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Conns has a 1.8-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 1100 customers. In the Supermarkets and Malls category, it secures the 14th position out of 289 companies.


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In my personal opinion Conn's furniture they are conns I purchased extra insurance with my TV under the impression that it would be replaced if anything happened but because there is an accidental crack in it they will not replace it but requires me to finish making the payments I don't recommend Conn's to anyone unless you'd like to be conned.


Installation, Problem

I purchased a washer & dryer from Conns , I was charged a 39.99 fee for a 6 cord which I did not receive your delivery team installed the washer where the dryer should be & the dryer where the washer should be because the cord on the dryer that I paid extra for was not on the dryer i immediately connected Conns about the problem with no results yet I told the rep. If the problem couldnt be resolved I did not want neither the washer or the dryer I have spoke to Mr. Jamarius Joseph & many other store & warehouse rep. With no results until yesterday I received a refund for the cord but that didnt solve my problem my washer & dryer is still installed incorrect & I would Iike it corrected or both returned


Thieves with zero customer service

Forcing me to pay 15% to exchange the wrong merchandise for the merchandise I can actually use... Terrible


Poor customer service, two week delay for refrigerator delivery

We purchased two refrigerators, and its been a nightmare. The sales person did not inform the shipping about our refrigerator orders first time. Then we had to order another refrigerator and they still delayed our delivery. They forgot to put it in the books. This is been on a believable experience. I got a $12,000 credit line do you think I really want to spend my money at your store I need to make this right and fix the wrong..


I need to purchase property insurance from you

I did have to go through 3 different people to get to the right person for my problem but was resolved thank you.


My brand new table is broken

On June 30th I purchased a dining room table on July 4th the bottom part of the wood fill and it hit the top part of the foot of my guest the following morning I called once to let them know that my table was broken two days after that I got a response that the delivery team was coming I'm not sure why they were coming I thought they were going to just pick up the table exchange it for something else that is not what happened they came in with a small flashlight and that's all I saw that happened I called them back on the 5th day and they said another team was coming still no one has come back the two managers I've been talking to Miguel and Gilbert have been giving me the runaround the Merry-Go-Round feeling this is a horrible thing the way they are treating their customers I now have a broken table and no one has helped me I have even called corporate no one wants to help me


Bilkibg Staff Laughed at Customer while overcharging loans paid off over the phone.

I called Conn's Billing May 2023. I let the rep. I want my payoff for both loans if I paid that day. I paid off both loans wirh the amount provided. I was told both loans are now paid off and both babk drafts stopped. June 2023 I was drafted for one of the accts. $41.00. I called their office was told in error and they had me still owing $13. The rep admitted the bank drafts were never stopped and error still owing $13 since the amt given to payoff May 2023 was provided by their staff and I pd/settled. I asked to escalate since I had very little money for 7 days and it put my acct negative $13. I called Conns next day since no response from day prior; verifying if they did anything. 1st time calling, I spent around 15-25 mins listening to other things I never called about. I called back and got mgmt. He sent me to Billing. The male rep said he cannot help me with my acct then he and others were laughing at me refusing to help. Im trying with reps on Facebook and not much better since now it has gone from $13 to $88.44. They are not listening to my call May 2023 of what was presented to me and I pd what I owed. Conns is overcharging a pd off acct and also charging extea fees. I am left with getting govnt involved now


Gary davis account

Ok i have got a ac from your conns store in alexandria louisiana and when it was delived and hooked up the ac didnt work and they want me to pay for them to come and fix it im not paying for something that was under warranty and three days later tbe people in the office for conns in alexandria louisiana said it wasnt there problem but keep demanding money before they will do anything about it so iv told them to come get it but they dont wanna do that either they just keep threatening me and iv had enough im ready to get a lawyer and file some phone harassment charges against them im tired of it all no more calls no more bs come get it im not paying a dime for this pos


Broken washer

I purchased my washer, dryer and an extended warranty with Conns in April 2020. After three years the washer went out. Conns sent out an A&E tech to fix it. He refused and said this isnt covered. Conns has sent A&E out two more times just for them to refuse again! I am disappointed and defeated. We still have almost a year of extended warranty and Conns will not replace the washer. Conns would like to continue to send A&E back out. I cannot continue to take off work this much in one month. It has been over three weeks now and no resolution . We have been patient and accommodating. No more! I will never buy from Conns again.


Mal servicio al cliente

Hoy hablé con un representante de su compañía y no pudieron arreglarme un problema que he tenido con mi cuenta desde el año 2022 .Muy mal servicio al cliente y no obtuve una respuesta favorable .


Misleading Purchase program

Purchase furniture from Newnan Ga location and manager stated they have 90 day program and the amount finance was 3,000. Called to make an additional payment, and the agent informed us if we pay it off early we had to penalty of $300 plus taxes and any other fees. This was never explained to us and basically lied and falsified the information. I advised and will continue to let everyone know to leave this store alone. They are not truthful in there dealings with customers


3 weeks of pure misery

Bought an LG refrigerator and the ice maker... Next day delivery. Good enough. Discovered that it was defective. Not so great...week one. So, you delivered another identical one (week two) and it too is defective in more aways than one... Week 3 refusing to pick it up and credit my account. Stuck in our tiny kitchen... Not one person that we came in contact with except Phil Martinez was interested in making it a good sale or tried to satisfy the customer. The problems were between the manager the assistant manager... they say administration. Still stuck in our home, still defective and now we are charging storage. Damaged one doorjamb and the hardwood floor. The door is sagging and obvious just to the eye without measuring it or using a level. We were told numerous times you would pick it up. Last week you said Today. Monday. No return call...No pickup. My wife and I had get it out of our kitchen. Still no return call. Tomorrow I am considering donating it. I will not pay you for two defective refrigerators, and I cancelled my Visa and filed a dispute with my bank. Pick up this defective refrigerator. You cannot collect, not even if you sue me. I promise. Yours is not the way to do business. We now have a French door refrigerator with water and ice on the door. (Ice maker not an upcharge). For $998 brand new on promotion, not $1289 plus the icemaker and removal. You're not in business. You're not in good business. Furthermore, you're in monkey business. Tomorrow will be three weeks and 3 days we've been stuck with Conn's defective merchandise. We have damages and loss od time and $200.00 inn spoiled food waiting for you to get it right. You cannot win te dispute the refrigerator is DEFECTIVE!S



Got a settlement letter on my account today Customer service is refusing to honor.. They finally honored the letter THEY sent me it took over 2 hours on the phone 4 emails sending them a copy of The letter they sent me because they couldn't find it anywhere. They tried to double the amount of money on the settlement unless I could prove I had the letter THEY SENT ME they are frigging idiots Conns The Real Con Artists


Returned My Fireplace back to warehouse

I purchased a fire place with insurance on it from Conns. When I bought the fireplace I was told I would get it delivered to me with an another piece of furniture I purchased. But it didnt go like that. They sent the fire place from a warehouse unassembled and I call the store and told them I couldnt Put that fireplace together let alone pick up the boxes that were sent to the apartment office. So I had fedex pick it up and return to sender. I took a picture of the box with address and phone number. I called that number to see if the warehouse received their fireplace back and the lady/worker who answered said Conns just called and asked me about this situation and I told her it was sent back unopened. I asked her/worker to send me an email that the fireplace was received and she did. I sent that same email to Conns zen And told the billing department, the claims department and the customer service department and nobody listens they just keep transferring me all over the company. The lady/ worker from the warehouse also said she spoke to someone name Sara from Conns regarding the fire place being sent back unopened. The worker from the warehouse told me they were credited back for fireplace. The fire place, insurance and delivery fee are still on my account. I have called so many times and emailed Conns zen desk and talked to so many workers from billing to claims and I am still being charged for it. I also bought a sectional from them that squeaks when you sit on it. They sent some skinny kid out here to assess it. He jumped up and down on my couch and he heard noises and told me they would come out to change the springs. He also told me I was being a little picky but I have never had furniture that squeaks when you sit on it or get up from it. I am out of 5000 dollars just like that. The furniture is so awful and the pillows are stuffed with stuffing from a dogs toy. Its not even a pillow. I got got! Please can some one reach out. I dont know what else to do. Please Dorian


Credit report inaccurate

It took you a year to repair my wood floor and that why I stop paying I put a block on my bank account.

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