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Convergys has a 2.4-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 35 customers. In the Staff category, it secures the 10th position out of 147 companies.


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No internet

i would like to know why is your service in my house is always having difficulties? my niece and my borders are working from home and needs internet and its been 3 days. almost every month they are always complaining about tour service can you please enlighten me of why is this happening. Every 20th ang due ng net: Account Number: 00202******** Subscribers Name: JENESSE ROXANNE MENDOZA 1049-3 Ayala Townhomes Arellano Ave Malate Manila myrna_tan834@***.com


Need paperwork filled out

Since they were bought out by Concentrix, they now claim to not have any employment information concerning Convergys. I don't want to believe they are doing this. But they are. It's not right, is it?



I was told I got hired and then never got back to me. Please give me a call or contact me on telegram 424222**** thank you


Good company

I recieved an email from adp that my w-2 its available but i cant enter to see it can you send me a copy to my email


Checking if a specific person works there

I have received an email from a Cynthia Morgan saying that she sent me a check for 1300 and I need to print it off sign the back and deposit the check using my mobile app for my bank


Don’t work here

This place is an absolute hole of misery. The trainers have an attitude problem and the training is poor. When you begin to take calls team leaders are unsupportive too. They blame the employees for why the turnover rate is so high, but it’s really because of poor management. You are dodging a serious bullet if you don’t work here.


Data Entry... HR/sale person was prolonging

it was prolonging speaking with the Interviewer and will not answer your questions but quickly ASK for your bank account and SSN.


About my w2

I have tried to contact convergys on several occasions to retrieve my information but nothing has been done.


Please stay away from this place.

Please stay away from this place. They lie through their teeth about how much one can make in commission, but its all false promises. They will not tell you there is a 30% tax withheld on all commission checks. They will not tell you if you get 2 negative surveys from customers GM and OnStar will not pay you your commission check. no matter how big or small that commission check is. Scheduling if not good. You will never get to see your kids nor spend time with your family. mandatory overtime whether you want it or not (end of months) Or forced unpaid time off, which they call (VTO) at the beginning of the months Managers are so rude. Let me repeat... Managers are RUDE, RUDE, RUDE. They have favorites. Lori, the Blue Button Call manager, needs to be evaluated for racist acts. You are expected to take 900 to a 1200+ calls to make a decent amount of money in commission; mind you, if 2 or 3 customers give you a negative review, you will not get your commission check no matter what. Those negative calls could have been perfect... by the script, however GM/Onstar and Convergys/Concentrix will keep your commission check Even if you had done everything well on those calls, you will not get paid. I saw so many people get hurt by this company's harsh policy in withholding peoples commission checks. Convergys is merging with Concentrix, keep that in mind and don't waste your time to go for an interview with them because they will lie to you. for $12.50 save yourself the pain.


Absolutely Terrible

Training sucks, Pay Sucks, Convergys Sucks. If Convergys were to organise a Birthday Party, hardly anyone would show up and the managers would be arguing over who was supposed to bring what to the party that you would have no cake or candles or balloons or entertainment, you'd end up with everyone blaming everyone else and only you would suffer. Been here over a year and everyone got a pay rise except me because apparently I need improvement despite me being the one that helps everyone else out because they don't have a clue what their doing. The place is a joke expecting someone who is paid less than the rest to assist them with things they don't have the brains to deal with themselves. If your looking for job, keep looking, this is not the place for appreciation, in fact McDonalds would be a far better place to work.



This is the story. I called last sunday, at about 10:00 to follow up the status of my dispute regarding the installation fee of my broadband which i was not informed during the application and installation. She put my call ON MUTE and after 20 min i decided to say HELLO because she never get back to me. After saying hello for 5 or 6 times, thats the only time she answered back. I asked her why she put me on mute, because what i know as a former call center agent, she supposed to put me ON HOLD, and even get back to call from time to time to inform the customer that she needs more time to process the request. She argued with me and i decided to ask for a supervisor. She put me ON HOLD for 25 minutes and then i heard 2 rings and put ON HOLD again for 25 minutes and then refresh the aux and put ON HOLD again for another 20 min., and after that SHE DROP THE CALL. So unacceptable behavior of your agent. With this, i would like to get feedback on what happened with my complaint. Hoping for an immediate response. Thank you. Relly Cruz (signed) 0915464****



Just a caution that I suspect Convergys and some other work from home jobs put out the word that they are hiring but will sell your information when you fill out the application. My advice would be to give them a fake phone number and a email that you don't use for personal/ serious business, that way you don't get spam calls. Be careful because I think they benefit financially from your info even if your not hired but in turn you get nothing from them.The reason some of the companies like convergys say always appear to be hiring is because they need more info to sell/use that you give to them on the application/resume. I am not pissed just giving a warning.



Mistreated. Pulled a call that was over a month old to review. Tl were never any help and took forever to answer your questions. I went there weeks without a coaching and when my TL did coach me she used a diatratory word to say I sounded southern.


Very bad

Your one of the employee the nahe employee is Mr Vikas of Convergys is having a very bad manner to talk with the coustmer my mobile no is this - 971147****


As an employee ive had an amazing experience.

I currently work at convergys in glace bay , ns . Ive always heard nothing but negitivity about working there , things like being mis treated , not trained properly , team leaders and roamers that barely help , do nothing but steal money , customers screaming at them and so much more but honestly they put so much into the community nobody even realizes because its not posted all over social medias or bragged about all the activitys for kids and events thrown to benifit the comunity ! As for having customers screaming at you , ya its going to happen because everyone has there bad days and just put yourself in there shoes and look at it from there point of view and go the extra mile to help figure out the situation . And as far as the team leaders , roamers and the rest of the convergys family are amazing people , very supportive , helpful and would do anything to make you feel more confident about going on the phones ! I personally would have to say Rod Hart is most definatly an amazing Person and trainer ! He teaches in a way that makes you fully understand what you have to do , and takes the time to help the ones who struggle , just the support in general .


Lied to by recruitment team

Was told when I attended my interview that I could start work with my provisional and national insurance to find out on my start date that I need a copy of my birth certificate by the end of the day or they will revoke my offer of employment they were very aware that I ain't from Manchester and knew that I would struggle to get it by the end of the day then got told by the recruitment staff that my partner had called them who is in hospital that he told them that he had been discharged later to find out that I had been lied to again according to my partner and the one of the nurses that is caring for him they sacked him 2 weeks before for having seizures in work when they was aware he suffers with epilepsy not a nice company at all and like to play with people

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