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1.8/5 - based on 90 reviews

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Cj Pony Parts has a 1.8-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 90 customers. In the Auto Parts and Accessories category, it secures the 58th position out of 513 companies.


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(800) 888-6473

7461 Allentown Blvd, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, 17112, United States

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Cj Pony Parts Reviews


Poor Service

Placed order in June, On August 3 email arrives stating product has shipped, 9 days later Fed Ex still does not have my package. Call CJ Pony Parts, I am told product is lost and they are sending a new one overnight. Check the next day and Fed Ex still does not have package. Call again, yet another mistake and they are sending for a third time. All I know is it's been months and I still don't have what ordered, they offered no compensation or even an apology. This will be the last time I purchase anything here. Stay away from them.


Sent me the wrong parts

I ordered the red caliper covers for my 2007 mustang sheby gt. but the clipsfor mounting the covers is to small. They want clip on the caliper without bending them. I watch many videos on the installation but the stainless steel clips would not clip on my calipers. Do you have the clips that are a little bigger.


I want to return merchandise, and Can’t get a return call from customer service

Return merchandise authorization. Cant get anyone to return my calls. The shipment was incomplete and did not contain all parts necessary for installation.


Disastrous shipping and to warn others not to trust write. I placed my order because web said said order now and will ship tomorrow.actualky that was not true it ship next day after I do not considers

I ordered part sun. Said would ship mom on web. It did not ship until Tues but that was still ok on site said I'd get Fri for $9.99 shipping.when shipped fed ex sat Thurs in am. Better.but then sat down street at fed ex 4 days.when moved went past Chicago to new Berlin wisc. Sat there 2 days no moving to deliver fr last 20 hrs arriving nowhere .no customer service at fed ex talk to foreigners who tell you when will arrive. Useless idiots.new Berlin 1 he 45 min from Chicago. No customer service if call CJ pony either all said that not delivery date on web and that's shipping you chose. NO GROUND was not like this before and others give it for free won't give you anyone to resolve or way to e mail or speak to anyone who cares how bad they run this business. If could be treated as a US citizen and business should I'd say if could rectify but I give up buy it where you can touch item in your hands .back to need brick and mortar companies. No more internet which before this current good in white house worked even at height of COVID.


Took money can’t get parts

Took money cant get parts After eight weeks finally canceled my order Multiple phone calls multiple promises very poor customer service anyone who answers the phones has the same talking points All in all they will take your credit card payment and then string you along and make promises until they can finally attempt to deliver the parts you ordered


Worst company I've ever dealt with.

Shipped me a defective product, asks for multiple ways to prove it's defective then when you prove it is, they demand other means to stall the return process. Absolutely ridiculous, never again. Trust me, avoid for your own good.


3 months and I didn’t get my parts yet .. just terrible

I ordered my hood and bumper.. march 3rd .. and I still havent gotten anything .. this is just ridiculous at this point .every time I call they say its on back order .. dont waste your time ordering wit Cj pony .


They are by far the worst company I've ever seen they lie out their *** like you wouldn't believe untrustworthy employees And are complete idiots

Order 2 doors got one the other was being processed never notified me about anything called about it said that they had screwed up on the shipping cost wanted more money but didn't bother to tell me anything they are horrible never by from them again. Extremely unworthy to trustB


I bought seat foam for a 1973 mustang has a blemish in foam trying to exchange

Tried to call seam to always have a long waiting time. After waiting 20 minutes, I chose to have them call me back. Done that three days and never called me back. I emailed them they wanted order number part number and pitchers sent them .said they would review it, that was the end never heard from them been two weeks


It's been over 2 weeks, brake parts I ordered never arrived, so much for same day shipping. I will NOT doo business again with this firm

Parts have not arrived after 2 weeks, I could walk across the country faster. Also no return phone calls after I left my number. I finally got a text after waiting a week to hear from customer service. The had sent me an email that shipment of all parts would be delayed, cause a very minor tool was back ordered. Who makes these decisions.?


Sent me wrong *** part

Ordered new lockring and gasket as well as installation tool for 65 mustang. Locking and gasket were correct, however installation tool was much smaller and says for chevrolet truck and numerous other Chevy. Definitely not for Ford. Representative was very snotty and unhelpful. I have canceled my pending order for seat covers and don't think I will be doing any future business with your company.


Poor customer service

You cannot get a real person to speak to. Chatbot isn't any help. And if you call and leave a message an no one will call back!!! Forget waiting on the phone in line, you'll be there for hours!!!


Will not call me back so i can order some parts. poor service

what more can i say ! have spent a lot of money with them already and would spend more, but from all the complaints i have seen it looks like they do not care.


Poor return policy

I ordered a Power Brake booster and a Power Steering Control valve from CJ Ponyparts. My order was received in a timely manner but the box containing the Power Steering control valve had a large oil stain on it. The box containing the Power Brake booster had no packing inside so it got jostled around in shipment and it put *** (gouge) in the box it was contained in. I contacted CJ Ponyparts and the best they could do was tell me to take pictures of the parts. I told them that I didn't have a camera to do so and they wouldn't give me a return authorization number. Then they send me a couple of emails saying it was resolved! I even offered to ship the parts back at my expense so they could see the oil stain and the gouge in the box but they never even responded to this. They have no doubt the worst customer service and return policy I've ever seen!


Part came with wrong gasket

they want me to pack up and ship whole thing back was supposed to e mail shipping instructions never came beware


Missing part of order

ordered seat upholstery for 1974 ford f100 recieved item but was missing back seat cover so springs and foam are not covered spoke to Anthony and was told he would contact warehouse about completing the order. that was several weeks ago and i have not recieved the missing part nore heard trom the warehouse

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