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2.6/5 - based on 371 reviews

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Delta Sonic Car Wash has a 2.6-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 371 customers. In the Service Centers and Repairs category, it secures the 12th position out of 1094 companies.


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(800) 843-5477

570 Delaware Ave., Buffalo, New York, 14202, United States

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Delta Sonic Car Wash Reviews



I received a 29.00 charge and was wondering what it was for. Michael Horton 7306 West Diversey Avenue, Elmwood Park, Illinois 70708 7**-**1-5874. 5153hortonm@***.com.Thanks



Bill kept going up to a point that I could not afford. Ive been with you for years but I guess that means nothing.


I have a complaint

8/19/2023 I get out of work at 7 oclock Ill proceed to Delta Sonic I go there and cancel the car wash for my truck. I go to the car wash with my car after I go to the car wash Ill proceed to get my car dried off the guy thats drying off my car gets offended because I didnt give them a tip cause I didnt have no money on me cause I just came from work. I only have my credit card on me and tells me *** have a great day as Im driving Off, so me and him get an argument is supervisor, I explain to him what happened he told me to call the one 800 number and report my incident. His name is Griffin. Thats what I was told by the management. .


Purchased a fathrrs day special

Bought 2 father day promotions, the promotion was interior cleaning, wash and hand wax. The cup holders were still sticky, garbage left in doors and the cars were still dirty how do you hand wax over dirt?


On 08-16-23 4:16pm Delta Sonic #1812 **** Penfield Rd, Penfield NY 14526 I arrived filled our Lexus, Purchased SK, and Interior cleaning. I told the young man greeting me for the interior cleaning

that I wanted it done good and tell who ever is cleaning I tip $20.00. Well I sat in the waiting room about 15 minutes and the detail girl notified that she was finished. Boy I thought that was fast. I did observe her giving only one swip on the pass window. I tipped the $20 and as I started driving I noticed the side view mirrors has water spots, front and rear window not cleaned evenly. There was dirt on the drivers side interior. The trunk was not even opened not vacuumed or rear trunk lid cleaned. Both rear door panels not evenly cleaned. Plus what a poor job. Henrietta Delta Sonic is the best never a problem. Worth the drive. I will never return to the Penfield location ever again. Not. happy customer


Dispute rise in wash price

The cost of my unlimited wash is going up AGAIN.The cost of everything is going up. Corporate greed.


Change of plans

My name is Osamudiamen Benjamin Osazuwa, I want to stop my interior washing, but to continue with car wash. My car plates number is KBE 6804


My accounts changed which means I have to wait for my new debit card which takes 7 to 10 days because it was told to me by the Delta Sonic representative that they have to have a debit card or a credi

My bank account has changed which means my debit card has changed and unfortunately I have to wait 7 to 10 days before they send my new debit card to me I am very upset about this because I have been with Delta Sonic for some years and never had this issue that my card will come one day this week the other Sonic is not the only creditor that I have and I have informed the bank that they have put me in a very bad position with my creditors who I am in good standing with


Charged from wrong account

Charged four different times differrent account one account should never be used i want a call now 716-908-****



HORRIBLE service!!said to be back at 12:30 car not done til 2:30! Dropped off at 7:30 am . The car windshield not clean . Seats were soaked so much so that it got my clothes soaked. Back seat not vacuumed. Animal hair on steering wheel( dont have animal) I waited 2 hours after they texted me to say it was done because ooops we forgot to clean headlights. Manager had a condescending attitude when I asked for itemized bill. I got in car to find an empty can in drink holder, not mine. Overall a horrendous experience. Sadly I paid over $280. For a garbage job with bad attitudes from employees. NEVER again will I use the service!!! I will be posting review of company.


Bad service

Bad service bad customer service terrible workers Manager doesnt care about his job the way he need too


Interior car wash information

What is interior car wash I mean what part of car includes in interior car wash they dont clear and lastly they charge extra amount which is ridiculous


Car wash

My unlimited car wash was paid for the month of June and went to car wash today 6/7/23 and my plan was canceled without my permission


No Discipline

YOU need to find a better way to service your customers while in the wash line. Biased customers appear before customers and there's nothing the employee can do but service them. SO UNPROFESSIONAL DELTA SONIC!!! NO offers, NO question, NO complaints, NO tag for Free/any wash should NOT be addressed in a MOVING WASH LINE. SO UNPROFESSIONAL DELTA SONIC!!! You have been doing this far TOO LONG and someone needs to do their job and REDO YOUR MANUALS. FAR TOO LONG!!! VERY UNACCEPTABLE DELTA SONIC!!!


Poor interior and exterior clean

Poor window cleaning, water left standing in my cupholder and on mats. For the money, I did a better job myself. Asked for a towel and they were wet!

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