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Cydcor has a 1.4-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 65 customers. In the Staff category, it secures the 5th position out of 147 companies.


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Resolved: Refund

Updated by user Apr 27, 2021

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with full refund.

Original review Apr 16, 2021
I spoke to an associate a week ago and was scammed by Cydcor Retail and I am needing my $111 put back onto my card and the agreement reversed as well. Update: It has been 3 days since I have spoken with a representative who said he would see what he could do and getting me the $100 back and I'm still waiting, he said he will follow up with me as soon as he gets an answer.


Scam don't think these people know anyone at at&t

Sold directv in Cartersville Walmart after 4 weeks got E mail order canceled paid $35 no refund or explanation


Do not trust these people they are scam artists

I need a refund placed back into my account because one of your sales people lied and said I was able to get fiber optic internet through directtv where I live and directtv does not even offer internet where I stay I have already spoke with directtv but there is still a transaction that has been taken from my account from your company


Agents offering service not avaible in the area

Agents came to the door and offered Direct TV(CenturyLink) and internet (AT&T) bundle. Listened to the entire presentation and decided to switch. Was supposed to get a call regarding the internet, never did. I was told that both tv and internet would be installed same day. As I sit here waiting, I call and find that the internet service through AT&T is not available in my area. Agents never said this and wasted a couple of hours of my time for nothing. If someone comes to your door offering anything for sale please verify who they work for. I was under the impression that I was dealing with CenturyLink/AT&T here in Las Vegas, but today find out it is CydCor. This company is not trustworthy.


I worked at multiple cydcor ICL’s for over 3 yrs

I have read so many reviews since quitting Cydcor. Most people just didn’t want to work hard and write a bad review. I worked very hard, was successful, and am still writing a bad review. Let’s touch on some key points here. Cydcor preys on young college graduates looking to find a “real job”. In fact if you interview an older person you will be told ahead of time they are “practice” and won’t be hired.. that’s if the older person happens to slip through the interview process. So that’s just... Discrimination. Commissions are low. As a leader I averaged $1000 per week, but very few people do that. Most people make below minimum wage, which one can calculate doing a very simple math equation. High performers such as myself paid for recruiting, 2nd round interviews, and the owners personal paycheck. Was I valued and appreciated? No. You would think the rep making $1000/week and providing all the resources would get promoted to management first, but nope. No work/life balance. Literal 70+ hour work weeks. Cydcor will become your life. If you want to take time off (even a day) you will be looked down upon and management will say you are not taking the opportunity seriously. Ownership (at least for the first year) will be even more time consuming than leadership and assistant management. You will make less money than you did as a leader. Also depending on how sloppy your promotion to management was, you will pay your business expenses out of your personal money, leaving you more broke than the 5 leaders who moved with you. Which most of the time will all live with you in the same house or apartment. Cydcor likes to woo people with their big clients in telecommunications and energy.. which is cool I guess. The lack of integrity with sales made me want to vomit, and of course the clients do not care because it’s free money for them. There are reps and owners that make solid sales, and there are reps and owners (most) who lie to sell more stuff and make more monies. I also see all this stuff on how the biz is very cult like. During my time I kinda ignored all that, but now looking back it is very much like a cult.


Liers and scamers

Walmart has cydcor as a third party retailers in the stores. They have these young kids trying to sell you services for tv and internet from ATT. We told the two young guys we already had ATT. They asked how much we pay for it each month. We told them then they said the could cut the price down to around $90 a month. They charged my husband $35 as an application fee. Needless to say we call a call from ATT and the representative said that they could not process this order because my husband was already a customer and has a current account. So needless to say we are probably out $35 dollars. These young kids in the store will tell you anything just to sign you up. They said don't worry about the up coming bill. It will be taken care of with this new order for service. It is all a bunch of bulls...t


SCAM- Do not work here

Company is a PYRAMID SCAM. They hype up and make young people believe they can become managers in a very short amount of time and will make a lot of unrealistic money. When in fact, its only them who make money. They give you "perks" and then when you quit because you are deflated from making NO MONEY), they tell you, you OWE them money because they "fronted" it to you. You basically work for FREE. Then they threaten to file a police report on you because you didn't understand the BS "policy" and don't have ANY money. I am sorry my kid got sucked into this. This is a tough life lesson but felt led to share to possibly save others for buying into this garbage


Did not deliver as promised

Was in a Sam's store and was approached by a nice guy wanting me to switch to DirectTV. I had just looked online for deals with DirectTV so I listened to his pitch. I was promised a $200 Sam's gift card if I switched to DirectTV. I gave some information and was given a phone number to follow up to schedule installation. Called about three weeks later and was now promised a $300 Sam's gift card. I agreed and it was installed. Was given website to claim my $300 reward, after waiting 2 weeks. Was told there was no current offer of a Sam's $300 gift card. AT&T gave me a $200 Walmart gift card. After MANY phone calls, I was told that Cydcor will be reaching out to me and they will send a gift card. I have no idea if that will happen; however, I now have information to file a consumer complaint with Illinois Attorney General if no additional gift is received. I actually signed up on the $200 promise; but because they LIED to me, I am going to pursue the matter.



They are scammers. Say they work with directv and att. Neither company has heard of them. I have filed a lawsuit against them. Do not trust anyone at a walmart or a bestbuy claiming they work for directv or att. It is a major phising scam company. They charge your card $19.95 for a *** att account!!!!


Cydcor llc scam

On September 4th they charged my card 1995 don't know what the company is tried contacting the number off of the website number I got no one seems to know what's going on can't get my money back but their name is up under it with


Cydcor Work Experience Review

This company is a scam! I know you have probably seen it by noe but do not make the same mistake i made! They coerce you into thinking you can make it to owning your own branch when in reality it is a lot harder than they let on! They have this cult mindset and wanted me to push my family and friends out because they were suspicious of everything! They even tried to get me to call off the wedding with my fiance because she didnt work there! It was a very bad set up! I worked there for 4 weeks as an eager young mind in debt looking to make it big before i realized what exactly was going on with that company! They were lying and manipulating people like myself into believing they were the answer, when in fact they only hurt you! In my 4 weeks with them i never once saw a paycheck! Sure they promised that i would see one every week but i never recieved one for the 4 weeks of work i did. It was easy to sell and i excelled at it! But i never once recieved a check from them! This company is no company it is a cult! If you value family and friends like i do then you will not want to do this!


Cydcor - Review in Staff category

This company is basically a cult. They are all brainwashed. They all sleep together and take advantage of young minds with the idea of frat-like lifestyle, earning big money and promotions- only to end up working excessive hours and being set up to fail. They also rip people off and the service is terrible. Do not use OR Cydcor. Especially the one based out of Minnesota and lead by Trahern Trombetti. You will regret it.


Just got called in for an interview with ARMI (aka. 'Lesser Cydcor')

So I applied this morning to ARMI Inc., in Little Rock, AR, and then proceeded to do some research after the fact (since in my experience it's simpler to just research after they contact you rather than trying to look things up for a job who never calls/e-mails you back). Lo and behold, I come across this site and all these wonderful reviews exposing the company for what it really is. Changing their name every few years, misleading advertisements on job postings, not being upfront in interviews.. I'm PISSED. So I'm gonna go in for that interview and act like I'm dumb as all *** right up until the point where they try to hire me and I'm gonna flip the script and call them out. Just to see their reaction. Honestly, I'm a college student, I have nothing better to do since Midterms are over. I don't care, I'm gonna be petty. I'm so sick to my stomach that there are young adults out there like me who applied but didn't do their research and got roped into this scam? Who the *** does that to people? How do they sleep? I just don't understand how an entire company can be so vile? Anyway y'all, what else do I need to know? I go the pyramid scheme ***, all the stuff I said above, and a few reviews from GlassDoor but there's gotta be more dirt I can raise *** up in there about. I need a good laugh, y'all, help a sista out!


They're not called Devilcorp for nothing

What can I say that hasn't already been said? It's just a dirt-bag marketing company that changes names every few years. Of course by marketing I mean sales and by dirt-bag I mean unscrupulous, unprincipled, and shameless. Jut like The Black Death ravaged Europe, this amoral firm has spread it's cancer across the globe enslaving many brilliant souls. It's guilty of horrible business practices and is responsible for much grief and suffering. These guys are the black sheep of the business world. Anything they touch gets complaint after complaint and there are thousands of them. If getting complaints and having a lousy reputation were an Olympic sport, Cydcor would be on the podium every four years.


Cydcor is a rapidly expanding corporation, which means more exploitation disguised as a management opportunity for supposedly more people.

Worked at one of their offices for 2 years around 2013 and 2014 as one of the top salespeople and trainers on the way to assistant management. Valuable skill sets learned there but a lot of "wait and see" loaded with uncertainty of whether anything amazing as promised was going to happen. If you plan on working there, do it for the learning experience, not for the money or the management opportunity. There are some campaigns that they have where you can earn a decent commission, but that should not be your focus. I stayed during the worst of times where the market dropped significantly because I saw it as an opportunity to fight with others looking to succeed even in times of desperation. I never got to see a new manager open their first office in the 2 years I was there. You will learn a great system to develop a tough skin, learn how to impulse and close sales, and network and build relationships. But don't rely on the job to be your ticket into business ownership. The toughest part of the job is not the sales. You will learn how to become great at sales and develop business savvy skills in less than 3 months working there, which is awesome. The toughest and most un-humbling part of the job, and also the most important, is recruiting fresh, new, young blood. You literally have to be a vampire in order to be a great manager there. I understand and have respect for the need to smile and be enthusiastic when it comes to being an effective leader to influence others to grow both personally and professionally. But I eventually learned that it was more necessary (profitable for the manager) to use your smiles and enthusiasm to be deceptive by not saying certain things in order to recruit and keep more people, and the management opportunity is really just an opportunity to learn more things of what not to say. The business depends on quantity over quality. I don't make excuses. I choose to be successful and create a lot of business even in 90 degree weather, 3 feet of snow, 6 days a week, 56 hours-plus a week, and taking extra time to coach and train others... but not to become a professional dream-seller who looks at people as numbers rather than actual people. And management relies on keeping corporate trainers there in order to attract new recruits by telling them that this and that is what is needed to become a manager. The real, transparent question for you to ask yourself is whether it is right for you to bank your success on telling people they will make it to management by doing x, y, and z just to recruit and keep those 95% of people on board in order to get yourself to management and keep your office alive by continuously repeating this outstanding management system. Oxymoronic-Metaphors for the job: Slavery: maintain a positive attitude picking cotton so others will follow you and don't complain so that you can secure your own future and take a nice big vacation on a fancy resort and get the house ma was always dreaming about. Marriage: All you got to do is get married to the business, be fully committed not just-interested, and you will live a great life. If you agree, sign here. Kool-aid: and lots of it! Us vs. Them = We are wealthy entrepreneurs vs. The rest of the country are poor-minded employees... Are you kidding me? No one in Cydcor is a business owner or entrepreneur. They are all employees, including the managers and consultants. Drug dealers get more respect: at least drug dealers know the absolute risks of success by staying and growing in the drug business. You can be the next Michael Jordan... of Cydcor! (How Michael Jordan didn't give up amidst the bevy of failures and obstacles against him and neither should you as somehow his dream of becoming the best is the same as your aspiration to eventually run a business exploiting people for Cydcor). Cydcor managers and leaders advise: "Read books from Dale Carnegie and Napoleon Hill." I love when pseudo-business people laude this as part of their collective library reference to entrepreneurship when the driving points of these superb success-authors emphasize helping others, having integrity, developing real relationships, and maintaining a great reputation -- all beautiful characteristics that Cydcor misrepresents in order to manipulate others. Along with those authors, read "Choose Yourself!" by James Altucher. It talks about how corporations actually don't want you to grow or succeed because you will expect more rewards for your newfound creativities. It is less profitable for corporations when you become increasingly empowered because you may choose yourself in order to break free from corporate-mentality, and, I would add, multi-level business corporations like Cydcor acting like you need them to become financially independent. The thing is that if you're going to work for a corporation, wouldn't it be nice to know in plain-view that you're working for a corporation?? Maybe the top consultants of Cydcor got in while it was hot, and are now stuck there trying to keep making sense of what they thought they started. I think they know what they have become but have no other option because the money-making potential in staying with Cydcor is more feasible than trying to risk applying these business skills as a truly independent entrepreneur elsewhere. But now, it's become increasingly a corporation and a prime example of 99%-employees legally making below minimum wage and living below the poverty line. Cydcor started out over 20 years ago helping local businesses. It built enough reputation to be of interest to be exploited by Fortune-500 CORPORATIONS. So, Cydcor is an exponential by-product of bigger corporate systems building even more profit by not having to payout benefits and minimum wage or worry about the inevitably high turnover rates that affect recruiting costs. I looked into the production payouts of other offices, along with my own office at the time. This is just an example of how Cydcor offices looks at its employees: it is better to have 100 employees making $5 an hour per rep average than 50 employees making $8/hr/rep average. Why? Because Cydcor gets more money with more people regardless of quality. It's like the movie the Matrix where Morpheus shows Neo the harvesting fields where people are no longer born but created. Henry Ford was smart to surround himself with smarter and more talented people. However, if you want to become rich working at Cydcor, you will have to surround yourself around 95 replaceable robots and 5 key players. This also means becoming comfortable with the uncomfortability of constantly hiring and keeping people by making false-promises because after 3 months most of them won't stay based on the low pay or lack of growth. Also, you must empower at least 5 key players to do more of your dirty work. If you are in this right now, my advice for you is to think for yourself about what you really want out of your own life. For most of you, this will be hard to think about because Cydcor somehow aligned itself with your personal dreams in life. You are exploitable by Cydcor and/or becoming more exploitable once Cydcor has got you on the following: 1.) You've been there longer than 3 months because you've convinced yourself that this is your true calling in the wilderness of the lack of trying to figure out what your true calling is. 2.) You don't want to do things the conventional way and you want to be an individual. 3.) You want to be the superstar who proved all the naysayers, family members, and past and present friendships wrong. 4.) You want financial freedom and should decide to stop making excuses of why you can't get it, thus your need to stick it out through Cydcor rather than be a loser who quits. If through Cydcor you want to get better at sales, training, and coaching and developing others, then network with people doing better at those things and keep working at it. If you are already doing great but somehow aren't getting the opportunities you should have earned, look at why the key players are getting more opportunities than you and figure out if it's something you can develop. Or figure out what the managers are looking for. Be weary of what the managers claim are setting you back. You will find that their claims are to maintain more control over you by putting pressure on the weaknesses you are already very aware of. A true leader focuses on your strengths and the greatness you can become. Is your manager attempting to do this with you or only pointing out your weaknesses while helping the one or two key players in the office? If you are considering trying direct sales through Cydcor or a company that sounds like this, you will get hired as long as you dress decent and speak proper English. There aren't many barriers to getting hired. What it comes down to for you to make good commission is how hard you work, not your God-given talents or stellar resume or educational background. In that sense, it is nice to know there will always be sales jobs available that are willing to teach you sales success and business skills. But you may just want to keep track of what your real goals are in life in case you get sucked into something you'll soon find harder and harder to leave.

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