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1.6/5 - based on 497 reviews

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CVS Caremark has a 1.6-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 497 customers. In the Pharmacy category, it secures the 6th position out of 351 companies.


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CVS Caremark Reviews


I just want to speak to someone who can help me with an insurance issue

Please allow me to speak to someone who can help me with an insurance issue. I have two form of insurance one is Pacific Source and thr second one is Tri Care Life. When I order my med through Walgreens the Osenpic I receive at no cost. I am wondering what it would cost through you for a 90 day supply?


Need information

Need to check on jardeonce and trulicity have not received any and I am out of both called doctor they said to contact you


Kept receiving meds and Bills after family deceased

Called to stop meds delivery after a family member passed ( long After they were notified of the passing..) yet they kept coming along with bills. Customer services was LESS than friendly or sympathetic much prefer a company with a nice friendly helpful staff. Thumbs down.


Poor svc n dirty store n driven in window not repaired

The store is dirty, and the drive though window is not repaired or a new one in its place. It is inconvenience for handicap or people with disabilities that have a hard time walking to the back of the store. And know one comes to clean this store on 1200 W Main St. And the one on DeKalb St both in Norristown PA.


Prior authorization

Since March 2023 I have had an active prior authorization for the only muscle relaxer that I don't have a problem using, but for the third month in a row these people can't find it in their system. Well why can the MGB Health Plan ombudsman Maraya Camada find it? I know it's because the idiots in Woonsocket RI have their heads up their *** One and a half hours in on this one call and still just hearing *** Might be time to take it up in person.


To get a refund on a mistake in placing my prescription

The provider did not check the right box to send me the generic having done this as a favor to me since my previous drs either left the hospital or retired. I can not afford to pay 90$ when I normally pay 11+ for the drug. I now may not be able to take the medication for the next 2 yrs to make up for the cost I am forced to pay. I believe rules are made to be broke. And something could have been done to help me. Not one of the reps I spoke with cared about my situation.


Needing to cancel order before it ships

It should not take 35 plus minutes to speak to 4 different people to have an order cancelled. Then they dropped the call on transfer. Horrible customer service.


Ccare mark sucks it gets things mixed up n make with draws from my account n u r not authorized to due so with that u oowe me 286.00 back

with dwawes from my checking account n u were not allow to do so with out my permission !!286.42 i want it back asap !!


Terrible coverage and support

This is absolutely the worst prescription insurance plan I have ever had. My company used to have a great plan until they were bought by a bigger company who forced us to CVS Caremark. The customer service is terrible. They don't do 90 day prescriptions. I have better results paying out of pocket using GoodRX. I get what I need at a better price.


Still have me on their insurance when I’m not

Still have me on their insurance when Im not so no pharmacist will allow me to get my medication and its an emergency. They claim I have TWO insurances but I dont - you guys need to take me off or send me a letter of termination immediately. April 1 we all switched Medicaid health first to NYRX but everytime I call no one can help me and its a system issue. Someone said they saw it but couldnt help me!!!


Cancelled rx

This is the worst!!! It has been 5 weeks and still cant get glucose lancets. They lost my blood pressure rx and everything I order there is a mix up. This is why most of the time I go to Walgreens.


Caremark now thinks it is my doctors.

Jim Donelon, Insurance Commissioner for the State of Louisiana has sold out his elderly constituents to this nasty company who now decides whether or not you can get the medicines that your doctor prescribes. My husband who is a stroke victim has not has his meds in over a month because of the games CVS is playing with my husband's meds and doctors. I can't get my stomach medicine and Trulicity for my diabetes because Caremark has decided I might not need it. They expect my doctor to write a dissertation as to why I need these meds. I hope Donelon is happy with his kickback!


Questions about an order

When I used to choose part d insurance Aetna CVS/Caremark showed I would have to pay a little under $1,000 for my 2 prescriptions. After signing up, I ordered one prescription and they told me it would be over $2,000 per year for 1 prescription. I got no help from their non-native English speaking customer service or their supervisors after numerous calls. Worst insurance ever.



I have to use CVS, cuz that's what they say because the meds I take are prescribed in 90 day supply. Now, the store I use? They're very nice. BUT, I AM ABSOLUTELY FED THE *** UP WITH THE HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE BY THE CAREMARK TEAM WHEN I CALL WITH AN ISSUE, THE NASTY LETTERS I RECEIVE WHEN THEY'RE OUT OF A MED I HAVE TO TAKE, CALL ME A LAIR & THREATEN TO NOT PAY FOR A SCRIPT IF I DO NOT USE CVS. EVEN THOUGH THEY DID NOT HAVE A DRUG I HAVE TO TAKE DAILY! I PAY FOR THIS INSURANCE! OUT OF MY POCKET. With my husband's UNION who contracted with you FGS. That's 100's of thousands of working & retired Steel worker employees! Or them to tell me, well, if u had your script with us? We could probably fix it, but since you don't we can't help you?? WTF??? My monthly 1's? I REFUSE TO FILL AT YOUR STORE!!! I HATE THIS COMPANY, THEY'RE RUDE AS "F" WHEN U CALL FOR HELP, GET CURT & SNOTTY & I DON'T WANT TO EVEN GIVE THEM 1 STAR TBH. CVS? All you give a damn about is making $$ You don't give a flying "F" about your customers. Your buyer's? That buy your drug's? Buy the cheapest they can get & sell that cheap drug at 1 of the highest costs around over even Walgreens! I'M definitely going to be *** a fit at the next contract at my Union to get rid of you! You absolutely disgust me & I'm very sure a lot of other people. You may think you have this tied up in a nice little pink bow with the Union & other unions? But, I'm here to tell you? Don't COUNT ON IT! Nothing is EVER set in stone. So, 0 stars for all the above reasons I've stated. Clean up your act, put the customer 1st & their well being instead of your bottom line. Stop sending nasty, threatening letters when u don't have a drug in stock that I HAVE TO TAKE. You make enough $$$$ on your prescription drug's with what u charge the insurance companies for these drug's. Stop changing & getting WRONG my expire dates & telling me my Dr did not send it when I am 100% sure he did. He does them ALL for 1 year at the same time! So the end refill dates are ALL THE SAME! Tell your buyers to stop buying the cheapest generic drug's they can buy & give a damn about the quality of the product & not being the BIGGEST RIP OFF IN THE US when it comes to product. People won't have such horrible things to say about you!! AND Retrain your customer care team to have some *** manners The customer is always right & treat them with respect! WHERE DID THAT GO?? HUH?? RUDE..RUDE...COMPANY! UGH... No wonder you can't hold on to good pharmacist & why my store's pharmacy wasn't open on Sundays for MONTH'S!


I put Mexico because I was getting help from customer service and put Mexico instead of guana on the receipt l

It was my first time using the machine and I pushed Mexico not guana guana was what I wanted Not complaint human era can't see well

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