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2.6/5 - based on 2200 reviews

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Dollar Tree Stores has a 2.6-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 2200 customers. In the Supermarkets and Malls category, it secures the 11th position out of 289 companies.


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Dirty parking lot. Could possibly get a flat tire

Complain about store on Farmbrook and Warren in Detroit Michigan. The parking lot is dirty, broken glass and etc. Needs cleaning


Not be able to checkout

Updated by user Aug 01, 2023
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Original review Aug 01, 2023
Worker could not check me out only had three items. The worker/ cashier was able to come out of the other line with a large amount of items and the worker would not check my three items out. She stated that she is about to go home the time was 11:54 AM in South Hill, VA. What if, I told my patients that I have to go home when they ask for a drink of water? This is not the first time myself and other customer had problems at this location.


The cashier refused to cash me out

She didn't like the way I looked, and she didn't want me to come in the store wearing shorts, I went in there two weeks prior and I was wearing biker shorts and a sweater both of them was mid calf so she came up to me and told me I'm not allowed to come in the store wearing shorts ever or I'm going to get kicked out and it was random.


Customer service

I shop at dollar tree while my car is charging in the same parking lot on this day. I already had a quite a few items in my basket and I needed to use the restroom and she rudely says no restrooms are in working order I said wow what are you guys do for a restroom just so we have to walk to Walmart or Burger King across the street or I said thats impossible in this heat There was no signs on the restroom saying out of order and I do believe when youre shopping at a business and theres a restroom, you should be able to use it


Your employee is stealing

Store #1849 on 7/19/23 @ 11:20. A old black employee did cash back on a customers debit card and took the money that was owed to the customer before me. I saw her put it in her pocket and the lady behind me she told her total was $5 and she put that in her pocket too. While i was standing there. She is rude to everyone.


Items shipped are broken

Received online purchase today and many of items are broken or shattered 225******** is order number 2x Case pack of 24 candle holders 48 total


Regarding an exchange

I purchased 30 fans on July 4th for a project and I realized I cant use them. I only want to exchange them for other merchandise. I dont want money back . Please help.


Dollar Tree Not Abiding By Michigan Consumer Protection Act

At Dollar Tree (52925 Hayes Rd,, Shelby Township, MI 48315), I carefully picked out 2-birthday cards from those immediately below a large sign that said "Hallmark Cards 2 for $1". However, when I checked out the cards rang up $1 each. I asked for a manger. The Store Manager ("Melinda") refused to make a price adjustment or provide a "Scan Award" for the mis-advertised cards. I showed the Store Manager where I had picked the cards from. There were 48-groups of cards directly below the sign "2 for $1". She said correcting the pricing of cards was Hallmark's responsibility and not Dollar Trees' responsibility. Hmmm...My receipt say's Dollar Tree (not Hallmark)!


Resolved: My paperwork still didn't get signed like the company was required to do so alot of people stopped shopping at this store because of the manager faNeisha

Updated by user Jul 24, 2023

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with apology.

Original review Jun 24, 2023
I was told to call corporate from the manager Neisha in Batesville Ms to have a paper from the state signed and I have a question



I received the box of white roses, and they were not what I thought. I bought some blue roses at my local store and couldn't find the anymore to complete my centerpieces, so I ordered these white ones, and they are not the same shape, and the box came damaged to my house. Having a big prob with customer services not wanting to refund and take back. I was told I could return on Saturday 6/17 by a rep and did what she said by taking to local store, and they wouldn't take back, and customer service was on the phone with me at that for 45 min trying to get this settled, & they never got back on the line after talking with store manager they just transferred me to the recorded survey line.


Eating bad food from there and then a show of no concern once I went back to the store ..I ate a chicken sandwich from there full of black mold ..I also took pictures also..

Pay attention to what you purchase before eating..Today I ate a chicken sandwich from there I ate half my sandwich I then noticed blackness all in the middle of the sandwich I then opened the sandwich and noticed that it was black mold in the middle ...after realizing what I ate I rush back to


Store policy.

I brought back several items for a refund. The associate told me that he was unable to give me cash back and that I had to go select something else in the store to replace the unwanted items. They said it's dollar tree's POLICY. This policy is stupid and shows that dollar tree is "DESPERATE" for financial growth at all cost! They are taking advantage of the customers -customers who has gone into their stores and faithfully purchased countless of products. Mistakes (such as accidently buying more that what was needed) happens all the time and to deny the customers a return option shows that dollar tree is "DESPERATE" for money! They want you to spend your money with them , but why should you? What's CRAZY is...dollar tree doesn't have a notice anywhere warning customers of this NO CASH BACK FOR RETURNS, so anyone (like myself) returning items get surprised with the policy! Only "AFTER" you have purchased the items are you made aware of this stupid and DESPERATE policy! Maybe a class action law suit is something to consider...


Discrimination against me being a ***

I went into your Eunice, family dollar off of Laurel Avenue, and I am a homosexual/transvestite who carries a purse with me everywhere I go. For one I carry it not only for fashion but also as a medical reason because I have a brain bleed and unfortunately, my memory is a little messed up and my doctor informed me that it be best if I carry some type of bag to help me in the case that I happen to forget something. I was very rudely told by your store associate there that I needed to leave my bag up front. I repeat this was not a bag. This is a purse and it is a clear defined purse. I had over $1000 in cash in my purse, including my iPad that cost over 1000 my iPhone that cost over 1000 and also my wallet that has my identification also pretty much my valuables important stuff that she would carry in a normal purse. The law stipulates that I have every right to carry a purse wear high heels wear womens clothing and express myself in any way that I want. I have a right to not be discriminated against because I am a transsexual/transvestite and I dress like a female and I also carry a purse. I repeat again this was not a bag but a purse and this was told to your employees when they told me that I needed to leave it up front. I am calling and contacting corporate because this is discrimination and I was embarrassed because there was a group of people around and they all heard them make this big scene stipulating that men do not wear purses. And with that being said, I promise you this I better speak to someone and this better be handled in a properly manner or a lawsuit will be filed against your company for discrimination against a *** trying to personally be himself, but not only that because I have a doctors order to carry a purse with me so that way in case, if I have a problem with my memory, I can go directly into my purse and find what I might need. My telephone number is area code 337-200-****. I expect to get a call back before lunch today. If not, I will be seeing my attorney.


Complaint / stated exchange policy

Store 4391- One of the managers was very rude, abrupt & unprofessional. My receipt showed I was overcharged For 3 items. The manager said since it was 20 days old she could not credit me for items and they do not give refunds. I asked her what are you going to do for me? Her reply was "I'm not gonna do anything about it." I am very concerned and alarmed about 4 different things: 1) The attitude and unprofessional manner that was displayed to me from evidently member of management at this store. I had my 8 year old grandchild with me and there were at least 5 customers and 1 employee within hearing distance of our conversation. 2) This has happened to me recently at this same store 2 other times. First time I overlooked it because it was such a small amount, it wasn't worth my trouble to go out there & deal with it. Second time I took receipt and showed the cashier. She said well just get the item we rung up in error, and I felt that was a good quick resolve. 3). This time it was 3 items. One was a bag of snacks, one we had never tried so I only ever initially buy one to see if we will like it. The other 2 items were both Michelina Frozen Entree which I bought 3 because I have 3 grandkids who would be at my house. Got them all the same so I knew 100% I did not buy 5. She acted liked I was trying to pull something and ask why I didnt call right away. I explained to her that I keep my receipts for 2 weeks and do not look at them until I scan them for a points program for our school Box Tops for Education. 4) And I questioned why do the cashiers ask all customers if they want their receipts? And if you could view my receipt, you would wonder as I did why are the frozen dinners rung up 2 at once, then several items later 1 more , then several items later 2 more? I get the 3 I bought could be randomly placed , but then 2 more that are non-existent are lower down on the receipt. I bought $70 worth of merchandise that day. I am a frequent customer. But I am getting suspicious of your store's occurrences. I am one customer with three receipts that was overcharged and we're being asked if we want to receipt well if we don't get a receipt we're not going to be able to determine if we are overcharged and if that's happening to dozens of customers in a week at all of your stores that would be adding up to millions of dollars in one year and I'm very concerned about this and I may have to take it further to a consumer protection activist group because this is just a very strange occurrence. My phone number is 443-299-****. Email or text is preferred carmen1954c@***.com Thank you, Carmen Cunningham


Disrespectful Cashiers and Manager!

I had to report this to Corporate. I love Dollar Tree! But the Dollar Tree in Lafayette In. This is the worst store I have ever been! It's located on Creasy Lane. I went into this store this is the second time I 've been disrespected. The first a cashier was disrespectful. Now yesterday, I waited in line while three cashier had a conversation. I stood in line 10 minutes! Finally one of the cashier can help who is next in line to the lady after me! Wait! I have been standing here 10 min, an I could have been waited on. The heavy set lady said ,she was on break. I asked '" Do you work here"? She replied" Yes"! We were just talking! The other yung cashier didn't wait on me an turned her back on me. An the older cashier waited on me, was rude and didn't want to even hand me my receipt! I had to ask can you hand it me! She replied" You can get it yourself"! I said that's not the policy! She looked at me as get your own bags and receipt yourself! I contacted the manager this morning! An he hung up on me!! I called back ,no apology! An I pointed out he hung up! Didn't care at all ! Fire these people very disrespectful!!



Store 3632 located at 1553 N Sanborn Road in Salinas, CA is absolutely filthy. Every isle is out of control. This store should close and hire a cleaning company. Managers need to be FIRED

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