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Discount Tire has a 2.1-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 773 customers. In the Auto Parts and Accessories category, it secures the 8th position out of 513 companies.


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Shabby service

I rented a Tesla from Hertz. I had a flat and called roadside assistance. They called Discount Tire on Camp Bowie in Fort Worth ,Texas to make sure they had the tire in stock. They said they had the tire in stock. When I arrived at the store, they said they didnt have the tire in stock, but would order it and have it the next day. I called the next day and they said they might receive it that day. If not they will call me when they do receive it. My car is sitting at the shop and it is costing me to not have a car. They really dont care. I tried to call their customer service number and no one answered.



Original review Jun 02, 2023
DISCOUNT TIRE, 9440 Hwy 6, Missouri City 77459 TX BIG CHEATING SCAM - Stay away from DISCOUNT TIRE. I have taken an appointment on 05.31.23 for my tire rotation and balancing. To my utter dismay, the mechanic who balanced and rotated the first tire on the driver side and he rotated the rest of them and tightened the screws without doing the balancing at all. I was standing back of my Highlander and watching everything closely. Soon I asked the mechanic as to why the other three tires are screwed back without the balancing. He replied me by saying that we make mistakes and we can do it again and he asked other crews to unscrew them and do it properly on questioning. Under the above circumstances, its noted that this DISCOUNT TIRE is unreliable and unprofessional. Its a sheer case of cheating and they are disloyal. What they want is just your hard earned money only. I am seeking for a full refund of my 8 tires that I bought from them recently. Its a BIG CHEATING SCAM. Stay away from DISCOUNT TIRE.


Emergency roadside

We are stuck on the road with our car and we have discount tire insurance and cannot contact and emergency so we are forced to stay the night


We never got our 30000 miles replacement tires

Run around, Im not pissed off, just disappointed in what I was told about tire replacement, my name is billyleejaney its for my Toyota Prius 2014 my phone number is 319 431 ****, with my phone number and car info you should be able to find my info, I got the tires at discount tire in Cedar Rapids Iowa blairsferry road 1500, stand behind what you said you would do



We bought tires in nov 2022 with a 40,000 mile warranty. As of jan 2023 we have put 8,000 miles on them between my husband and I using the vehicle for both of our jobs. The back tires that we just bought in nov are completely worn and obviously defected. The store would not go or the warranty because they said we were not riding and doing donuts in the car to make the tires like this. Not only did we have to spend$350 for two brand new tires but discount tires also only warranties these new tires for 7,000 miles.


I drop my tire for puncher and they thro my tire and put new tire without my permission

They throw my tire and put new tire without my permission ???no no customer service at one I made two round identity to my tire and wheel back how can take my tire back because I need my front wheel tire I have to go long trip



I would very much like to speak with a person on the phone. The automated system is not giving the information that I need to know.


Detrimental product service causing a near fatal accident. Not honoring their warranty for tires

On July 30, 2022 we arrived in Wisconsin, driving from Moorpark, California with my husband, daughter and our yorkies. We were in my Lexus SUV, and towing a small 12x16 Uhaul trailer. We were very near our Green Bay destination, and my husband thought 2 new tires should be put on the vehicle before our return drive home to California. We stopped in DISCOUNT TIRES at 4645 Verona Road in Madison, Wisconsin 53711. My husband was going to purchase 2 tires, however, Chris, the salesperson said that 4 new tires would be better for balance and tracking. 4 new tires with a lifetime warranty for 60,000 miles were purchased for $932.62. My husband watched the procedure of the employee attempting to place the spare in the SUV. He did not know how to do it, then 2 other employees came over to the vehicle to help him. We sat in the waiting area while they mounted the tires. We left DISCOUNT TIRES after 2pm and approximately 35 minutes later, I heard a bang and the car went out of control crossing the highway, flipping us upside down in a ditch off the highway on the other side. Several people came to help us as we were hanging upside down in the car by our seat belts. We were pulled out of the vehicle, and a woman helped to pull out some of our personal belongings. DISCOUNT TIRES has not knowledged any responsibility, nor made any attempt to refund any monies in spite of the warranty. Their claim representative, Mr. Jim Brandt, said that the appraiser did not see a cut or nail in the tire. Of course not, the tire blew off the wheel. There was dirt and grass inside the tire. The tow truck driver said the the tire in front looked bad as well. Grass, dirt inside the tire. Mr. Jim Brandt said to call my carrier. AAA insurance does not cover the TIRES. It is DISCOUNT TIRES responsibility. We could have died, had severe injuries, or caused the death and/or injuries to those behind us on the highway. We have lost and damaged property. My daughter and I suffered minor cuts,as well as great trauma from the accident. My husband also had body aches for a period of time. We saw our doctor the day after we returned to California for the bruises and body aches. I contacted the responsible officer, and tow truck driver, to obtain their original assessment of the accident as they pointed to the tires and told my husband at the scene that was the cause of the car losing control, thereby, causing the crash. The police officer supplied a supplemental statement to that effect. This was added to the supplemental incident report. The officer, and tow truck driver stated that they are not expects, however, in viewing the tires, that was what was what they deemed as the cause of the vehicle veering out of control in their opinion. I wish to follow up with the complaint that DISCOUNT TIRES did not perform an efficient, reliable, secure, safe service. The tire company was inept, fraudulent and sloppy in mounting the new tires at their shop. They have not reimbursed any monies for the tire(s). 2 tires had damage. If this near fatality was intentional, as I suspect it was, a crash under very suspicious conditions, they nearly accomplished their deed as we almost died. It was a miracle that we survived, and that no other vehicles plowed into us as we flipped from one side of the highway to the other side. Thankfully, none of the 13-14 motorists who came to our aid were hurt. The towing service said there was grass and dirt inside another tire as seen in a picture. This accident may have been deliberate in mounting the tires. We believe the accident was intentional, and we were targeted. How else can the failure of new tires on a highway after leaving DISCOUNT TIRES be explained, as well as the failure to access the tires at the tow yard? The company's failure to acknowledge their warranty is key. Thank you Vivienne Gray Moorpark, CA Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone


Discount tire will lie and even hold you hostage to sell tires

Do NOT let Discount Tire hold you hostage for a tire sale!!! Last week I found a nail in my tire so aired up my tire since it had not gone down yet and drove to Discount Tire on Culebra and Tezel. My wife had had instances where they try to say the tires are bad but that was a lie. They told my wife they would not let their mother drive on those tires so took it to the dealership for a second opinion and as suspected, they said they were still in good condition and not even in the yellow condition yet. When I go there, there was a man before who even stated to them that they could not hold him hostage for a tire, and everybody look at them. He eventually bought a tire, so I was already suspicious. When they got to me after two and a half hours. They brought my car in and said the tire was not fixable and I told them I did not believe this since the location was over two inches from the side. They brought me in to inspect and I saw nothing of where the tire was not repairable. They still refused to fix it and I said put the spare on, but the kid looked under the van a stated it was the original but didn't even look at the tire. I said put the original tire on and I will go somewhere else and the said they could not do that since it was not safe. I had to buy a tire there like the gentleman before me. I told them to put the original tire in my van and you could them get nervous then. I then went the next day to my mechanic of 40 years, and he said the tire was fin so took to another tire business and they fixed it with no issue. I then took the tire back to them since my mechanic and tire person said that a company cannot refuse to put the car in the original condition if you tell them to. They looked over the tire they gave me that may have had 3 miles on it lie I was trying to take advantage of them!!I They finally agreed since I told them I was just going to leave it there and cancel my charge! . I told them scamming people is not how they should do business and they stated that they do not try to sell tires that are not needed which is total bulls%$#t. every time I have gone in there, they say they cannot do something, and I need new tires. I will never darken their doors again nor any other Discount Tire. know this is long but do NOT let these thieves take advantage of you



Delivered 1 tire and the other tire was delivered the next day...I talked to a representative on Saturday and he assured me that it would be delivered by Monday...Thanks for the prompt response.


World class experience.

I purchased tires with Discount Tire for over 20 years and they are always friendly and helpful. When my tire failed and I had to purchase a tire from another company they reimbursed me for it. I don't know how they stay in business and I have to believe it's because they treat a lot of people the same way they have treated me all of these years.


Unsatisfactory quality work

Made a appointment on line @4:15pm for 10-01-2022 to have my daughters 2016 Chevy Cruze tires rotated, which she probably had done maybe 1 or 2 times since we purchased them. I just got done replacing pads/rotors on her front brakes, notice that the tires were low on air pressure, so I filled them, but got over 35lbs, which is the recommended tire pressure,,, I arrived 2:30 pm early for my appointment and stated that the air pressure was high and the service technician stated, we always check and fill to recommend air pressure and he would get me in, workload permits, but finally after2 hours, a service tech, came out to the lobby with my paperwork, but one of the counter service guy took it and said, Ill take care of it, so I waited until he just kinda gave me my keys and no paperwork or explanation of the service,,, I drive off and my air pressure was at the same pressure is when I dropped it off. I called and spoke to the manager, all he said drive back in and will check it in between the other customers, so I just said Ill take care of it myself. I paid extra on each tire for this service and they just act like all I have to do is wait around for a service,,, the manager was not understanding of my concerns,,,


Personal experience

waited for 5 hours just for them to fix 1 wheel. only once they took the tire off the rim ( which took about 5 minutes) they said we cant help you the tire is bad and the wheel is cracked in 3 places.


Representative not friendly

When I purchased my 4 tires I was a never told that once they kind of wear out warranty wouldnt cover them today I try to use the warranty Michael B here in Midland Tx. Loop 250 location,was very unfriendly


Miserable customer service

Miserable customer service I went to the store at Coit Rd., Plano and ask them to do a rotation for my tire just to know all the tire and the Rams all my life from discount tire theres a guy his name Robin very mean and rude guy he was arguing with me about the ram I bought it from a different store I told him anytime Im very sure this is from the store and you can look at the computer go to the computer and take a look and he said yeah you bought it from here but you install it in different store and he was very mean and rude when he explained that so I ended to leave the store without rotation the tire because he say which is not the truth we dont have the key for this kind of tire Im really upset I spent and waste a lot of time at that store and its very bad the guy his name Robin make me look Im lies at him


Price Gouging

So, been a discount tire customer for over 25 years and I have to say, it seems ya'll are getting a bit greedy? Your tires have gotten very pricey and I van find the exact tire on Walmart for at least 40 to 60 dollars cheaper!? And, not only or people paying the hiked prices, their paying your ungodly road hazard warranty prices, which Walmart only charges 10 bucks, no matter the tire. So you are losing many life long customers, cause I know many people who no longer shop your stores, or order online. Something ya'll should think about before you lose to much more money. Just because you carry those cheaper made tires does not mean that's what people want. I just bought 2 Coopers for my dodge and saved 100+. And I see how yall don't carry the exact model as competitors so you don't have to price match, but that doesn't mean people won't still find cheaper elsewhere. Just something to think about, as you have already lost a customer who purchased tires for his 3 cars every 3 years or so for almost my entire marriage, for which we just celebrated 29 years. Hope ya'll will consider this in your next revamp. I will keep checking your prices, but will probably still be going elsewhere. I hope you consider this information.

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