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Cross Country Home Services has a 1.1-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 133 customers. In the Household Services category, it secures the 17th position out of 499 companies.


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Need repair of my stove

There are no repair services in my area so Sears is coming on Aug 24th. I had to pay my $125.00 deductible before they even come to my house. W t h.


Problem not solved........

After I wrote this Public Review, I did receive an email with the option to either replace my item or take a very low, insulting price for my appliance. I chose the replacement, but have yet to hear anything to date.



Updated by user Jan 11, 2021
Within about a week after I posted here, I received an email from Cross Country/Cinch/Sears (whoever the heck they are) offering me a buy-out that was insulting, or a replacement. I accepted the replacement not realizing it was going to be a much lessor model than mine...

Original review Dec 12, 2020
Sears Warranty, previously Cross Country, and now took Sears 8 months to repair/replace my refrigerator several years my dryer went out almost a month ago and I just got off the phone with Sears Warranty and bcuz the part that went out on my dryer isn't available, they have supposedly been in contact with the manufacturer and are waiting to hear back - this has been over 3 weeks and they cannot tell me anything - how long am I supposed to be without a dryer? Ya'll definitively take out the $80 per month like clock work, but can't help me like clock work? If my dryer isn't fixed or replaced within the next 7 days, I will cancel my account with you and go with some other Home Warranty Company that can take care of their customers better. There's no one I can speak with that knows anything, nor to help progress my claim.


Cancellation of Services

After repeated attempts to get Cinch to step up and reimburse us for our bi-annual service agreement with CCHS, we simply refused to renew our policy. We had far too many issues with Sears/CCHS to want to even consider continuing with Cinch. We have moved our policy over to Choice in the hopes they will be more honest, less combative when we need help.



I own a double oven range. I have been unable to use it and have called multiple times only to be told I need parts that are back ordered. So far they have ordered 3 parts - 2 back ordered. The agents I call (who can barely understand me) have set me up for services on microwaves that I never had an issue with and I still have no working oven. Your warranty says if you can't fix it, you will replace it. You took my deductible with no problem but here I am almost two months later with no fixed ovens. I can't use them. How am I supposed to cook? My next step if BBB if you do not resolve this immediately.


Cancellation of Service

After putting up with the poor service, lack of vendors in our area and frankly the outright lies from what CCHS calls customer service, we let our membership lapse. It's not that we shouldn't have cancelled long ago but, after fighting back and forth for a week they stepped up and paid for half of what a new HVAC unit would actually cost when ours crashed. It was like pulling teeth to get them to do the right thing but doing the right thing is not, repeat not in their mission statement. No matter what they try to convince you of on their website. This last straw was the one that broke the back of an otherwise patient consumer like me. After the new HVAC unit was installed our contract included 2 free maintenance visits a year. We thought it did anyway. This last time our summer visit was scheduled, and we paid for it ($100) out of our pocket, as CCHS claims they had no one in this area who would work with them from a billing standpoint. In the past we would send the paid invoice to Cheryl, she would send it to payable's and we would get a check. This time, with the change to Cinch they are no longer adopting the same procedure's apparently because they claim we did not get prior approval. A thing we did not have to do previously. We even went so far as to send them a copy of our last check payment to the service company for the winter service call as proof of prior service. Still, they blew us off for not getting prior approval. So, first we have a warranty policy with virtually no vendors for our area, the few there are refuse to work with Sears/CCHS because they won't pay their bills and they won't reimburse us when we have to pay out of pocket for service on a 6K HVAC unit that they originally wanted to give us $1500 to replace. Sears, CCHS and now Cinch has a 1 star rating for a reason and it has nothing to do with doing the right thing. Ironically they pestered us for 2 weeks to re-instate our automatic monthly payment withdrawal, both in emails and phone calls. They have a pissed off ex customer who is leaving a review which should tell you volumes about their customer service.


Failed to uphold their end of the contract

First they were Sears but after they went bankrupt their named was changed to CCHS but theit contracts were just as worthless. CCHS must be going bankrupt too as they have changed their name to Cinch. Great formula. Don't pay on your claims, change your name, don't pay on those claims, change your name again and refuse to pay for those claims. For a company with all 1 star complaints you would think the attorney general would step in but they are allowed to take peoples money and not pay claims. Under CCHS we had a preventive service agreement where maintenance service calls were being reimbursed but now that they are Cinch they refuse to pay back or pay for outstanding claims. They owe us $100 they refuse to refund, even though we had that agreement before. Bottom line. It won't be long before Cinch is in trouble and you, the buyer will get screwed too. Stay away, stay very far away from this plan.


CCHS has once again changed their name.

Updated by user Sep 09, 2020
Once we asked our bank to stop payment, for the reoccurring monthly payment the calls, emails and phone calls, to re-instate our plan started. We will no longer use Sears/Cinch for our home maintenance plan, mostly due to their complete lack of customer service and consumer care.

What's odd here is the simple fact our plan called for two, biannual service calls which we had been doing since 2016 yet this last summer visit was not reimbursed. Their reasoning for not paying us back this time was we didn't call to get a pre-authorization, even though we had been doing the same thing since 2016. When our 5 ton heat pump went out in 2016 we submitted a work order but the old unit could not be repaired so they offered us $1500 to replace on a 6K unit. After hours and days of fighting with their customer service they finally paid out 3K for a new 6K unit.

It was like moving heaven & earth to get them to honor their contract but they finally did, even going so far as to assign a person to handle our account for all future claims. So, each season we would call the HVAC company, who originally installed the unit to come out and service it. The reason we had to do all of the leg work is frustrating because no one in this area will work with this 1 star rated company as they refuse to pay their bills after service is completed. We would pay the $100 service call out of pocket, send the invoice of service to Cheryl and she would direct payable's to pay us back.

No issues until Cinch bought Sears out and then they claim we had to call for pre-authorization. Of course this was after we had paid the HVAC company, as we always did in the past. Bottom line; we are out our service fee and Cinch is out a customer, who paid with an automatic bank withdraw each and every month. We went with Choice this time.

They are getting good reviews on-line and they have promised they have many vendors in our area who will work with us, to keep our home in tip top shape. A claim Cinch can not make.

Original review Aug 10, 2020
CCHS started as Sears. Sears went bankrupt, along with the any responsibility to work with customers of their plans. CCHS changed their name to Cinch which made the customers of the previous plans left out in the the cold. CCHS was paying for two preventive service calls but now that they are Cinch they refuse to reimburse for the cost of the call. Good luck to you if you get suckered into a plan from Cinch as they are just as bankrupt as the two previous plans.


Do not purchase

In April 2019 I purchased the Sears Home Warranty plan based on my 40 year history with purchasing Sears products and the recommendation of one of their service technicians. In May I upgraded to the full house plan and added separate coverage for my split air/heat unit in my room addition. On October 24th 2019 I called in for the first time to get a repair. My split unit wasn't switching to heating. I got an appointment for 6 November. No one showed up for that appointment after I waited all day. I called customer service and was told they had no record of my claim. Another appointment was scheduled for the following week. The service technician that came said he does not work on split units and left. That happened to me 2 more times. Finally on the 21st another company came out and said they work on splits all the time and after a half an hour of work that my unit needed to be replaced. They took pictures of the unit and sent them in to the warranty company and explained the problems. The company sent out 2 computer board parts and had the technician come back on 26th to install them. He did the work and my split unit still wouldn't work. On Saturday the 30th I get an email telling me another technician was being sent out. On the 4th of Dec a Sears Air conditioning technician was sent who had 15 years experience and had worked on split units. After a half hour of work and trying to diagnose and repair the unit with no luck he left saying that he would get them to replace my unit because he is the expert and it needs to be replaced. Didn't happen. I had to call back several times to customer service and ask to speak to a Supervisor who of course was suppose to call me back and didn't. I called again and each time you call it is a different person and you have to explain everything all over again. Don't they keep any records? I asked again to speak to a Supervisor and got someone in " the escalations department" who was very nice but worked for Sears not the Home warranty company and I was transferred yet again. The Supervisor I did get in the Home warranty department was Latasha Harrison who was not at all understanding and told me I had to find a service provider who would do the work and follow their 10 point plan to get approval for any repairs. After recovering from an illness I started calling air conditioning companies and was told by several that they don't work on splits or with home warranty companies. I finally got a manager at one company who was very nice and understanding and explained that they don't work with home warranty companies because they never pay and give them the run around and it isn't worth it to them. I could pay and try to get reimbursed from my Sears home warranty company (Cross Country Home Services) but he wasn't encouraging that it would happen. I paid a year's worth of coverage up front for the split unit and $77 a month for the rest of my warranty plan. I am so disappointed and discouraged. I feel betrayed by a company I had respected all my life. What a cruel scam. The salespeople praised the coverage that was to be way over what any other warranty company provided. What a lie! All they do is work to ensure you don't get the services promised. I have also paid two $100 deductible service fee calls and still don't have my unit repaired or replaced as they claim they will do quickly.


I was an employee

i was an employee and thought I would get good service since I worked there. We spent a month with no ac and no service, kept getting the run around. They think a name change to Cinch is going to change their reputation.....SMH



We took a warranty out with this company thinking we were taking out a Sears warranty. Having always had good luck with Sears and their appliance warranty we went into it with good faith. That was such a big mistake. This company does not stand by their warranty whatsoever and they will continually try to turn it around on to you. We had a high-end wall oven .they sent a repairman out okay, who walked in took one look at it said he couldn't work on it and charged us $65. From there we were Off to the Races they had no service text and their program in our area that could work on it. The only service man we could find would not deal with cross-country whatsoever. Therefore we had nobody to work on her wall oven, because they would not work on it unless they talked with a service tech and a service tech would not talk with them. We went around and around for 2 months and at no point did the conversation ever change. Every day they would call us to tell us they could not find a service tech everyday we would tell them we could not either. When asked what the solution was they would just go back into their regular spiel, and tell us they cannot find a service tech to find our own we would tell him we could not find it. And so around and around would never any solution. The Sears text that come to your house are pushing this home warranty because Sears is going out of the warranties on the individual appliances. So do not take this warranty out thinking you're getting the good service that you got from Sears all these years. The only thing this company wants is your money they are not interested in any kind of customer service.





I am disgusted, dismayed and have been dismissed

It's been said, "if it seems to be too good to be true, it usually is". Via SEARS, I've been a happy and satisfied extended warranty customer for my Craftsman and Kenmore appliance/tools and have been tickled to be covered by such a great outfit as their subcontractors and in house repair staffs. And then it happened. A telephone cold call from a "fly by night" company hiding behind the SEARS name, offered a "new" service. A plan that covered my Heating/AC units and Plumbing fixtures. Sounded great. I took them on, having had such good luck with my extended Craftsman and Kenmore warranty coverages, I dismissed the AC company that I've been with for decades. What a BLUNDER! What a mistake! I asked for a simple PREVENTIVE CARE service, usually done twice a year, in fall (heaters) and spring (AC). The subcontractor sent to me was so slip-shod, so unprofessional, so rude, so inept, SO DESTRUCTIVE that my heat pump AC/Heat system broke down as soon as their truck drove away down my block. I called immediately. Turn Around I said to the dispatcher. We'll come back day after tomorrow between 12 and 3. I took the day off and waited. At 3 my phone rang "we're not coming". I was shocked. I asked, "do you mean you're going to be late? I was curtly replied to "we're not coming at all". When I calmed down, I was told to call CCHS back to reschedule with another service company, not the one I'd waited for. Eight calls later, after telling my story half a dozen time, I got through to a supervisor. Who promised a call back the next day. I said "don't bother". YOU'RE FIRED!!! Time and time again I was hung up on, my call lost when transferred, no one treats me this badly. Promised callbacks never happened. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. DO NOT TAKE THEIR BOGUS OFFERS. Caveat Emptor, hey buyer......beware.


No company repair contractors

Water busted on Friday afternoon called to make a claim. Haven’t heard back from company by Monday so I called again. Representative stated they were having trouble getting contractors for repair services. Would not recommend this home warranty company they can’t live up to their contract. Buyer beware. ***



I have been a Sears Customer for over 45 years. I purchased a Sears Warranty plan on Feb. 1, 2018. I am paying $50 a month for nothing. When I did need service I have now waited over a month. Called on April 20 and still waiting on a Company to fix my dishwasher. I am now on my fifth company and only one company came out. I paid this him my $75.00 deductible , have paired $50 for service plan since last year. I am now at $850 dollars and have nothing to show for. I could have bought a new dishwasher with that money. PS. I guy I paid my $75 to decided he could not fix the dishwasher. Now ( 5th company ) Sears set up is 2 counties away. Ridiculous ! Please do your part and fix this problem so I do not have to contact an Attorney . Cheryl Robinson 713-829-****

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