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CSC ServiceWorks has a 1.3-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 172 customers. In the Household Services category, it secures the 13th position out of 499 companies.


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303 Sunnyside Blvd. Suite 70, Plainview, New York, 11803, United States

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NIFT is a scam

You sent me an email promoting the company NIFT. In your email, it said join NIFT and you will receive $30 giftcard. It is bogus and does not work. I notified both you as well as NIFT about my experience. Each of you tell me to notify the other. It is a total run around . Nobody accepting responsibility!. I am upset and feel taken advantage of. All that has happened is that I have given NIFT my personal information in signing up. I have subsequently looked up NIFT and now see all the complaints filed under company name. Please note I am disappointed in you responses to my inquiry. I am notifying everyone who uses your service about this email you have sent out regarding joining NIFT. I expected satisfaction from you. Instead all I get are polite emails and apologies that RESOLVE NOTHING


Redeem money on card

Refund on card. I've been trying to contact this company fir over 3hrs both by phone and online. The laundry card in my community took $40 of my money which I added to finish my laundry on Sunday 30th July On Monday night ALL machines & dryers were removed from my development. No notice was put on the laundry card machine to tell people not to put any more money on their card. We were only sent an email( with an attachment to download) to tell us a time frame when new machines would be installed. I would please like my $40 refunded as I can no longer use my card - the laundry machines are GONE!


Unable to login to my account.

I have $$ in my account. However, went to wash and it does not come up logged in, nor does the $ amount


Poor Service

I manage a small property in S. Arlington TX. We have had CSC Service works here since before they were CSC. They are the most unresponsive company I have ever had to deal with in my 23 years in this industry. I have emailed my new sales rep 5 times, her voice mail is full and NO RESPONSE. It is so bad we have purchases our own but now I cannot get them to respond about picking up their machines. This does not even include the poor service to MY CUSTOMERS.Fire DO


They never CLEAN these machines. We have the oldest ones they have I think. I have been 15 years and only one new machine has appeared in that time. They don’t take care of their equipment

Do nI have mold in some of the washers and not to mention the 3 dryers that could start on fire at anytime, because they are so filled with lint below the lint trap. Ive been here a long time and and they do not clean them as they should, therefore Im washing my clothes in mold and praying I dont catch the place on fire while I use dryer. Absolutely disgusting!!


Disgruntled customer

Updated by user Apr 22, 2023
Repeat incidents over several years.

Original review Apr 22, 2023
Multiple requests for coin collection. 8 machines -washers- in our building. All jammed. I got an email claiming that they'd been serviced. Still not working. Feel like we're being held hostage. Must be what others here are experiencing. We are seniors. Most of us have no transportation to take our laundry out. Too much trouble to do this, too. Reading these reviews give me some perspective. Doesn't get my laundry done though. Bummer! Major bummer!



I have 26.00 i was going to dry my clothes then it didnt go through and i try to do it and it disapper my 26 .00 dollar i need my refund in my bank card



ABSOLUTELY the WORST company EVER!!! It's been ONLY 45 days since CSC- Go installed washers and dryers and the hotel I'm at AND ALL the machines from trying to use the APP has been DOWN AND NOT WORKING on a combined total of 16 days!!! I hear excuse after excuse after excuse!!! Now all of the sudden I was told the modem "broke" and are currently waiting on a new part!!! My question is shouldn't the modem have been a brand new one so this problem wouldn't happen??? ALSO this company has done NOTHING to make their customers happy!!! They could of at LEAST offered a FREE credit AND IF and WHEN the "NEW" modem arrives I WISH this hotel KEPT the SAME washer and dryers and we were able to pay via Google play!!!


I would give negative stars if possible

The customer service is beyond rude, she told me her time was more important than mine and she wouldn't wait for me to get her information she requested, she said she had no idea who was in charge of machine leasing (it is THEIR COMPANY), and we are now looking to hire a new company ASAP. They also "fix" the machines, but with each "repair" I have to call again and tell them the problem was NOT fixed. Also VERY rude customer service. THEY ARE THE WORST COMPANY. DO NOT USE THEM.


No machines work at RV resort

All machines, over 30 washers/dryers) have been off line for the last 5 days!!! No response on ETA. Awful service is an understatement!



I have been over waiting 6 months to be paid for a claim that was filed. At first they sent the check for the wrong amount and then they stopped responding to me. I called the telephone number and stayed on hold for over an hour and then the lady hung up on me. When I calls back and asked to speak to a supervisor the lady said there was not a supervisor there and then she hung up on me. The WORST company to ever deal with.


Unauthorized charges, refusal to refund

Updated by user Mar 18, 2023
My landlord tried to get this resolved on my behalf and they refuse to respond to her at all. They have not responded to me.

Obviously, even after being sued by multiple properties, they're still completely unconcerned about stealing money.

My landlord said they are looking into a different laundry company. Good riddance.

Updated by user Feb 15, 2023
Have filed a fraud complaint with my bank which is pending.

Original review Feb 15, 2023
I had one $15 reload on their app taken out three times. After 2 weeks of back and forth with them they told me to file it with my bank and have THEM reverse the charges. Basically too bad, so sad, if you want your money back good luck. You'd think that after losing lawsuits for stealing money from people they'd, I dunno, stop stealing money from people. I guess they will continue to do so as long as they can keep scamming their way into complexes. It's an EASY internet search to see how badly they have abused their customers in just the last 2 years. I am honestly surprised no one has filed criminal charges yet. I've let my complex manager know and I will be notifying all of my neighbors to keep a very close eye on their charge statements when using these machines. I will be hauling my laundry to reputable and reliable local laundromats until this company is no longer anywhere near my complex. Which should be interesting if it happens, considering CSC tried to sue a complex that removed their machines after they went completely derelict when their contract ended. They lost, they appealed, they lost again. Steal, lose, steal, lose. Not really a good business model is it?


Extremely poor service repairs. In my apt building, our machines never work. They don’t agitate, wrung out clothes and sometimes have standing water in the basin, despite numerous calls for repair.

The machines dont work 50% of the time. We have two machines in our building. One of them had 2 of water in it for about 6 weeks, despite several requests/complaints. I made one myself and the repairman said he had no record of any calls. The second machine doesnt agitate so clothes are not being cleaned and then they have to be wrung out before they can be dried, usually requiring two sessions because there is still too much water in them. I called about that one and the repairman came out much to my surprise within two weeks, but he was working on the machine tgat he said he never got a call for. I told him that the other one didnt spin out any water so he said hed look at it after. Lo and behold, today (a mere week later) I put in a load and it didnt spin out the water. Also, the other machine wasnt working at all. The display was t lit up (yes, plugged in). Very very poor service in spite of their claim that our satisfaction is their goal. These machines are in a complex for elderly and disabled. We cannot be writing out our own clothes like this. Well, Im pretty sure this rant will do no good, but it felt good to get it off my chest. If youre a business looking to put in washing/drying machines, look elsewhere.


Horrible company

I have lived at a RV park for over a year that leases washers and dryers. Only half work, and I have called for service several times and nothing EVER gets fixed or replaced. Horrible place.

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