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Costco Benefits has a 3-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 32 customers. In the Staff category, it secures the 12th position out of 147 companies.


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Costco Benefits Reviews


Employee question about 401k

Can I get my 401k earlier then September. I got letter about this. I am a former employee. My last day was February of 2021.


Dishwasher not working

Power was off while it was running the cleaning cycle. Checked electric panel and plug, both are okay. Not sure what is causing this problem and would like to check with technical support


I needed someone to help me for my next step because surgery was being denied. So thank you so much my case worker has got things moving forward with next steps. Thank you so much!!!!!@

Just needed guidance and I did get some. They were very helpful and they listened to how concerned I am.


No answer

Im calling to ask about my benefits. Im trying to find out if Costco will help me with my college tuition, and I need to speak to speak with someone to get the answers. I believe there is a program, but I just need to know what steps to take and the numbers to call.


Cannot get into ESS

I changed My phone number and now I cannot get into ESS through PingID. It will not let me change my number on the site without verifying the new device through the old phone number, which I no longer have access to. I need help resetting the app so I can have access to my information. Thank you.


Get daughters insurance card

I would like to get my daughters insurance card me in case she needs her own insurance cards. We need her own insurance card to verify her her insurance to be able to definitely identify Sage is on my insurance plan. So please, own up to our insurance policy and send her own information and insurance card.


ESS login support

Hello, I recently got a new phone and my Two-factor authenication no longer works. I need to reset my two-factor authentication in order to view my employee benefits page. My phone number remains the same.


Not user friendly

Original review Nov 14, 2022
Still too many portals to get to what anyone needs. Jumps from one page to another and too many log ins. Still wasnt able to submit any type of pre application to enroll partner online, and still have to fax or mail off paperwork? How inconvenient and ancient. We esignature now available, this needs to be more efficient for people trying to enrolled loved ones.


Adding partner

Not easy to navigate and add your significant other. Too many steps to provide proof, no links for application. Office wont help you. On the phone didnt want to help, they directed me back to website and follow the instructions. Very upsetting


Switching to Medicare. Would like to drop Costco health care

Was instructed to call this office back on the I wish to drop my coverage. Excellent customer service. What a refreshing change from. Just about everywhere else. Thanks



I've been harassed at work for a long time just to come back to work to further harassment.I work my butt off for this company and have pretty much served this Country all of my life as a Marine, a cop and a Deputy sheriff. The management is terrible


Resolved: Harassment

Updated by user Apr 30, 2022

I am begin harassed at work.

Original review Apr 30, 2022
Im an employee and my Supervisor harassed me and he still working in the same building after they brought me back after six months of intense mental health treatment due to the workplace harassment that I face from my manager or supervisor rich manager Colleen manager Stephanie and manager Justin all from Costco 391 I am an employee Joseph Pauley



Website is not working, never works and phone calls have disconnected right away citing due to unforeseen circumstances. What gives?


Benefits about the hours when school are closed

Hi Good Morning, I want to know about the hours when school are closed. I have used just 24 hrs only. I want to know if that hours left i can used them in spring break when school are closed.?


Legal assistance

Way too expensive, you would think we have better prices specially with our employee discount but Nooooo 7,000 is not a great price. I called a different lawyer theyre only charging me 1,500


I am still in need of a weekend babysitter

Because I'm trying to find weekend sitting for my sonBecause I'm trying to find weekend Sitter for my sonSo I can wor I am still in need of A weekend babysitter The websites that were provided Were no help especially in my location We really need a Costco day care Especially with single parents who have no help

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