an order over $50 so he gave me a $12 credit. I was able to get my daughter's food but I have to wait another 45 minutes for me to eat. NOW I AM P*SSED OFF. I've been a good customer but those days are gone. I intend to cancel the stupid dashpass next month. If I need delivery I'm using GrubHub or BiteSquad. Both are usually less efficient butt their customer service is better.


Neurotic Security Practices, Privacy Violations, and Incompetent Operations

Updated by user May 17, 2023
As it turns out, you can place a delivery order directly through Wawa, who uses DoorDash as one of its delivery partners, and you will still get it. That's what we ended up doing (not knowing it was going to be DD that brought it), but the fees were way less. That...

Original review May 17, 2023
I attempted to place an order last night for some groceries. The website itself isn't terrible in terms of user experience and navigation and I was able to add what I wanted. My problems began when I went to pay. I use a card when buying stuff online so I don't have to give my actual card number out. The Privacy card is tied directly to my checking account, but the benefit there is that I can generate a unique card number each time and control how much is charged before that number becomes invalid. In this case, for example, I set the card number to allow a one-time transaction for the total amount of the DoorDash order including tip. A company has no right to a person's physical credit card number and should only be concerned with whether the goods are paid for before providing the service. As it turns out, they must have a problem with people withholding this information. When I tried to place the order, it tried to get me to scan my physical credit card, which was definitely not going to happen. Again, why would they think they are entitled to this when I provided them a valid payment method already? When I refused to scan my card, my account was locked and, within minutes, permanently blocked. In their email, they cited a violation of their Terms, but after combing through them very careful, I can't see where any violation occurred. This is another example of a company loosely and subjectively applying their policies rather than citing any expressly prohibited activities. On top of that, they evidently went in and banned all other accounts - under different names and phone numbers associated with this address.I understand that a private company has the right to refuse service for any reason, but it becomes a problem when that reason is because the customer is attempting to preserve privacy and limit access to sensitive data, especially in a country where large corporations aren't held accountable in any meaningful way. A look through their Terms shows the authoritarian approach they take to business. I don't drink, but one thing that caught my eye was where they claim the right to refuse to hand over your purchased products if you "appear intoxicated" upon delivery and then steal your money on top of it. Literally, they keep your money and then could charge you a restocking fee on top of it. Luckily that's the kind of thing chargebacks are useful for, but the fact that their minds even went there is another symptom of a major problem we have in the US. By the time a company becomes publicly traded, they are too big to care what the customer has to say. DoorDash is supposed to facilitate the delivery of food and other items from the source store to my location - that's it. They aren't the morality police or any other authority they believe they are and it's time we made these types of businesses realize they are here to serve us.


Very late food and cold food and melted milkshakes

Updated by user Jun 09, 2023
Absolutely nothing has been done

Original review May 10, 2023
I order Steak n Shake at 5:30pm in Cleveland tn. Said order will be ready by 5:56pm. I tracked my order and saw her already at the restaurant. She did pick up my order from the restaurant at 5:56pm and drove off. Then she just stopped. And sat there for 15 min. I was concern so I tried to call her from the number on door dash and nothing and I also texted her. She finally delivered my food at 6:24pm. My driver was Laji T.


Because their a dishonest company with dishonest people

Updated by user Apr 27, 2023
I will post photos and the story of their crime untill my demands are met then next will me the local news outlets

Original review Apr 27, 2023
Dashers stole from me and I'm goin to post my evidence then when the footage is released I will post the video of the robbery if my list of demands are not met , your people stole 40 grand from me and my birthday money I want everything back times 4 hotels and door dash paid for by door dash for 4 years here is the customer phone number who ordered door dash 615 278 ****


Because door dash is a mentally challenged company now I'm angry for having repeated my self if they think their not gonna pay for their employees mistakes they are highly mistaken

I was robbed by door dashs dasher upon them delivering to room 112 their dasher kicked open my door and robbed me my wallet for 40,260 dollars and made to repeat my self when I've up loaded the police file and records of my claim clear as *** day , they remind me of the do do birds in the jungle book


DoorDash Ripped me off for my money

I ordered some food thru DoorDash and the driver called me to tell me the ice cream machine was down for the night and they wanted to know if I wanted something else. I told the driver I would rather have my money back and he said ok. I then tried to get my refund of around 10$ for that item and DoorDash told me that they couldn't help me with this. I have screen shots of where they didn't know what to say and just hung up on me. They had messed up on my orders for the 2 orders before this one and had to refund me for my items missing and because of this which was due to their poor service they would not give me my refund. I even tried to contact their head office. They stole my money and there was nothing I could do about it.


I didn’t receive my food

Hi! To whom this may concern, I order lunch from Chipotle and I did not receive my $23.72 meal plus a tip. To try & make this short the DoorDash driver text led me pretty much the whole time that he was supposed to be on his way to the wrong address. I texted him immediately to let him know the correct address, which is my work address instead of him saying cancel your order immediately. He instead texted me going back and forward with me about me correct address. To only receive a picture of my food in the front seat of his car. I never received my food from Chipotle, this took place today the hours of 2:25pm-3:00pm central time. I have him the correct address as soon as possible. I was not able to correct my drop off address on the app. When I made my order it immediately had a different address for drop off location and I put my work address in the notes/directions but it didnt do any good. He sends me a picture of my food in the front seat of his car stating that my food was delivered. Which is false. I have all documentation. I would like my money back. Thank you


Unable to print receipts without the delivery map taking all the space.

Unable to print receipts without the delivery map taking up the entire page. I dont need the delivery map, who needs a damn delivery map on a receipt. Then to ask for help I had to comb through your FAQ page, with no where to type a email or find a number to call, not very customer service friendly. Get it together its 2018. We placed a significant amount of orders in the month of august and are trying to reconcile our corporate card, making it very difficult to do when we have to print ten copies of the same receipt to get the entire thing on one page. Needless to say waste of time and energy. Will not be recommending this app to anyone until you get it taken care of.


Cannot Delete Account - FRAUD?

Unbelievable!!! After many, many bad experiences with Doordash, I finally gave up on them. I went onto my account to delete it and found out that there is no way to do so. I believe that this practice of not allowing a customer to delete their account borders on fraud. I am thinking of calling a lawyer to see if a class action suit could be waged to put this company out of business. I am sure they could collect enough complainants to build a strong case. I deleted my payment information and what little else I could, but I cannot delete the address on the account. What the *** is that about?

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