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Clairol has a 2.1-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 897 customers. In the Cosmetics and Personal Care category, it secures the 15th position out of 955 companies.


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Discontinued 6A

color discontinued. i may have to use something else. 6A is necessary for me. i dont want to mix manufacturers. Guess you lost a customer. i use 6A, 5N, 6N


Hair dye I put cream of nature hair in my hair a week ago can I use texture tone hair dye now

Cream of nature honey blonde did not turn blonde at all so I wanted to have honey blonde hair in stead of honey colored hair now if I use texture tone on my hair on top of this cream of nature honey blonde what would happen to my hair I just did it a week ago with cream of nature hair dye would it take out my hair


The woman was nice. I need u to make a shampoo and conditioner to go with nice and easy products. Help!

Help! Make shampoo and conditioner which will work well with your color products that do not make my hair all dry. Help!!!


Just trying to find out if it my be my color product that is making my hair fall out

No complaint just inquiring. I like my color hoping it is not what is making my hair fall out. Hoping


I had very bad reaction to the hair dye

My hair dye gave me a very bad reaction to it I got sever contact dermatitis and had to go to urgent care over itbe very very careful with using this hair dye.


It turned my hair black

Original review Apr 19, 2023
So I got the nice and easy 5 medium brown hair dye and my hair was originally a darker brown at the roots and blonder towards the ends, I wanted to just go one colour so I got BROWN hair dye my hair is literally black literally BLACK. I look like a emo its so embarrassing I dont know if they messed up the packaging and but the wrong colour in the box but omg. I noticed when I got some dye on myself and it was dried black and was abit worried I soon washed it off and realised it actually was black.there is a picture of my hair before and after and not to mention how dry and damaged my hair is


I CANNOT believe a company requires 5$ to reply to a customer that is disappointed in a product that did not include ALL the merchandise that was purchased!!! NO more!

No more time to waste on your websight or CLAIROL products! I have NEVER been required to spend 5$ to complain about purchasing a defective product. You have lost a long time customer and gained one that will let your products reputation on customer DISS-satisfaction be known!!!


I bought 2 bottle of the natural instinct and both of them are no good

bought 2 bottles of natural instinct colour and neither one is any good wont mix and still white and thick im pissed walmart wont refund me my money said i have to contact you bad enough you changed it to sqeee tube which is a pain in the *** but also not cheap to buy so what do i do to get my money refunded


Hair loss

I have been using this product for over 30 years with no problems. This particular time I experienced hair loss. The person that answered the phone said clairol bears no responsibility for these actions. I WILL BE SEEKING LEGAL ACTIONS!


Hair color went black not blonde

Purchased same colour for years 9A nice and easy blonde same packaging as usual colour turned dark greyish colour sspoke to a lady on phone till waiting for response as yet



Have often bought Root Touch Up, it is becoming harder to find the shade that I need. Also, I didnt think that the plastic gloves could get any worse, I was wrong. Not only are they so large that only Paul Bunyan can wear them, they are cheap. They are more of a hindrance than a help. I may switch to another product just for convenience.


The root touch up Color blending gel did not deliver

I had applied the root touch up to my hair roots to cover a small amount of greys at the front and leaving it in for 15minutes but when I washed my hair, it was the same. My small patch of greys didnt even change to a slight light brown. I had bought dark brown as the box described. This is very disappointing!


I like Clairol but i was disappointed to go and get my forever lipstick and it was changed ffrom the colour enchantress 365 to a cream i bought one and realized it would not even stay on , i miss my r

Not happy with the change to the cream , now i have to find another pink that i like , and that is not easy


Hajrdye reaction

Crave semi permanent made my hair fall out Very bad reaction Wont buy again Bad quality Coty now taken over.


Nice and easy permanent hair dye in burgundy shade

Why have my grey roots gone bright orange when useing the permanent shade of burgundy hair dye. I was only doing my roots my hair looks terrible now . I work in retail , how can i face my customers tomorrow , i am a manager and have to deal with lots of people daily , not happy at all with this product that i bought from superdrug at the cost of £12 for two boxes . Look forward to your tips on how i can correct this and also a refund . Regards mrs susan mckie

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