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Dollar General Corporation has a 2.6-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 2600 customers. In the Supermarkets and Malls category, it secures the 9th position out of 289 companies.


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100 Mission Ridge, Goodlettsville, Tennessee, 37072, United States

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Stone # 7734 has no Air Condition an it 90 degress in side an out

Has the Dollar General corporation taken care of business? Has the store been made hole? Do we need to call osha? There is 90 weather here. Pregnant women are going in the store trying not to pass out.



This employees car parked in the closest spot available to the storefront. She is literally standing in the doorway smoking a cigarette, on her phone, sticking her leg out repeatedly to keep the automatic doors open in order for her to see the register. Not sure about DGs policy, but I would hope the distance is more than 1ft from the entrance. This isnt good PR by no means for DG. If that brazen lack of respect, for the consumer, is done blatantly in the doorway, what other disrespectful behavior is going on inside. My two young daughters had to walk out of the store through that. What surprised me the most is that she did it in the wide open, and wasn't concerned in any way regarding the consequences of her actions. Maybe there are no DG consequences and no policy for this. I hope this concern is taken seriously, as I dont know a single soul that would be impressed by this.


Very disappointed and dissatisfied with my entire shopping experience.

Walked into the store to buy a pack of cigarettes. Walked in and jump immediately into line and was accused of stealing. The manger was in the back and was needed to come up front, the associate called her numerous times she never came or responded. I help by yelling out appropriately for the manger, bc to many items was rang. After she makes it to the front she ask the associate why was she calling her. Then she seemed upset to not be in the back of the store. There was at least 7 costumers in line and only one cashier. After she accused me of stealing a chair that I walked in with she then says I have to leave and she is calling the police and she is going to trespass me from the store. wow this is the level of appreciation and respect you receive from spending your hard earned money, with Dollar General Taylor, Mi off Eureka and telegraph.



I went to put money on my greendot card and I fave the cashier my money and when I got home and called to check the balance it said there had not been any deposit made


The staff needs to be replaced.

Store locked, stating they was putting up stock @ 3:30 pm. Dollar General is always open , while stocking is done especially at evening time.


Horrible terrible employees

Two days in a row three different employees were extremely rude to me. I didnt honestly do anything to them. Theyre just spiteful and rude and when one of them claim, I threw something at them on the counter, the manager threw me out of the store for no good reason.


Your company want give customer a service number to reach you

You gave a 3 of 15 this month, through email.This never work for me.Every time I received one , I can not use it. I will say it's really discerning to me. Especially with me being a frequent shopper in the store.I don't like all hoops it takes for you not have direct phone number for customers. Please respond sooner


I am continuously overcharged every time I go into the Dollar General in Joplin, Missouri

Every single time I go into the Dollar General store on Gateway Drive in neosho/ Joplin, Missouri I am overcharged and not given sale prices. This has continued for over two years and I have reached out many times it happened again today and I plan to follow up until I hear from somebody about this fraud.


Management parking in Handicap spaces while they are working

1418 Mciver rd Florence SC Manager Tomika Gee and her Assistant manager Ebony parking in the Handicap spaces while they work all day


I have never been so disrespected!

The two female employees at the NC store off of HWY 601, started in on me almost as soon as I w asalked through the door. They followed me throughout the store working. The 2 female employees fr,one is a bit older wears her glasses and the other is younger & to this store. Peaking around corners. They made me feel like I was being watched as if I were stealing! I dont steal! Then at the self check out my card was being declined. I assumed I was putting in the wrong passcode. I didnt have my phone or I would have checked my funds right then. Instead I had to leave all my groceries there and head home to discover auto pay paid a bill. Left me with limited funds. The older of the 2 female employees says to me must not be ANY funds on that card. I said excuse me? I just got paid so there. Is definitely funds on this card! This is ridiculous, there should be more than enough. When it didnt work again I had asked the short haired older female employee, Please dont put any of this away, I will be right back. Walked out the door and headed home trusting that she suspended the transaction and printed the ticket for my return. No they had me go back in line only to discover I was having to go through it all AGAIN! I had to ring up everything and rebag everything and I was so upset and frustrated because I was on a time frame. And these employee werent helping me in the slightest. They were just being rude to me and I had snapped at the young woman with my tone of voice because all she wanted to do was talk about how she cant do that (talking about the suspend transaction). As that may be so I was upset! The 2nd transaction didnt use the same coupons and therefore I had to put stuff back because like I said auto pay paid a bill this morning. Also due to the aggravation I was moving my bags around in a way displaying my frustrations. I hurt nothing not my bags or stuff or persons or employees or even myself, Nothing was injured. They just stood at the register watching me from behind which pissed me off at this point. So I finish up and as I am walking passed them I said I will NOT be back in this store. They then proceeded to follow me outside. The younger female ( excuse my lack of knowledge on their names due to them not wearing name tags) says to me Its ok you are banned from here anyway. I replied Banned?! What am I bannned for? I did nothing wrong! She turned away from me to walk back inside without a response. I then walked towards her and told her she has to tell me what its that I am banned for. She turned to face me and told me ..You were slamming your bags around.. Just to clarify slamming my bags around would mean, to me, a whole lot of force causing bags to rip and break purchased items flying around from bags being SLAMMED. I was not Slamming anything. SHE THEN TURNS AROUND AND TELLS THE OTHER TO CALL THE POLICE! I said Call the police! Cuz Ive NOT done anything wrong here. They stood outside running their mouth and talking *** and keeps saying they calling the police. I am at my mini bike and tying up the bags to prepare for the ride. The younger female would not just stop she was provoking me. Intentionally trying to amplify my anger knowing that I am alrdy upset and feeling some type of way about the situation. I said There is no need to just running your mouth I am just trying to leave! She just was on and on about how the police was going to come. Honestly I wish they would have now! Because after I said *** you just need to shut your Mouth before I give you reason to call the police! She walks inside and the other one comes out and takes a picture of me and when I approached her about the picture she lies to me and says in a mocking tone No sweetie I didnt. Which is a bold face lie! I was putting my bags on and she comes outside points her phone at me and then turns around to go back inside! Ik she took a picture of me without my consent. To wrap this up They threatened me with the police, good call them! The one girl kept on and on as I am trying to get my bags prepared to leave. They outside laughing, snickering, and watching me! For what purpose? I Am only trying to leave! They harrassed me all the way ymup until my bags fell off the back of my bike from not being strapped in properly because i couldnt focus on what i was doing with these two creating unnecessary issues ans drama. My 2 liters rolling across thw parking lot. The immediately went back into the store after getting a good laugh. I am sick of ppl like this. They wrecked my day because i mistreated by 2 ppl i did absolutely nothing too i didnt wrong them in the slihhtest. They want to team up on me bwcause i have a voice and i expreased how i feel about it all. I would rather go 3 miles passed DG and go to food lion rather than ever setting foot back in that store. I spend a lot of my money there at DG every week. Not anymore. Until they no longer work there. Please reprimand these two. I didn't observe them acting like this toward anyone else. I take the time for the coupons for a reason. I am a very hard working single mother of two teenagers. I can admit when I am wrong but I nothing to deserve to be treated like I did today by these women.


Resolved: Horrible mobile app, horrible customer service, horrible because the cupons very often did not apply, cashiers never help

Updated by user Jun 28, 2023

nothing horrible app.

Original review Jun 28, 2023
last week l try to order on-line and they cancelled. l do not know why, since then l try to order on line and when l put my order for pick up appears that this an error, so l do not know what is wrong with.


Hit by dollar general 18 wheeler

Hi Im trying to reach someone to discuss an automobile accident involving a dollar general 18 wheeler. I would like to know who to contact or have someone contact me Ive been trying to contact someone for over a year now and can never get a response Im trying to not involve an attorney but can do so if needed thanks


Phone communication, website hard to deal with. No management help in the store

Charged 2.25 for Voortman Sugar Free wafers on6/15/23 x1 pack and 6/16/23 x2 packs for the above wafers, the price listed by the wafers indicated 1.50. Told the store person of the above, she said it was just a price. I still paid 2.25 for each pack instead of 1.50 per pack.


Army veteran and wife held hostage

Original review Jun 14, 2023
Held hostage inside the store by employees. They also barricaded the door with shopping carts when I tried to leave the store. The supervisor kept standing in front of me, and wouldn't move. He also wouldn't talk to me at all or tell me why he thinks he has the right to hold me against my will. I believe his name is Tim. The female cashier, Sonya, was on the phone with police and yelling at me when I told her to get outta of my way. She then felt like she had the authority to tell me to not take that tone with her like she's above me somehow, while keeping me against my will and insulting me and my wife's character. I am an Army veteran and also dont have a single mark on my record. Her name is Sonya McKenna at the Glenburn, Maine dollar general on the Hudson rd. We were wrongfully accused of theft police came they took my knife and treated me like a criminal till they realized that we actually didn't do anything wrong then the cops were surprisingly nice .They made me and my wife look like a thiefs in front of my neighbors. And took an hour and change of me and my wifes free time after we worked our 2ed job to afford to buy what we were gonna buy at the store till all this craziness. We filed a complaint with corporate and got case number but still haven't received a call going on 2 weeks now . One last thing we use to go there prob twice a day for the past 5 years now we haven't been back since


Issue at store yesterday with coupons

There was a problem with the website not only with me but another customer was trying to resolve a problem but was brushed aside. I was told that nothing could be done because they were unable to override the register! My ap on my phone was showing that I had the wrong email and password and that I was in Tennessee . Yet when I put my phone number in it was accepted! What gives. I was short by $9 as I explained to Eva! No one seemed interested because it was busy. There are always issues at this store. I should have gone to Bradford like I usually do!


Product complaint

Purchased a nebraska corn husker t-shirt. The decal/logo on back is flaking off after washing on cold water and hang dry. Called corporate and after reaching a live body asking what issue was, he hung up.

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