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Craftive has a 1.4-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 50 customers. In the Web Design and Development category, it secures the 9th position out of 236 companies.


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They scammed me

They sold me fraudulent certifications. Refused to refund me. Shut down my website when I complained. I paid in full for everything, now I have nothing.


Stole my money without giving me a design

Scammers be aware . Here is my story with them . I want a logo for my company at 2014 and they told me you can revise the logos as many as you want forever until you become satisfied with the logo So i wanted this deal and paid for it over 100$ . Then the website disappeared from the web , i tried to search for craftive Website many time but its not in the web anymore and they dont answer the phone and there are no traces for their company at all !! Then after a couple of years in 2020 i found their website again and contacted them they told me we will not give you your money back Neither we will give you design !! So they stole my money and didnt give me the logo . But even when i told them im gonna leave a bad review they told me go ahead Go ahead !! Be careful


I haven’t received anything but logo I purchased from Samuel

I have paid a Total if 1,500 dollars to them for logo website and 6 t shirts havent received anything Samuel keeps telling me its on it way havent seen anything I would like at least have my money back if I cant get it all back there completely fraudulent. Please dont use them scammers


Fraud Craftive Brands aka Thieves Craftive Studio

Craftive Brands Fraud Beware They Will Steal Your Money “Craftive Web Studios aka Craftive Designs Aka Craftive Brands aka Craftive Logo Fraud Scam Thieves” Craftive goes by many names. They charges my credit card 5 times under Craftive Designs and Craftive two different Merchant I'd numbers. After research which should have done before they have Craftive Designs, Craftive Web Studios, Craftive Logo, Craftive. The reps there are all indian but use fake American names like James Roger's, Scott Lucas, Gregg Adam's. Our 1st rep his name was Matt Rhame and that probably was a real name because after two months and have. Feeling Matt was not part of this fraud so get a call one day from this con artist thief "James Rogers" I am pretty sure they are all in texas since Matt Rhame gave me a personal texas address that's why this was extra suprising since my partners and him hit it off, thought we were friends. They were supposed to build me a website, along with a whiteboard cartoon animation which of course they upheld us along the way, they were also supposed to build us a telemedicine back office for us, the medical Drs, nurse practitioners and the patients. None of this was done.deadline after deadline nothing was ever met. He finally put together 80% of a website that an you can do yourself free at wix or something. He tell us he had to by a portal and wanted 1200 more for 3 years of hosting, we spent upwards of $5000. Looking back everything that was said and done by the fraud scam thieves Craftive Website Company we should of listened to our gut. The website is and We even did a chargeback against them when he once again lied and didnt meet another deadline. This guy James Rogers sure not his name called us begging us to give him another shot and guess because we wasted so much time already, we did. He says to us By Friday 100% will all be done, not only was nothing done he once again ignored his phone. That was the final straw. Have many screenshots proving what happened. At the end sent him a message that he was going to jail, he replied *** to me and started to laugh. Why can companies like this take advantage of American businesses and get away with this? Really just wished we didnt have to start this project over. Craftive has caused so much pain between me and my 2 partners, stress, time and money lost and all he could say was LOL. *******012 The phone number Fraud James Rogers and Matt Rhame was using is *******841 and *******922 Beware Fraud Thieves Embezzlment 911 FBI I will also call the Texas United States Attorney Office. The Crooks at Craftive should be all behind bars.


Craftive Website Design Review from Indianapolis, Indiana

Worse than anything Bad business Don't know how and why they're doing business in US


No Help, No Good...Run From This So-Called Company

It took over 6 months for the company to design my website and the junk they delivered was horrible. When I got someone to take over this project for me, Craftive refuse to give them the backin info to managed the website. They made promises and never came through. NOW I can't even find the website. I spoke with several people and no luck in getting the help. We were told we had an account manager who seem to never be around no matter what time we call, even at 2-3 in the morning. I can't even use the logo because they didn't create it jpeg or the others that can be used on other products, including my business cards. I purchased their package that offered, logo, website, business cards, letterhead, and social networking development. I got nothing.


Big time thieves SCAMMERS and idiots!

I used there services for web design and development on July- 2013, BIG MISTAKE! There services is horrible! The took my $1,000 and never ever delivered what I wanted and took them for ever to do the website. I asked for total refund?, they NEVER did I even argued with the guy name Kevin Marshall Account Manager as well as Greg Adams, they were totally was idiots and ignorant along with the poor customer service! when I call to complain about the site not being delivered on time, he (Kevin Marshall) started yelling at me when I called asking for my refund as their website states, he told me to SHUT-UP and listen to me!!! I was totally in shock to hear that! So long story short, DO NOT I MEAN DO NOT USE THIS IDIOTS AND SCAMMERS FOR ANY ANYYYY OF YOUR PROJECTS!!



I payed up front for a package deal which was for a 5 page website.It took them 3 months to do a job that could be done in 1 week. I provided them with my own logo design but they tried to push me into having them make one for me so that they could charge me an extra fee. After 3 months of going back and forth with them about getting my website design the way that I wanted, they finally delivered, only to find out that my website no longer works. They all have deep Indian accents but they call themselves by European American names. My account manager's name was Ron cooper and I could never get in touch with him. Their phone reception sucked and so did their customer service!!! I have been recently been trying to reach them, but I keep getting a message stating "we are unable to complete your call at this time, please try again later" THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM AND A PIECE OF ***!!!I AM REPORTING THEM TO THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU!!!


Can't get hold of the person I did my business with

I tried to send them an email to ask for their advice on what sort of stationery I should use to get the best results when printing my logo. I can't get hold of anyone now. I too was dealing with what sounded like an Indian guy called Kenny. He was good, he kept me up to date on the progress of my order. It is interesting reading all the complaints on here as I had a very good experience through them. So I am really sorry to hear of others bad experiences. For me, they gave me what I wanted. They sent me all the files of my logo. I paid and that was that.


Other Product Review

They have stolen more than 3000$ from me....... I will never forgive them


Craftive - Logo Design Review from New York, New York

WHERE DID CRAFTIVE.COM GO? I paid $500 for logo & website design. It all came out great & then Freddie@***.com vanished. I also paid $900 for 48 pages on the website but as I said, HAS ANYONE SEEN OR HEARD FROM CRAFTIVE.COM???? PS: I thought that I was street smart.


They are a scam - owned by Axact - DO NOT deal with them

Don't do dealings with Craftive - they are a brand of Axact, a scam company. New York times wrote an article calling them the world's biggest online fraud - they sell fake online degrees, are based out of Pakistan, and Craftive is one of their products. DO NOT DEAL WITH THEM. Links: In a recent TV interview, the CEO of Axact said Craftive is one of their products. Their company offices are sealed, under investigation by the FIA (national investigation authority of Pakistan) and media is ablaze. Google Axact. DO NOT fall for their old and new scams.



hi they are a company based in pakistan called axact and has been exposed recently my nytimes (link below) and luckily the so called cartoon of a ceo admitted that he runs they engage in all sorts of scams according to nytimes but mainly known as a degree mill. all sort of media attention is being given to this company at the moment due to nytimes article and sadly this company is coming out with a NEWS CHANNEL aswell, i cant being to think how can this be possible in century for a scam like this to be getting this big without goverments of multiple countries including its home country not doing anything about it.


Please dont use these guys!!!

You are now chatting with 'Mark Anderson'. Mario Martin: Hello? Mario Martin: I am supposed to be speaking with Ron (Supervisor). Please wait while I transfer the chat to 'Ron Cooper'. Please wait for a site operator to respond. You are now chatting with 'Mark Stanton'. Mark Stanton: Hello Mario Martin: Hello. I am supposed to be speaking with Ron Cooper. Mario Martin: Can you help me with the development issues that I am having? Mark Stanton: Dear Mario Mark Stanton: Your website design just been finalized on May 13th and it's in development now Mark Stanton: We need some time to develop the website Mark Stanton: You're going to received your website testing link by during the next week Mario Martin: What are these deadline dates for? I imagine they are to keep you customers informed on completion status. My experience with Craftive has been absurd. Mario Martin: If my site is not produced in 3 to 5 days from now Craftive will be hearing from my lawyer, and the Better Business Bureau requesting my money back. Mario Martin: Your agent who sold me the package said my site would be up in a few days. Its almost a month later - its false advertising and racketeering. Mario Martin: Can I speak with Ron Cooper now? Mark Stanton: You're chatting with the Manager Mario Martin: What are you writing the websites in machine language? So you word is my site will be up no later than 5/20 right? Mark Stanton: I will try to get the website done by 5/20 Mario Martin: Can I get my money refunded? Mario Martin: "try" is not good enough for my business. Mario Martin: Mark? Mario Martin: Hello?



we are a company in Middle east and we had a business with Craftive which was a very big mistake we had. since 7 months until now still the project in Major deliveries.poor communication,sometimes you have to wait for a month to receive a response. we are about to start a case against them and ask for huge compensation.if any body can help with providing their business location it will be helpful and time saving. and if any body went through the same experience is willing to join us,he is welcome. such scams should be wiped off the market

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