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Continental Tire the Americas has a 1.6-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 88 customers. In the Auto Parts and Accessories category, it secures the 60th position out of 513 companies.


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Continental Tire the Americas Reviews



Purchased 4 new Crossconact lx sport tires for my Ford explorer. Through normal driving, mostly highway, tires are unserviceable in just 15,500 miles and less than 1 year. Was told that "those" tires have NO mileage warranty! When purchased, we were told that they are a 50,000 mile tire. Upon review of Continental website, clearly states that "If your tires become "unserviceable" within the first 12 months, we'll replace them for free". After persueing with customer care, We were offered 50% refund as "good faith"? Unacceptable but I guess we haven't much of a choice.


Tire Noise

Have had 3 Benz's in a row. At 7500 miles it sounds like a SUV. You will be lucky to get 20,000 miles out of these. I even rotate these at dealer and no difference. Pure junk tires.


Warranty issue. Tires have no tread after only 16,000 miles

My 80 year old mother replaced put continental tires on her car. A year later with 16,000 miles there was no tread. I contacted Continental warranty. They told me wed have to send the tires onto them to receive compensation. We had to buy new tires and send these back to them. 3 months later, they sent us a check for 300.00. The tires cost close to 2500.00. What a joke. I will never recommend these tires or company.


Tread life

OK so let's see I had a 2013 Dodge Charger se V6 I installed the the Extream contact DWS 50k rated tread life tire in 2014 tire tread was gone by 21k miles. Now I have an 2016 R/T decide to try GENERAL tire AS05 rated at 50k tread life lasted only 7 months got about 17k out of them. There is a scam going on from what I see.


Hi.. I didn't hear from Continental yet.

My new tires r not right !!! Many sizes r on recall but the list doesn't show my tire size. Conti procontact; 185/55/15. These tires drive terrible !!! They wobble very badly when turn 2 the right or left. It feels horrible!! I am very concerned 4 my safety &;; my passengers. I need a resolve !!! Thank u. Beth 757 343 **** or 757 339 ****


Upset after replacing different tires five times.C245****

Purchased a Mew Malibu 2016 Premier.The car has 41000 miles now. only one that I can remember was due to a huge pot hole,it exploded right there. the rest developed bubles and needed replacement. the excuse from the dealer is that they are low profile and prone to problems. at $400.00 + each it's no joke. the last being replaced tomorrow has less than 3000 miles..


No responce on mailed in rebate

I'm getting the run around on a $100.00 rebate induced to purchase continental tires. Ed 626-685-****


Nope on Contiental Tires

Purchased a set of eco-crosscontac 70k tread life tire. Squeezed out 40k miles on them. Could have saved $100 and got the same mileage on a cheaper tire. Crap of a tire warranty too. What a waste..


Avoid Continental at all cost.

I purchased four new EXPENSIVE Conti Pro Contact tires for my Mercedes sedan. As of today, three of the four have had catastrophic sidewall failures. The first two failed in less than 20,000 miles with NO significant impacts and NO evidence of having hit a road hazard. The third tire just failed after the car had been in storage for three months. Continental did step up and adjusted the first two, but have now told me I'm screwed and will have to pay full price to replace the third. I'm sorry, but when one tire fails under normal use, it is an isolated incident. When two tires fail, it starts a pattern. Three failures out of four tires is a consistent design or manufacturing flaw. In 50 years of driving, I've never seen tires fail like this. I'll never buy from them again.


Be ready with air pump

Tire lose pressure below 32 degrees F


Worst Tires Ever

Bought a used Hyundai Equus 16,000 miles with four Contiprocontact tires. Belt separated at 24,000 miles and exploded left front tire. Did $10,400 damage to front end of the car. A week after getting the cart out of the shop, the LR tire started to wobble. Another belt separation. Replaced all four tires with Michelin.


Tire noise on Honda Accord Sport W/19" Rims

I reported the tire noise to my dealership with 5K on my 2017 Sport. Noise under 20 MPH is down right embarrasing! Sounds like 2 pcs of sandpaper being rubbed together. Called Continental and i didnt get 2 sentences into it when the CSA asked if i had an Accord Sport with 19" wheels. CSA said hundreds of calls have been logged about this. They sent me an "unnoficial" TSB stating the 19" rim acts like a tuning fork on these wheels when the tire bead flexes on the wheel ( this was discovered by a Honda dealership down south) Of course Honda wont take responsibility and neither will Continental. I feel that since the Honda engineers chose this tire they should take resposibility. Yea right. So now with 15K on the tires i will have to wait another 10K before they need replacing. This is the 3rd Accord i have purchased sinc 2011 (all new). I love the car but this has soured my experience. If anyone wants a copy of the bulliten email me at trek7200@***.com. It didnt do me any good hopefully it will for someone else.


Not suitable for Honda Accord 19" rims

Hundreds of Honda Accord Sport & Touring models (mine is Touring 2017) are experiencing rubbing/whooshing noise coming from the tires. They are blaming Honda, but it is in fact the tires, CONTINENTAL CONTIPRO CONTACT 19" tires. After you put a few miles on them they start to make a rubbing/whooshing sound which is audible at speeds up to 35mph, then as you increase speed sound goes away. Mine started at around 25k while others report same issue at much lower mileage. Recommended PSI is 32, when you run the PSI up to 40, seems to clear up 90% however you sacrifice having had a softer ride at 32.....Tirewall states 53 Max PSI so I am within specs, this is the 3rd vehicle with Continental tires I have owned (always brand new purchase), NEVER will buy any new vehicle with Continental tires, Going back to MICHELIN



I have to replace my 2017 MB C300 (with only 10K miles) two rear tires. This makes me absolutely crazy as previous to this at 18K I had to replace all four tires. I had a blow out at 8K. I've rotated tires, had alignments and my regular mechanic and alignment expert look at the car in addition to MB service. Here's what I think: it's either the tires or the car OR BOTH! Guess what...GOODBYE CONTINENTAL AND GOODBYE MERCEDES! NEVER AGAIN. After three MBs I'm over it.


Hard tires

I have a Yukon xl with 275x55x20 tires. My 1st continentals were great. They were a street type that had a very nice ride. I was looking for more traction so I went to the Terrain. I live in Wisconsin with a lot of snow. I am not pleased with the Terrain ride, it is so harsh even with just 30 psi. Is this normal?


2016 Honda Accord- Tires are trash

I bought my vehicle brand new off the lot. After the first year I realized there was a noise coming from the bottom of the car, or at least I thought. I schedule an appointment with the dealership but they couldn't find anything wrong. A week later I took it back again, this time a different service guy looked at it and while riding in the vehicle said "ah I know exactly what that is, the tires... we have had multiple issues with these tires. They are defective and don't fit the rim". We left the car there and came back to what they called a temporary fix, they my lubed up the tires, yes oiled them down and called it a temporary fix. I followed up to see what the status of the permanent fix was and was told Honda and Continental were aware of the issues and that the engineers were working on a permanent t fix.... I got this in writing from the manager. After a while I checked in again, and also filed a claim with Honda as recommended by the dealership. I was told again that they were still working on a fix. 5 months later I was told there was no fix because this isn't a safety issue. So the tires are defective, people stare when I drive by because it seems like I'm dragging something, and no one cares. I bought a brand new car and it has defective continental tires, everyone knows and no one cares. Do not buy a car with continental tires on them!!

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