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2.3/5 - based on 96 reviews

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ClickFunnels has a 2.3-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 96 customers. In the IT Services and Solutions category, it secures the 3th position out of 279 companies.


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ClickFunnels Reviews


For refunds

When i was created the ClickFunnels, there was a box to check for the 9 secrets that I don't need at this moment base on the training I was doing, and they say that I can get back to ClickFunnels support to ask if I can get a refund. This is the reason I contacting you to see how I can get Help. Best regard Widline Saintil


Account closure

Im trying to open my business with Fullstaq and the requirement is that we use the basic plan with click funnels,. well when I opened my account I use the 2.0, which I later realized is the wrong one. I already canceled the subscription, but tried to deactivate the account because I need to use my email address for the basic account that I'm trying to open, but it wont let me remove the email. Please help. thanks Andrew


No reason

I don't understand how I'm suppose to get peoples emails from my lead funnel if I don't have many followers on any social Medea site.


I received a notice from you guys about my integration connecting with get response

I haven't received much help I was trying to get my funnel tested but wasn't able to speak to a live agent


Switch funnel account

Unable to communicate with customer service by phone. Wanted to cancel an account/subscription and didnt know how. Tried for 10 days and will have to refuse the subscription charge.


Worst Customer Service Ever

I have been trying to add VA's to my account for two months! I have sent messages at least 8 times and I keep getting the runaround. All messages are answers by imbeciles that don't know' their own product. The keep closing the tickets saying the issue is solved when I cannot gain access for my VA's. It's beyond frustrating and I am at my wits end now.


Cancel free trial

I canceled.. please double check to make sure it cancels. I found a free version of a funnel builder that wasnt $97 a month!!


My bank account got drafted from your company. $97. 03/31/2023. Then twice an amount of $197 on 04/14/2023. I need my refund

I signed up for the basic plan and yet I was charged $97. On 03/31/2023? Then. Twice an amount of $197 on 04/14/2023. I need my refund.


Difficulty onboarding

I was trying to purchase click funnels. Every time I would put in my valid credit card it would say that there is a problem. I called my bank to check if there were any glitches with my card, there were none. I went to a restaurant and made a purchase with the card, no problem. When you click on the bar that says purchase free trial, it would not except such. However, on my mobile app with my financial institution, it said pending. I have never experienced anything like this. Went on about my day Saturday, 15 April 2024. Waking up April 16, 2024. I went to click funnels to try again , it wouldnt allow me to enter because it said this email already exists. I logged in & To my joy, Im in. Welcome to click funnels. The process should be much more straightforward. The average person would have given up. Im not average.!!! Thank you.


Cancellation order # 155729

I was purchasing for $99 one and four error. I was purchasing for the other one but I dont need that one. Thats why I canceled


Speak to a representative

I have tried emailing because I would like to cancel my account. It was part of an Internet business challenge that unfortunately only after you signed up you were made aware they wanted $16,000 to continue. Therefore, I am not interested in pursuing this, as they were not upfront And honest. I have no use for ClickFunnels. Please cancel this ASAP


I was trying to better my funnel activo

Thank you for your support you guys respond to my request on timely manner and that is appreciated. I hope my issue is resolve in the same way, thank you.



I called The Click funnel number and I keep getting a continual busy sound and they're saying that they're not working today they said to go down to the chat box but there is no chat box


You are billing me for an email address I do not have, and you have canceled my working email. I changed my email address one week after signing up.

You are billing me for the wrong email, now you canced my right email for nonpayment and i have been paying $97 a month.

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