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ChowNow has a 1.2-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 134 customers. In the Software category, it secures the 49th position out of 1129 companies.


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Placed order without informing venue closed

LePlaced order from app. Took order and money from account. Received email confirming order and advising I would be notified when out for delivery. After 2 hrs rechecked status of order and found out restaurant closed. Chow Now arbitrarily put the order in for another day and advised Ill have to wait for approval from venue for refund.


Order not delivered

I made a mistake with the address, and the order was not delivered! I called costumer service they refunded my money without problem! Thank you for understand!


Scam Scam Scam

This company is a scam. It does nothing for your business but will steal your money Stay away !!! Will not help your business. Its a gimmick


Garbage excuses, and worse customer service..

Ordered from a reputable restaurant and was sent a text that order was returned by driver, when actually it was never picked up.. Chownow says they had no driver, and restaurant blames them.. I say, never again for both.. I'll stick to ones that are smart enough to use reputable services..


Had to pick another place

I was trying to order food online and the restaurant used ChowNow. As I thought I had an account I tried to sign in. ChowNow told me the email or password was wrong, so I tried to make a new password. They sent me a code I had to cut and paste so I could change the password, however even after pasting the code I could never get the website to accept my new password or provide any info about what is or is not acceptable in a password. After several tries and much frustration I decided to order from a different restaurant. I will no longer order from restaurants that use ChowNow.


Never Delivered to location!

Jerk offs charged me and never let the bagels+ know about it! I went there and got into an argument with the owner. She said they never got the order, although i was given a pickup time as soon as it said it was there at the location. Yes, i triple-checked the location and time to be there!! The manager cursed me out when i was leaving. Chasing me out of the store with her middle fingers up while say *** to me over and over as i was leaving. Order Receipt Thanks for your order, Alfies Designer Shoppe! Your order has been submitted to Bluegrass Bagels. You'll receive a second email letting you know when it's ready for pickup. DETAILS FOR ORDER #19589**** 1 Dozen Fresh Kettle Cooked Bagels Dozen (13)$16.00 Bagel 1st Selection Plain- Bagel 2nd Selection Everything- Bagel 3rd Selection Onion- Bagel 4th Selection Egg- Bagel 5th Selection Onion- Bagel 6th Selection Onion- Bagel 7th Selection Salt- Bagel 8th Selection Garlic- Bagel 9th Selection Egg- Bagel 10th Selection Plain- Bagel 11th Selection Everything- Bagel 12th Selection Everything- Bagel 13th Selection Plain- Hi. If you have to substitute, please contact us first for another selection. Th Sub-total:$16.00 Taxes:$1.08 Total:$17.08 PAYMENT INFORMATION Credit CardDateTotal Google PaySep 1, 2022$17.08


Bad customer service

Ordered sushi and it was bad and smelly when I got it. Reached out and got a dude named Vince. Proceeded to say give me 3-6 minutes to look at details and then randomly calls me out of nowhere and says that the manager is in the phone and then HANGS UP. He straight up threw me at her without even a warning or asking for permission. As anyone with intense social anxiety can imagine I hung up and was like VINCE WTF and no remorse nothing just kept feeding me pre written templates through text. Their customer service is *** and now Im out $50. Chownow sucks dahm


I can't even place an order with these winners

got stuck on their unintuitive website twice trying to place an order unable to click past confirm order screen. go back to sleep, chownow.


Refund is being refused

I have been requesting a refund after cancellation of an order on 5/16/2023. I should have never been charged as I cancelled the order 15 minutes after placing. I have gone back and forth several times, wasting my time, with chownow and the restaurant to get my refund. Now chownow is trying to deny my refund even after speaking to the restaurant 3 times about getting a refund for an order I never received. This company is absolutely terrible, customer service is atrocious and they can't even manage communication with the restaurant correctly. Will never order with chownow again.


Never got my food and could not talk to a human

My food never showed up. I tried multiple times calling customer service only to get stuck in a never ending loop on a horrible phone service. I continued to get what seem to be automated text responses from a robot. They will steal your money avoid this garbage app. Horrible.


Significantly delayed delivery

Food still has not been delivered. This is not an ethical company. Keeps customers hanging and doesnt care about customer support


Update holiday hours

I am trying to update my hours for the Easter holiday. Online it keeps telling me its an invalid date and your telephone number is not valid.



I still didn't get my payment of 93$ that I did on the 25 Saturday I was wondering will I still get that payment


Over charges on everything!

Ok I normally dont use services like Chow Now but I needed to add miles to my Advantage Dining account. So I go to order something from a fast food place nearby. Once online the site says I have to go through Chow Now, I click okay. Chow Now say I have to create an account, reluctantly I click okay. So now I can order, one chili dog $7.80 and a 16oz bottle of water $5.35. Im thinking wow prices have really gone up I also click pickup at restaurant option. So I get there and decide to go through the drive through to get my order. While Im waiting I look at the menu.. chili dog $5.50, bottle of water $2.75! Chow Now is literally tacking on over 40%! I ate my overpriced lunch and promptly cancelled my Chow Now account.


No refund- just take my money TWICE

What a joke 2 times in one week $170 worth they took from me, and I was delivered nothing. And they refused to refund. They need to be sued out of business!! They are stealing money at this point but they get away with it. Unbelievable!!



Used chow now app to order. Waited 2 hours for delivery called restaurant said had been putting in system food ready but no one picking it up. I left to go get my own food to find out that someone had just picked it up. Got home driver just pulling away from house. Come inside open pizza find piece missing.

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