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Chime has a 2.2-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 2900 customers. In the Cash Services category, it secures the 7th position out of 165 companies.


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Because I'm not satisfied with the results of Chime decision

I was scammed by someone who was working with the Chime company and yet, Chime is telling me that no error occured. That's ***


Locked out of account due to not remembering my email address and phone number

0 I started this account thinking and high hopes that I could I could start rebuilding my credit score by all the ads advertising on the local television and Internet so I started I switched my account from social security to from my last bank my last banking account to time banking account I forgot to try to access my account online and found out that I was not able to do I reset my phone and lost all information on that phone so I'm not allowed into my account I cannot see if my direct deposit is which it is deposit in my account as of today July 29th 2023. I don't even remember the pin number that they I I initially a maid because I had it stored in my phone under some and so now my direct deposit is in my account at and but I'm not allowed to access it.


I cannot get in my chime account and I sent my pictures of my id and they said they would email me back and never did

I want to know what I have to do to get into my account Ive been trying I had an old email seggleston1990@***.com that I was using and my phone was stolen so I had to get a new phone now Im trying to get my account back I know I wasnt in it for awhile but I would love to get back in it if there is anyway possible thanks for your time.


Horrendous Company Service

I am a less than one year Chime Customer. My user name and password continuesly is rejected by their system, even though it is Smart Device Saved, And Absolutely Correct. I have had to reset it, monthly, due to this issue. Agents claim they can't locate, nor connect me with a supervisor, ever! For a business that holds your/our/customers monies, I find this absurd, and highly unprofessional, to say the least.


Contacted multiple times

Almost taking a day I got bank statements where the supposedly chime member had me made the transactions. Emailed support like was told and they didnt care wouldnt get pay or be able to support kids and not able to pay for new place.


I'm calling because I'm pissed I can't login j into my phone to g

I did a transaction for a $50 and a $200 tonight approximately around 11:00 with drawing from ATM . For some reason I was logged out my chime account and can't log back in there into my chime account


Fraudulently activity

Daneisha pye and Kayla Reed are Married hacked my account. Stole everything from me and my past job. Stay focus and remain humble trust none family all you have sometimes they dont have best intrust at heart watch who u around watch your surroundings always. New job here I come


Employee and missing money

Updated by user Jul 23, 2023
I got the statement when called customer service line of all transactions they they made in account after closing guessing thought I couldn’t access. Since they closed for a company check they had done before. I know I’m not the only one the has lost money from them but I hope something gets looked into cuz it’s not ok for people to just lose money and mess with the daily lives!

Original review Jul 21, 2023
7/18/23 1600 trsfd wouldnt cash check would called customer service line said would fix has me send money magically account was closed they could see everything and knew and me send to there BTC wallet all when called chime and all happened within 3 days apart I was trying to make sure not homeless said if sent more would get accojnt fixed send my money so wouldnt be homeless claiming they were chime and called and they have no record I did. Over 6,000 cuz pulled out my retirement to make sure I was good. Please help.



I've been asking them for a week to tell the account my mom wasy payee over to change it to my info since I was my own payee and they have given me every excuse on the book not to so I told them and showed them that it wasn't in the best interest to do so from ssa it states that if you drop your payee then they are to return you remaining balance to you they never did infact they argueed the point with me so I told them they will hear from my lawyer


To secure my account

My Chime account has been closed and I need help to unlock it back I really need to used my account urgently please.



I had called and changed my number and Gmail account recently on my chime account it didn't update. I need to do the same thing with an untemporary email and number for I can get on my account and get inside my account to use my card from you guys chime business...


Dispute, never received goods

I made a purchase from EBAY and I never received the item I purchased. I have filed 2 Disputes and 4 Rebuttals all denied even after providing Chime screenshots of USPS Tracking and 2 conversation with merchant approving the refund. This information I've provided is never in the reason for Denial Documentation they provided me. The only Documents they are using is a USPS Tracking from 01/19/23 and that was inconclusive showing the item was still in transit. Last Rebuttal was 04/21/23 and tracking was not updated. I have 68 email conversations, 20 tickets by phone, 10 of the tickets were written by Dispute Department Supervisors, and 1 ticket written by Dispute Department Mananager in the tickets included updated tracking and conversations with the merchant approving a refund. Very Conclusion Information. Filed first Dispute in January, today is July Do your research lots of bad reviews and poor customer service and no access to Upper Management


Any use my password

I cant use my password I have reset it over and over and I need my damn money I have rest my password over and over and I or will not let me get into my app I have money that I need off my card when I get this situation done I leaving chime because this is observed people news they money and I dont have time to play bout my monwy


Identification verification went wrong on their end and they are not fixing the issue.

Original review Apr 28, 2023
i was with chime since i think 2018. i loved chime and referred so many people thru word of mouth, all my family, many friends...i only had one issue with them that took a few weeks to clear up but it did get cleared. however about three months ago i had changed my number and forgot to put it in chime. there was someone else who had my new number ...i couldnt log in as i couldnt receive verification code. upon request from chime i sent everything from gov pic id, ss card, copies of my phone records to prove the number is mine. and a picture of me holding my id... as of now they suspended my account to investigate...its been three months i havent been able to access my account. ive been suspended for a few weeks now. i had money going into my account up to my suspension because they kept telling me the ten times or so ive called that their back office would be with me probably that day or next...ive received countless emails that my card has been denied for lack of funds which means that someone has taken money out but i cant get access let alone dispute charges i cannot verify or see. i am wondering if it was someone in chime as the convenience of being ignored and put off everytime i call is making me wonder. do not use this company. i thought they were best thing since sliced bread until this happened. if they would just check the emails they will see i am who i say i am. the customer care agents are very sweet and kind its their escelation dept that is lagging. my patience has worn thin after haggling for three months... I have twenty something photos to verify everything from all the calls ive made trying to fix this to the countless emails that has went back and forth. i did not take photos of opened emails for privacy reasons as its a bank account. I could only load less than half



I was calling about Adobe trying to take money out my account and when I looked up chime customer it gave me 805600****. I called and it sounded like a real representative. I told him what was going wrong and someone had my account and routing number because I called to report my card lost or stolen already and Adobe was still trying to take my money. Some kind of way he told me to download this app called anydesk to find out I was screen sharing my screen with them and $1590 dollars went missing from my account. I have been calling and calling the real chime phone number for them to tell me they that cant do anything about my money I need some to assist with whats going on to get no answers could somebody please reach out to me about my money please.chime is not trying to give me my money back.


Messed up my state refund, very unclear on issue needing resolved, lied about having 24 hrs to resolve, EXTREMELY difficult to talk to a live person

The initial contact through email was wrong about what issue they were trying to clear up -- they kept indicating a refund from the IRS for my 1040 was being deposited and they needed info to verify the name on the account, but the refund was for an amended GA State Tax return; they continually indicated I had 24 hours to get the issue resolved but it was just a few minutes over 8 hrs from first contact that they returned my refund and now I have to wait on a check; they never told me what the actual issue was with the name, and I sent pictures of my GA drivers license with my name; they continued to request Federal 1040 documents when this was an amended GA state refund; there was a different customer service rep name on each email and the responses were more automated than personalized, hence their refusal to stop asking for the wrong tax return info; and there was no contact number to talk to an actual person - I had to Google how to get through the automated menu for quite awhile before finally talking to someone who could tell me what the issue was and how to handle it (the refund showed my name with my middle initial but the name on my Chime account did not have my middle initial - even tho my driver's license clearly copied my middle name starts with L). When I FINALLY got through to a live person, the customer service rep found out about the issue being the middle initial but only told me I needed to change it in the app, after indicating the refund would be redeposited up to 3 times before the refund would be forced to a paper check, so I spent the next hour frantically trying to get the name on my account updated to reflect my middle initial (you can't do it through the app, you have to email support@***.com) which then caused me to have to call my HR manager and have them try to figure out at the last minute how to go about things on their end because my name on my paychecks doesn't have my middle initial but now my Chime account does so all they could do was cancel direct deposit and issue a paper check until next pay period when it can be updated. AND to top it all off, the state did not try to re-deposit the refund, they are sending a check that could take up to 15 days to get here. This tax deposit was planned to be part of my direct deposits to set up Credit Builder, but thanks to the very unhelpful customer service (email mostly, but also phone) neither my tax refund nor my paycheck will be deposited into my Chime account; plus I now will have pay to have 2 checks cashed. This is ridiculous.


My account keeps getting hacked

So 2 times in 3 months I've had to cancel and reorder every credit and debit card and reorder them as well. I've had unauthorized charges and I've disputed them and was denied twice. I've had a fraud alert out out in my name and had to contact all credit bureaus. Had to take out identity perfection and yet they still refuse to give me my money back. I have proof that I was scammed and sent them EVERY BIT OF INFO THEY NEEDED TO CATCH THE PEOPLE AND STILL YET THEY REFUSE TO REIMBURSE ME FOR UNAUTHORIZED CHARGES.... THIS STARTED BACK IN NOVEMBER AND HERE WE ARE GOING THROUGH IT AGAIN. Chime has not updated me the 1st time as to what happened back in November and they are making it impossible for me to get back into my account. They have allowed someone to go in and change my email, and phone number and lock me out of my account 2 times. They refuse to update me. Everything connected to the fraud department is via email. You can't talk to anyone in that department. It's ridiculous.

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