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Cultured Quotes has a 1.4-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 231 customers. In the Jewelry and Accessories category, it secures the 18th position out of 657 companies.


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Stealing my money and no way to contact them to stop.

I must have ordered something from them which I never received and now they bill me $25 each month and their contact # that you list and they list is not working and neither is the web page.


Refund inquiring

I have not signed up for any membership but they are billing $25 each month to my credit card. When I call their Customer Service the # it is not a working #. I want a refund for $400 from last year and this year.


Lack of communication

I have not heard anything from Cultured Quotes since I purchased the bracelets. Payments have been made, but no email in regards to where the product is at or if they are being made.


They stole from me

I've never signed up for a subscription with this so called company. However they have taken 125.00$ from my account. I want my money back!



Ive have been charged for the last 3 months and have called and emailed wanting account closed and it till has not een losed and jm still being charged woukd a refund for rgese charges thank you


Membership Scam

Daughter (adult) saw an ad for a free bracelet for her daughter looked over ad didn't see any mention of any membership. I have paid $25 a month ($100 total). There is nothing to indicate WHAT this "Hidden" membership is I was told (Cust. Service Rep from Cultured Quotes) this could not be refunded and I would need to go to an email. HELP I certainly don't want/need/ever signed up for this. She told me that the problem happens because of the "small print". (this is a way to cheat and steal from unsuccesspecting people. I want my money back


Charged money monthly which I did not authorize!

I was definitely unhappy. I did not want a monthly charge. I thought it was one and done deal.My husband was not happy finding charges each month got something that I did not want to have.


Scam Cultured Quotes

$25 fee showed up on my bank account (turns out it goes back to May and I've paid this scamming bunch of trash a total of $100). I called the customer service and was told my daughter joined a membership in exchange for a "free" bracelet. Turns out she did not agree to joining anything -CS (customer service) told me the complaints are from people that do not read the FINE print. immediately


Cancel my subscription

I wish to have my subscription canceled effective immediately. I ordered a bracelet without understanding I would paying for it for the rest of my life! Please stop charging $25 to my credit card every month.


Keep taking my money dont want never wanted any thing from them

been taking my money i told them leave my money im 80 years old dont want there junk been takeing money for over a year and wont stop



I paid the .98 cents to do the trial then they decided to go ahead an take24.95 out of my account with out me saying I wanted to do a plan or anything I never signed up for nothing but the .98 cents to do a trial on


Stop *** taking money from my account

Stop charging my card its harassing to continue charging my card stop charging my card Stop charging my card


Cancel unauthorized membership

don't buy from this companyI will be spreading everything I can about how you put up ads telling people you only pay shipping for what ever it is you are selling and tell them not to do it and let them know the minute they get your card number they start charging you. $25.00 a month and refuse to give a refund, I am on a fixed income and you stole from my bank account and told me oh well no matter what we don't give refunds when you bought what ever it was you signed a contract.


You have taken money from my account. Cora Sheryl Tuttle and I want it stopped my phone number is 256366****

Taking money out of my account without permission. I want it stopped and I want to be reimbursed. I bought one bracelet from you and you have continued to charge my account monthly. Please contact me ASAP


Recurrent charges that just don't stop!!

AWFUL!!!! They are a complete rip off!! Check better business bureau! ! bracelet has now cost $175. because they KEEP charging my account. $25.00 a month! And they do not answer phones!! STAY AWAY!!!

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