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Delivery Drivers Inc has a 1.6-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 273 customers. In the Professional Services category, it secures the 4th position out of 763 companies.


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I was blocked from store 186 in El Dorado Kansas I have been trying repeatedly with spark to resolve the issue it's the only store that I can deliver from because I have a grandchild that I watched through the state for DCF. She has special needs and so I can't just be dragging her all over the place my husband has end-stage liver disease and is terminal and is on Social Security disability and has limited income. We have a high car payment we have all of our bills and insurance and everything else and we're on a limited income I don't make that much with the state for child care. I tried to explain this to the manager so I can't drive to another Zone because I literally have to be where I'm at for my family. It's the only way that I'm able to make extra money and they were having terrible app glitches all through the last few weeks and they didn't even warn me or say a word to me I had contacted spark several times to get support because of the issues and I figured they were resolved. Apparently not. They sent one of their assistant managers outside to tell me that I was blocked that Jeremiah from the store told me that I was blocked he is the store manager. And they said I had four mistakes in a week well yes of course because the app was messing up no one else had this issue in El Dorado as it is a really small town so I'm not surprised but it did happen to me and it was all over every Forum Reddit Google Facebook spark forums all over the place people were pissed off about it and you guys had sparked down for maintenance because of all the problems and everyone was talking about it online and I tried to explain that to him but instead of coming out to tell me hey what's going on after a couple of messed up orders instead of me going on thinking everything is good and resolved with spark he lets four happen and tells me that I'm blocked without ever saying a word to me before that and when I went into the store to talk to him with my husband he was very abrasive and rude and very dismissive he could care less about my situation. He could care less to talk to me he was rude to both me and my husband. He's added a tremendous amount of stress to our situation I mean we do not need this we have got to have that extra money. I have contact sparked several times about the app glitches about the maps not matching the address on the app or just completely going away and not coming back and I'd have to stop my app and start restart it hoping that it would work right I had numerous numerous issues. I have been begging this guy to let me deliver again well spark made me think that it was okay so they changed my zone back to El Dorado which I never asked them to change it because I can't go anywhere else because of my situation with my family. But I went up to the store because I had signed into spark and thought it was going to be okay and took an order went up there and parked and they came out and were rude to me yet again it was a different person this time one of the managers put a female. And Jeremiah was gone for the week he is so rude and she was very rude and then I got told by a friend that works there they were all talking bad about me because I came up there when I've been blocked saying that Jeremiah would never let me come up there coming up there trying to take orders when I'm blocked and I didn't do it on purpose I did it because I thought it was resolved because of spark. I need this to be fixed immediately I don't understand what is the deal with this guy it's not like I'm going around making mistakes on purpose I'm 44 years old and I'm married and I have two granddaughters and three grown adults. I'm the primary caretaker for my granddaughter that has special needs she has a one in a million gene mutation and it is very stressful for our family and we have had tremendous amount of stress finding out my husband had the terminal illness and they literally gave him 3 months to live and he's been here a year and the stress is something that we both don't need I don't think this guy could care less what's going on in anyone's lives he has no compassion or care for anyone obviously he is a huge jerk. But I have tried and tried and tried and now I don't know what else to do I'm about to take legal action because I think that this is ridiculous I'm already not getting any money so I'm going to be struggling I'm going to be behind because I'm used to having that income and it's going to cause all kinds of problems for us which we do not need. And it is not fair like I said after a couple of orders were messed up they should have said something to me instead of making me mess up four times and telling me that I just couldn't deliver there anymore. That doesn't make any sense at all and it's not professional whatsoever to tell you the truth I feel like it's singling me out for some reason or another and the way I felt when he talked to me for sure he does not like me and I don't know why I've never even met the guy. But my husband could not believe how he treated us either in front of customers mind you. Some of his employees can't believe that he's doing me this way either and neither can my family or my community work close community and it's a small town and it's ridiculous that he's doing this to me I emailed him I found his company email and I emailed him. I will reach out to corporate and I will reach out to headquarters I will do whatever I have to do. I will contact the Kansas wage and labor board I will contact the bar of the attorneys to find out what attorney will cover my case if I have to go further with this and you guys don't help me I think they're going to be pretty sympathetic whenever they see the situation that I'm in and how good I was doing with this until this last couple weeks because of the app glitching so I am imploring you to do something for me I'm begging you to do it because I have asked spark they're not doing anything they could care less they don't have any jurisdiction I guess so I don't know if I'm just being misclassified as a delivery driver for spark if Walmart store managers can fire me from their store or what the deal is so I'm thinking it's either going to end up in a lawsuit and I know that Walmart has a ton of money but I know there's a lot of attorneys out there that have been a part of some class action lawsuits and other things involved with spark and other gig driver apps so I would really like to see this go easily because I don't want to have to go through all that I just need to make money and they fixed the app supposedly and I downloaded a new app to have several more pictures with time stamps and location stamps on them so that they can't say that anything was wrong if something goes wrong with the app. A couple of times the people that said they didn't get their orders out of the four times they actually came outside and helped me bring the orders out of my trunk! It's like they were trying to get their money back he would not listen to me about that either though! Although we had proven it a couple times through spark cuz it happened to me before. Anyways I'm sorry for the long email but please get back to me and let's try to figure this out help me out with the store and this manager please! Thanks for your time look forward to hearing from you. Kara Small


Update email

I am having trouble re-activating my driver account. I have moved, and my email has changed. I can't remember my password and the only recovery option I have, is to receive an email. I no longer have access to that email account, therefore I can not gain access to my driver account to update my information. I tried to make a new account and I get a message that my phone number is already on file, to an account, that I can not access. Please help Thank you


My delivery app isn't working still.

My email has been deactivated so I'm unable to sign in also everyone I've spoken with it has been the same results and that's nothing I still can't get in. This is horrible. I have done everything that was ask from customer service far as steps to get back work. So could someone please help with the reactivation.


Tax Forms

I've been calling for a week now trying to get assistance with getting my tax forms that I never received and it's not in my app. IRS needs them ASAP and I need help getting them.


Need a profit and loss statement

This company is horrible. I have no idea why Walmart partnered up with DDI. They answer no calls, no emails, no nothing. I have been on a mission trying to get missing CA Earnings Adjustments from them since August 2022. Spark claims they cant do anything without a Profit and Loss statement from DDI.


Horrible customer service

Applied and started working until it was time to get paid. The person putting in my info entered my SS number wrong and sent it to the partner bank. Tried to get my funds but my social was wrong. No one was able to help so I guessed the number many times to get it right. Then they let me work under the false number, I closed the account to restart a new one because the poor customer service tossed you back and forth to spark and DDI. Sent over 100 emails and calls. No one can get me working again. It very sad. The bank and company is not apart of the BBB either.


Need to get in my account and update info

Didn't work help please let me know why . I've spent2 hour on this . You sent me a reset doesn't work help



I tried logging on app today to see busy times, and it said to update my operating system or remove the app... My operating system is updated to Android 8.1 according to spark app it's needed at 7.0 or above... I should be good to go, but app keeps saying that I've tried to uninstall reinstall etc. Did I get kicked off platform!? I haven't done anything wrong yet...please help John Collins Mylifethroughyourears@***.com 563605**** Prairie du chien Wisconsin store Thanks


Applied months ago, problems with my account

I have been trying to contact these guys for months now to resolve this issue on my account. I was never able to contact them by phone until a few days ago with a number from this site. The person I spoke with said I would receive an email within 3-5 business days with instructions on what to do to proceed with the application process/fix any errors I need to fix on there. Still have not received an email. Im so sick of not being able to get anywhere with these guys.. its very frustrating :(


No answers after my 30 emails

I call them i sent them about 30 email and never got help about my spark driver app log in problems Regards


Switching regions

Currently on the wait list in my area due to the year long waiting to clear background check. I tried to call to see if I can be an access to switch regions but sense Im on the wait list I cant switch regions. By the way if I can drive for Point Pick-Up I should be qualified to switch regions to help DDI which all falls under Walmart


Can't log in

I am unable to log into my spark account because the email I signed up with has been deleted after a factory reset


Was about my application

I was asking about my application approval because i have been waiting since 2021 and when i tell people about spark they apply and get approved so quick


Got locked out of phone

Everything work out. Lockedout so they helped me get access again. So everything is good now. I'll remember this site in the future.


I need to change my phone number

The phone number register to my account is 417-590-**** in my new phone number is 417-210-**** Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter


Account locked

Everytime Ive called Ive been told my account doesnt exist but when I go into the system to try to set up a new account its saying my email and social security number is already being used . This is regarding shakendra90@***.com.

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